Apple's Courageous Headphone Jack Removal Explained.

Apple recently held a media event together where they only allowed journalists that write nice things about Apple to come inside.

At this event they explained that the decision to remove the headphone jack was a very "courageous" act and apparently on par with a soldier throwing himself onto a grenade to save his fellow men or Bruce Jenner deciding have gender reassignment surgery which people also describe as "courageous".

The journalists that were chosen to relay Apple's "courageous" actions were chosen for their abilities to paraphrase press releases with no analysis at all because a real journalist would have spent 5 minutes and then explained that:

Apple owns Beats Audio.

Beats Audio is the largest Bluetooth headphone manuufacturer in the world with 25% market share.

Beats takes 54% of the profits paid for BT headphones whilst having just 17% of the market in the USA.

So there you go: now you know just how "courageous" Apple is: they want to sell Bluetooth headphones. I think they deserve a medal of some kind don't you?


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    How Apple lost my respect in 2 minutes

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      You previously had respect for them?

    • Not an apple fan.. but someone then please explain to me why are they giving away free "Lightning to 3.5-mm Headphone Jack Adapter" with all new iPhones?

      • Oh wait.. is that meant to be "3.5mm Headphones to lightning adapter"?..

      • please explain to me why are they giving away free "Lightning to 3.5-mm Headphone Jack Adapter" with all new iPhones?

        Because two of the major selling points of Apple products are simplicity (lol!) and style. So while they've included the adaptor to appear non-anti-competitive they don't expect people to actually use it.

        They could've painted it olive green too, but that would've been too obvious. ;)

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          Yeah, might as well use a phone with a real headphone jack instead of this adapter.

        • Apple expects that most people won't use the adapter. It's there to comfort buyers who are disturbed by the idea of change. The next iPhone will probably not have the adapter.

          • People with expensive headphones that they really like will use the adapter.
          • People who don't care will use the lightning earphones that come in the box.
          • Gadget geeks will by the Air Pods.
          • Hipster wannabees will buy the new wireless Beats.
          • Corporate types will just pair it to their car's Bluetooth connection.
      • They're just playing the long game…

      • No, Apple are not giving away free. It is included in the cost of the iPhone 7/7+.

        If Apple are actually giving away free, then let me know, I want to get 10 of them.

      • because they expect you to use it/lose it and hey presto, time to buy (yet) another one again! Or MFI Tax to use apple-specific plugs which wont work in anything else.

        $9/pop doesnt sound like much (probably $20 here locally after dollar conversion, GST and Aussie Tax)

        Personally I've moved onto BT headphones a year ago so It doesnt bother me but I can see it pissing off the masses in droves. THe fact that the tightarses doesn't even include a BT headset with a handset with such a a large markup is a testament to their cheapness.

      • The free adaptor is a trap! It will probably break as quickly as the charge cables and cost a fortune to replace!

      • cause its a pain in the butt that users will likely lose and replace at a neat little profit for Apple or….. switch to a popular brand of bluetooth headphones out of frustration :)

      • Because once you lose is, as with any apple product, it will probably cost you $80 to replace.

    • Not trying to FanBoi, but Apple's provocative decisions are usually the catalyst for the industry to make significant and better changes.
      Or - at the very least, makes competitors work harder

      • It will be really hard for competitors to include a headphone jack on their new phones /s

        • That's obvious; but Wireless is clearly the future for peripherals, so it'll focus competitors and other companies (i.e: Logitech) on developing better wireless solutions.

        • @massafiri:

          I'll switch when I can buy wireless headphones that don't need charging.

          Otherwise I'm sticking to wired.

          I forget to charge my phone as is.

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          Wireless will never provide the fidelity wired headphones do.

          Apple have gone the completely wrong direction here. Instead of higher quality music produced by actually pretty damn good internal DAC's, they've pushed people to wireless or bluetooth… both inferior when it comes to quality sound.

          It will be very interesting to see the reviews of trusted audio websites, once they test the audio quality loss of routing the signal through the lightening port via an adapter, instead of directly out of the DAC and into a headphone jack.

          Apple are crazy. It's been well known that their music reproduction is on par if not better than a lot of these standalone DAC's that people pay hundreds of dollars for.

