Masters Sales Info - Where, What, How Much

Just a place to post items you come across over the next few months. It seems the website will not be helpful in finding bargains and sales may be limited to individual stores but if they got heaps of stock maybe a heads up would be helpful.

My local one is 30 minutes away (a common gripe about Masters) so I can't really drive there everyday to check but if you're there and find a good bargain please do share.

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Masters Home Improvement
Masters Home Improvement



    Also you cant click and collect anymore, so its down to the store and hope there is stock left


    Firesale starts Monday, , I wonder if it will be the real deal or some lame sale items like Dick Smith??


      I think I read they expect to recover $500mil so if they have $700mil worth of stock it won't be that cheap. 30% off is OK not great.

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    Looks like the website is now updated with sale prices but you still have to go instore to purchase and probably o confirm they have stock. Nothing really great yet. I'm just keeping an eye on garage shelves as I need some.

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    Stopped by today and it is a fail sale so far.

    Saw plenty of things that are now more expensive than were a week ago. Most items are only 10% off, doesn't live up to the ads they have been pumping.