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Hearthstone Welcome Bundle - $6.49 (10 Classic Packs + Free Random Class Legendary) @ Battle.net


This is a once per account deal and is pretty amazing considering the regular pack prices are 7 for $12.99/15 for $24.99, plus you get one of the classic class legendary cards as a bonus.

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  • game is literally paytowin whether it's money or time

    was fun for a while though

    • I'm definitely feeling burnt out from the game, too. When you stop looking forward to climbing the ladder or testing out unique decks, or flush out your dailies so you can continue to amass your gold for the upcoming expansion or adventure, it's become less of a game and more of a chore.

      In saying that, though. This deal is exceptional value for anyone who still plays the game, old or new.

    • the tavern brawls are still fun

    • Pay to win is really not quite accurate. bossmode is closer to the mark, it's "pay to save time". You can buy anything related to the actual cards with in game currency you acquire (there are cosmetics like new heroes which are only for cash though). Thing is to do that you have to log on every 3 days between releases relatively consistently and play for say, an hour / hour and a half if you want to have enough saved up for the next release. The reason for this is you get daily quests which max out at 3 available.

      It's also worth pointing out that while the main mode (ladder / ranked) requires your own cards, Arena does not (a mode where you draft your deck of 30 one by one with choices from any 3 cards for each, where you need not own the cards yourself) and Tavern Brawl (a weekly changing mode that imposes certain new conditions each week and gives you pre-made decks rather than requiring you to build your own about half the time). It should be noted that Arena requires in-game currency to enter though. While you are awarded in-game currency and/or cards based on how many games you win in this mode until you have 3 losses (and up to a maximum of 12 wins), to consistently earn more than it costs to enter (called infinite), you need to play at a very high level consistently. A large part of it is luck in drafting and the consistency particularly comes in doing well or not so terrible the times you don't get the best draft.

      • agreed - its pay to save time ~ you can grind gold pretty quickly especially with the tavern brawls and getting decent at arenas

        • Like I said, "game is literally paytowin whether it's money or time" you're investing something into it

        • @Ninjabredman:

          but what game doesn't take time? :S

        • @blehgg:

          You didn't understand, it's ok

          Whilst all games take time, this game speeds up that time to acquire specific core cards for top tier end game qualifications by paying money instead

          Hence this game is indeed pay to win. I said "whether it's money or time" to emphasise what a waste of both this game ultimately becomes because the only way for you to stay on top is to continue every expansion and invest more time and/or more money

        • @Ninjabredman

          I don't agree. There are plenty of games, particularly mobile, that restrict super powerful items, abilities or whatever have you to micro-transactions only. It's a valid distinction to say that those can be acquired through simply playing the game and don't require an extortionate amount of time to do so.

    • and yet the most dominant deck doesnt require a single legendary.

      Its pay to have fun, not pay to win. The more cards you have, the more decks you can play. But you can always just make that single top tier deck, very rarely is a legendary heavy deck top tier.

      That said, not a game I'd recommend to a new player.

      Far greater of an issue is how stale the meta is, and the lack of more interesting game play modes

  • thanks! I started playing about a year ago, but haven't really kept up with it

  • Just a heads up. Despite the promo material, in-game all that happened was 10packs appeared, the Legendary just randomly appears in your collection, there's no pop-up or anything that tells you what you got. So just search "legendary" and see what's new. I got Black Knight, which is not a class legendary so I think it extends beyond that. Definitely didn't open him for packs.

    • I got a class legendary and it popped up as soon as I purchased. Got Van Cleef. Strangely enough I got Jaraxxus yesterday. Finally have two class legendaries after two years of none!

    • When you buy the 10 packs (on PC, unsure about mobile), there is a card reveal animation that shows what class-specific legendary you acquired, along with a deck recommendation.

      • How strange, I'm on PC but nothing like that happened.

        It just said "10 packs have been added from outside the app" and that was that. Guess I'll check with support, maybe I did pull the Black Knight another way :)

    • I don't know what you got from this, but it wasn't the Black Knight. You can only get class legendaries from this pack as your guaranteed legendary.

      • Yeah it turned out to be a small bug or something, I contacted supported and they flipped a switch, my class legendary appeared next load.

  • Is there much of a professional hstone scene in aus?

  • can you buy in-game? Got some iTunes credits to pay with

  • So i can open the game on my ipad and buy using itunes card?

  • Dumb question, but is $6.49 USD pricing? Seeing it as $7.99 on iOS

  • Does this apply to the Android version?

      • as it's tied to your battle.net account I would assume yes

      Seems to be in the changelog. Check for a update in Google Play.

