Looking for new Mobile Plan Suggestions ~$35 - $40

Hi guys,

Calling all Ozbargainos!!

I am finally coming off this legendary Vodafone plan which was the $50 red plan discounted to $35 but on month to month.

The next best month to month plan I can find is Virgin's $40 plan.

Have any Ozbargainos gotten themselves a ripper deal recently? I would like to stay around the $35-45 mark with decent data say 4GB+ and unlimited local/ national. International would be bonus but i've got a Lebara sim for international calls.

Thanks guys

Update: So i've just decided to sign up for Jeenee Mobile for $35 I get 8 GB and unlimited local / national + $300 worth of international all on Optus 4G. Not bad for $35 on a month to month plan.

Thanks everyone for your input.


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    Optus & Telstra both have good deals if quality of service is important to you. If not, just stick with Vodafone.

    • Thanks mate, i've seen Optus are doing deal with unlimited music streaming etc, quite tempting

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      Being with Optus, I don't know if I'd use the word "quality" to describe their service.

      I spend most of my train trips waiting for pages to load (and eventually timeout). Not so with my Vodafone work phone.

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    There's plenty around so you're probably need to be more specific on what you want. Eg. International calls exactly how much data, free streaming etc.




    • Unlimited calls/text to Aust
    • 8GB Data
    • $300 international credit
    • actually that looks pretty sweet. Anything with 4+ GB data would be good. but at $35, this is a good deal. thanks mate.

  • Aldi deals

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    Optus $40 plan (12 month contract)

    • 8GB
    • unlimited talk+text
    • 300 international mins


    • Yep, seen this - Voda do a similar thing, but it means i'm locked in for 12 months. Cheers.

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    There's also the Vodafone $40 plan… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/261504 - nvm, you know of it already lol

    IIRC, there was a Telstra plan for $40 with 5GB of data and $1000 call credit and unlimited SMS, but I cant for the life of me dig it up… found the Vodafone one instead lol.

    • Yeah voda was offering me the $40 plan for $36 but have to sign up for 12 months…

  • Aldi deals: Telstra network, data roll over on plan >$25/m. Their XL $35/m look pretty good. https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/xlvaluepack

    • Thanks checked it out - looks very tempting.

  • I usually refer to whistleout for comparing different packages: you can set your requirements accordingly to have a comparison table


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