          Now with no direct way to connect to either a quality HiFi or external processor like a DAC, I'm very glad I picked up the lastest 6. A massive jump from the earlier 6's, and the last of the headphone jack units.

          My thinking is they'll become highly sought after if the reviews of the 7 continue along the same vein as the previews have suggested.

        • @UFO:

          Apple are crazy.

          Crazy like a fox…

        • @elektron: cunning like a fox.

        • @dlf73: This is actually a Simpsons' quote that seemed very appropriate here.

        • @elektron: what yours or mine? I don't remember it either way! I just never heard crazy like a fox. Sorry.

        • @StrayfireX: Wireless power is already a reality - I don't see why this can't eventually be true. Or at least have Wireless power zones similar to how we have Free Wifi Zones..

        • @dlf73: Turns out this is actually a legitimate expression, not just a Simpsons' quote.

        • @elektron: well bugger me. I had only ever heard cunning, not crazy. Learnt something today. Thanks!

        • @dlf73: We both did :)

        • @elektron: ha ha tis a good day then. I love Blackadders cunning fox line!

      • Apple certainly set trends, but not always for the better. Most Windows laptops now have chiclet keyboards, glossy displays, trackpads with no discrete buttons, and a lack of ports - all popularised by Apple, and all backward steps IMO. However, I can't blame Apple for the fact that other manufacturers blindly copy them.

        • Apple still has one of the better laptop keyboards (sans those monsters that have full mech kbs) and THE BEST trackpads on laptops hands down. Not pro-Apple (Surface (Win)/Android phone user here), but if other manufacturers are gonna copy them, the least they could do is get it right.

      • They're not the first one to ditch the 3.5mm, it was Motorola. I think Apple has lost the innovative touch since Jobs demise.

        Saying that I've pre-ordered the phone already. It'll be my first iPhone since iPhone 3GS. Hopefully they won't let me down.

        • I had a 3gs - it was pretty revolutionary.
          Skipped the 4/4s although they felt premium as fk compared to the alternatives.

          haven't even been close to considering another iphone.
          The 7+ camera seems interesting though - lets wait and see if its genuinely impressive or just typical apple gobbledegook.

          I find them marketing 'retina' when its not even qhd quite comical now.

      • Not trying to be a FanBoi, but succeeding nonetheless.

        Which provocative decisions are you referring to? Apple's business model for the last 8 or so years has been:

        • Copy some features from a couple of year old Galaxy Phone
        • Slow down existing products via Software "Updates"
        • Make the device smaller or larger (and always more breakable) depending on which Samsung device is selling better
        • Find ways to make the consumer spend more without apparent benefit (e.g switch to lightning cable, removal of headphone jack)
        • Put out some douche marketing claiming Apple is innovative and feed the sheep
        • That's a bit one sided eh? Did Samsung invent the integrated fingerprint sensor and used it seamlessly for auto-unlock and other features on smartphones? All the next gen Android phones now sport this feature.

          I do agree that Apple is lagging behind and has been for a while, but to say they copy everything is a bit of a stretch. I think everyone is doing a bit of both, and it is a healthy thing to be honest as we consumers get all the results :)

          Now this move around removing the audio jack I do think it is way overdue. I just hate cables and the more we can move towards cable-less the better. However, the funny thing is, Apple still don't support wireless charging… and yea their "justification" is just pure BS.

          But if this makes the other vendors to move towards less cables, the better. Android phones already support wireless charging, if they start to support wireless audio and can push the price of wireless head/ear phones down the it is a win win for us consumers. Imagine a smart phone with no ports and cables, how awesome! Apple can be the catalyst for this, even though for all the wrong reasons!

        • Nice argument, but exactly the same argument can be made about every other smartphone manufacturer:

          To deny that Apple's involvement in the smartphone market wasn't a serious reason for the reason why we have such capable phones right now is pure ignorance.

      • Bluetooth Jammer to upset all Hipsters in the train, Lol.

      • they've been chasing their tail for a long time now. If you listened to the keynote carefully, every 'new' thing followed with a disclaimer 'for the iphone'. I was thoroughly disappointed and happy to wait until the 10th anniversary edition.