    • Yes. Your collection is independent of the device you're using, and today's update added the bundle as an option in the in-game shop.

  • Tried purchasing this early today. The app is hung at ' waiting for authorization'. Opened a ticket with Blizz and they said its a 'known issue', now the app crashes on startup. Great value!

  • As an FYI.

    I bought the pack through Chrome - opened the packs through the app (on android) and didn't receive the legendary.

    Went through support and was advised I will have to wait for the update to be released and then the legendary will proc…

    Guess Im waiting a few days

  • Got it on an IOS device to use up a little credit on my itunes account. Have logged into the same account elsewere and it's not showing up. Any ideas?

  • Would never spend money on this game.

    Still like playing it, but grinding dailies every few days should get you 10 packs in a few weeks.

    • at $6 for a legendary and 10 packs, that's worth the money imo.

      Normal packs, no way. Adventures are sometimes worth the money, though the latest one was not. LoE imo was worth the price, BRM less so

  • I'm fascinated by these money making dynamics of games.

    I like games that are either free, and are fun to play without paying money.


    I pay for up front and then not have to worry that I'm being steered into paying to make the game actually fun, or progress faster.

    • I've been mostly free to play. I think I payed for the first 2 adventures because I didn't have the foresight to save up gold. But now I've learned and still have a few grand of gold after paying only gold for the latest adventure.

      Also I've never made money off arena. In fact I stopped playing arena ages ago because it always resulted in a net loss of gold for me. (I also don't really take this game seriously. I guess I could try harder)

      • I bought about half of naxx, BRM and LoE, never bought any packs. I have a fairly complete collection, there isnt any deck that I can't play, maybe just the old control pally with light rag which I dont have.

        The problem is for any new player, its so hard to get into the game now without spending money. It was okay back pre-naxx, but now? Its awful imo

        • I think that's why they're introducing this new bundle. They honestly should have done this a while ago. I tend to agree that the initial going is really tough. If you don't spend money, it's frustrating to play with sub-par decks / cards as you grind the daily quests to build up your collection. You can play Tavern Brawl, but even that will require pre-made decks about half the time.

          Having said that, if you do your research and have a plan for what to craft, it doesn't take that long to build up enough suitable cards for 2-3 competitive decks. There are enough decks out there that don't require any legendaries (the most expensive cards to craft), and plenty where they are legitimately optional.

          I would say the main criticism of this game right now is that is has become hyper optimized and that has drained a good deal of fun and variety. You have a weekly report come out that uses data analytics to tell you roughly the composition of the deck with the highest win rate. You also have another weekly that is compiled by top players / streamers giving their opinions on the strongest decks. It's no wonder then that you will see almost the same set of decks again and again in ranked / ladder.

        • Plus the fact that almost every quest requires you to win, and the gold is from winning 3 times as well.

          This latest offer is only a small step in the right direction, they have a long long way to go to make the game more accessible for new players.

          They really also need to stop making things like secret pally and the current state of shaman. a 6 6/6 that gave you as many secrets as you had, and the 5/5 for 0 that is the Thing below + the other extremely strong shaman cards at the moment, all never should have been made as they were. Blizzard has a long way to go being able to properly balance their game.

          If there wasn't such clearly problematic decks, the state of being hyper-optimised wouldnt be such a big issue

        • @Pacify:

          I whinge about this on reddit all the time, but the problem is their policy towards altering cards. Blizzard is boxed in by their extreme unwillingness to make changes to cards after release.

          Because of this, to make sure their design doesn't go the way of TGT with its many unused cards, they end up making OP cards and then can't nerf them unless they reach Undertaker OP because of their self imposed restriction.

        • @RedSky:

          Yeah, their unwillingness to balance the game as it goes is very confusing. I always just think they have done it like this for monetary reasons :|

          by any reasonable logic, they would given Thing from below a small nerf, maybe increase its cost a bit, and that would bring shaman at least a little more in line. It would take no effort at all, instead they allow cancerous meta to continue

        • @Pacify:

          I've been following their interaction with reddit (probably more than is healthy for me) and I think it's one of:

          1 - Blizzard has put them on shoestring budget and staff (even though they are almost certainly wildly successful) since their new focus seems to be cranking out many small budget games after their last AAA: Titan was a colossal failure (even though part of it turned into Overwatch). By that nature they basically don't have the time to balance the game and also keep up with their pipeline of expansions.

          2 - Their official response that they are in love with the MtG model of card physically and permanence, and by that logic, altering cards is a last resort measure. Even though to me arguably they're giving up the biggest advantage of having a virtual rather than physical card game, I suppose that is plausible.

