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50% off All Apparel @ Threadless (Plus Get $10USD off for Orders over $75USD)


Received an email from my favourite T-shirt shop, Threadless, advertising 50% off all apparel. For some silly reason the pricing initially doesn't look 50% off (eg. $25 $15) but when you go to each individual listing it's definitely 50% off or greater in some cases.

All prices are in USD.

Shipping to Australia;
< 1lb $9.90USD
1 - 2lb $16.50USD
2 - 3lb $23.10USD

UPDATE: Get an additional $10USD off if your order is $75USD or more (excluding shipping). Use code TENOFF75. Thanks to Majosha for spotting this one.

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  • I got the majority of my t-shirts from this place.

    Happy with the product, and there's some real quality designs.

  • I get the majority of my tshirts from here as well (going a few years back)….. however the quality of the actual tshirts r in question (used to be made of thicker material). They used to be made in usa then honduras (and mexico?) if my memory recalls. Then they tried getting them made in India… the quality was so bad i complained……not sure where they make them now. Anyone vouch for the quality of their t shirts now?

    • ^ +1, plus at the time the designs were starting to be a little the same… not sure how it is now, the last site I got my tee's from was t-fury.

    • Yep, I liked the designs, but the quality was hit and miss for me. So I can't recommend them anymore.

  • Bought 5 :P
    Shipping USD16.50 :(

  • Some really great designs!!

    Can anyone comment on the fit of these tshirts?

  • Great designs! However, after spending 15 minutes browsing these funky T-shirts, I had to realise: I'm too old for this… :/

  • Pretty sure this stacks with the code TENOFF75 (to save $10 USD) if you buy more than $75 USD of stuff (ie. not including shipping).
    It might be dependent on what the merch is, but it worked on my cart.

  • Would just be aware as smurfinaus said that they have had major issues with design quality. The shirts are not the quality ozbargainers may have bought in the early 2000's

  • The quality of the t-shirts (note: not the design) is extremely bad. You will get holes in them within a month of wearing them. They won't last 3 washes before you start noticing the wear-and-tear.

    • I've been buying Threadless shirts for years, and yes I gotta agree that the quality went downhill at one stage (about 2 or 3 years ago). But IMO it has since improved with the latest lot of shirts I bought from them this time last year holding up really well after plenty of washes.

  • I have many threadless t's but the quality of the material is just too flimsy.

    Does anyone have another similar place that has quality t-shirts?

    • Some fan's getting annoyed and down-voting the comments on the bad quality. Seriously people? Here, have an up-vote.

  • Good tees, but the delivery times take ages (at least in my case)

  • Just bought about $100 worth of shirts. Fingers crossed that they have improved on the quality issue mentioned above.

  • How is the fit of these shirts?

  • Definitely noticed a dip in their tee quality since around 2010 (can't speak for other apparel). Whilst I still occasionally buy tees from them, I mostly purchase my tees from RedBubble nowadays. High quality tees (they use American Apparel and Bella) and cheaper than Threadless. RB is customisable too, you can pick which colour tee you want. And since RB is an Australian company, I usually get my tees in 3-4 days.

  • I too remember the times when Threadless had great quality tees and the times when it all went downhill. Though it seems most people have forgotten when they sent out an email to all of their customers apologising for the poor quality and announcing that it had been addressed (I got the email in September 2013). From then on I thought the quality has been pretty good.

    • Never received that email. Although i did get a direct email response when i complained about it and they explained how they were looking at various options and offerred a discount (cant recall really what it was). May i ask what the label says for where they are made now? the cotton in the tshirts, used to be a lot thicker — i still have t shirts from when i first bought them way backs which are comparably better than the flimsy ones i received last time i ordered ( ive found a few designs i quite like and tossing up whether to place the order)

  • Great find. Thanks!

  • Wife bought a few shirts from them last year, no complaints from me about the quality and I've had some dud T-Shirts over the years. Not the best I've had but print and shirts have last 6 months without issue for me.

  • How is the sizes generally?

    Im 75kg, 5'11" and generally a medium but in some brands like ben sherman im a large…

    what should i go for you reckon?

    • We find the men's threadless sizes pretty much the same as here, maybe a tad larger (hubby is 90kg, 5' 10, buys 2XL here and threadless as he doesn't like his tummy hugged….exc by me of course!). Women's sizes run small. I'm a 12 here and order threadless XL!!

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