        • indeed. the Apple watch being the major new product category since Tim Cook was in charge and not acing the wearables category.
          they've made silly form over function decisions like tapering the backs of the iMac line to give the illusion they are thin at the expense of slots for modular upgrades.
          multi touch was ground breaking, "retina" was ground breaking and the iPad itself created a viable market for tablets.

          they've also pretty much mirrored everything Steve mocked about competitors - giant phones and styluses for input were jokes to him.
          in the meantime they lost their lead on camera quality too, used to be that going for an android phone meant you were missing out on something in that department but they've been beaten to the punch with OIS and dual cameras

        • @etherspin: They need the pepsi guy back incharge, the company is going downhill slowly with Timmy, at least with the pepsi guy at the helm it will go down faster…

      • The only real reason they want to remove the headphone jack is to make the phone slimmer. The extra mm or so they will get from that doesn't matter a hell of a lot to the end user. We end up sticking protective cases on them anyway.

        Slim phones lose a lot of functionality, the headphone jack being the latest in a series of compromises such as no removable battery or memory card slot (I realise that these options are on Android phones rather than Apple phones, but that's the way Android manufacturers are moving too - looking at you Samsung).

        Give me a phone that I can plug headphones into if my bluetooth headphones go flat and where I don't have to carry around a stupid adaptor. Give me a phone where I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get more storage. Give me a phone where I can take the battery out and replace it with a higher capacity one if I want. I bet Samsung are wishing their Note 7's had a removable battery right about now too.

        Also … Sony Ericsson tried the old headphone adaptor idea with their old school non-smartphone. It didn't work.

        • 7 is thicker than 6 though. And Sony don't have a legion of sheeps that will lap up everything and buy adapters and bluetooth headsets like a good goy

        • It's not really to make it thinner. It's just so that you have to buy new headphones.

      • Example Samsung followed apple in making non removable batteries.
        That is now a Billion dollar mistake.
        Apple have lost there way. $'s have gone to their heads.
        The iphone has never had the best or the latest Tech just cleaner looking and marketing.

      • If you have to start a sentence saying you're not a FanBoi, you're a FanBoi. It's one of the early symptoms.

      • i'm with you on this one - I don't like the decision either but maybe the rest of the industry will catch on and who knows, it might push some new innovation in connectivity.

        Or it could be like lightening connector vs USB3/C - Apple goes its own way and the rest of us go the other way.

        • Except this is BT, an open standard that everyone - even Apple - uses, so it's not like eg. lightning.

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      We all knew Apple was 'Proprietary' since day one.
      This means they have always been into EVERYTHING FOR PROFIT.
      So, how can apple do everything in their power to lock everyone on earth into giving them all their money.

      Apple lost my respect as soon as I read that P word many years ago.

    • Victoria Cross for those serving in Apple corp, "Courage" in the face of overwhelming odds.

    • How Apple lost my respect in 2 minutes

      You're just a coward.

  • Pfft. It's a rip-off plan to encourage sales of their new wireless headphones. You wanna charge and listen to music. With a large investment in iOS apps it's harder to switch phones.

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    Just trust us. It's better.

  • I thought it wasn't that bad when the rumours were saying they'd have a USB-C port as the only port that'd be capable of power/audio as it seemed like that it was heading towards being the new standard. I'm assuming a lot of android phones next year will start implementing it too. Even the new macbooks have started using it. But they still kept the lightning cable.. You can't even use their stock lightning earphones for their macbook or on another computer as no other devices use a lightning cable. You're essentially carrying around a set of earphones dedicated solely for your iphone. If they really wanted to be 'courageous' and forward-thinking, why not go towards USB-C like they have on their Macbook lineup and like other android phones will soon be using? USB-C has the ability to combine storage/power/audio/display. Seems like a step back keeping the lightning port.

    • Because then you'd be able to use USB-C peripherals with the iPhone, and Apple's current first and third party Lightning accessory ecosystem brings in quite a bit of money. Like OP said, they're trying to promote their own little walled garden of accessories. Opening it up with USB-C would defeat the purpose of the move entirely.

      • Pretty much. A greedy move disguised as progressive.

        • Actually it's called vertical integration. What am I saying it's monopolistic greed, blame capitalism, it may be the best system we have but it still has massive issues