          Well, hey at least they're going to try to balance Arena now apparently, partial victory!

        • @RedSky:

          Number 1 is odd though, given that Hearthstone makes as absolutely outrageous amount of money. that might have made sense at launch, but not for a long time.

          Number 2 maybe their main argument, but its not one I actually believe they truly have as their main reason. I think in the end it comes down to them choosing the method that will make them the most amount of money x.x.

          CCGs are expensive, and Blizzard is just trying to ride that wave despite it being digital rather than physical

        • @Pacify:

          I dunno, maybe. I never played MtG but I recall reading that it was still far, far more expensive than Hearthstone ever was. Also the greedy option would have been not allowing free to play at all, or at least forcing people to buy the adventures (although they do hide the option to pay gold for it very carefully …).

          Other things don't make sense with that either, like you said some of the top decks don't even require legendaries. If they really want nickle and dime people they would make them basically mandatory. They kinda did that with the Old Gods but it's never really been blatant. I would still put it down to them just being misguided and stubborn. Hopefully they change their stance as I'm thinking of selling my account on some online trading forum and just playing Arena.

        • @RedSky:

          AH well yeah, Hearthstone doesn't even come close to MtG as far as cost lol I've only probably spent ~$60 on it, and I've got a fairly full collection. That would be unthinkable in MtG lol

  • Woah, that was insane. Best pack opening ive ever done I think.

    Including the 1 legendary, I got 5 legendaies and 3 epics from the 10 packs.

    That said, only came out to 2115 Dust and one legendary, as all the epics and legendaries were duplicates ;( (I got 3 freaking king krushes, wtf)

    • You are very lucky. I only opened Jaraxxus, which I already have. Was hoping for King Krush, since that's the only classic legendary card I don't have.

      • Agreed, 4 legendaries and 3 epics from 10 packs is just silly, never come close to that before.

        I'm still missing a few playable classics, would have like Velen or Baron Geddon or Deathwing 1.0, rather than 3 king krushes + 2 other duplicates lol

  • No game gets me angrier when I play than Hearthstone.

    I don't pay, and don't play that often, so get dominated hard in most games.

    Dr Boom has to be the card I hate more than any other.

    • Boom isn't in the main format any more, Standard rotates out any cards that are over 2 years old. Most hated but most fun card these days is Yogg, the god of RNG card

      • Don't think Yogg is the most hated. Arguably it's more the whole Shaman class in general but specifically Tunnel Trogg / Thing from Below. 4 mana 7/7 also, but that was more of a meme than anything.

        • Well yes, the current shaman deck is the most cancerous thing in the game, Troggs, TfB, totem golen and tuskar + the inherently op Doomhamer combine to make a deck that is just horrible to play against. But Yogg definitely is starting to generate a fair bit of hate, even though personally I absolutely love the card

        • Play OTK Patron Giant warrior. It has carried me to top 10 ranks before and the satisfaction of destroying a board while developing your own is fantastic. It is a very consistent deck but does take some though especially damage calculation. The giants, inner rage, faceless manip, charge is the otk turn + patrons to develop the board mid game is fantastic. Give it a swing!

          I've also been playing reno mage + yogg. I like to add Antonidas as a secondary win condition but it's better played in freeze mage.

        • Reno, Medivh and Yogg Mage is my current favourite deck. Doesn't always work, but sure is fun.

          Patron for me will always be classic Patron, none of the post nerf otk or mid range decks just quite feel the same.

      • Yeah boom isn't in Standard but I prefer to play Wild as there are a greater variety of cards.

        • For wild, hunter is the most dangerous till rank 5 then patrons dominate the scene. But if you go with the meta you will hit legend pretty quickly.

        • @watty:

          Really? I only got to rank 3~ in wild a couple of seasons ago, then it was heavily dominated by Secret Pally, followed by Midrange hunter. Don't recall seeing much patron

        • @Pacify: Patron does well in it, just give it a whirl. Honestly I might have just had a stroke of luck!

      • I actually don't mind it when someone plays Yogg.

        Because the spells and their targets are random, sometimes I get more benefit than the guy playing Yogg. Sometimes I get owned sure, but its about 50/50.

        Also a lot of the time Yogg ends up killing himself with his own spells which I think is pretty funny.

  • Don't get me started on Yogg-Saron, RNG at its finest.

  • Will this expire?

  • Micro transactions for a phone game is a bargain? Lol

  • Still a good casual game - I play enough to get my card back every month and it's a nice break from piles of writing!

  • Got on it. Got Van Cleef as the class legendary. Then the mage Anthonias or whatever his name is in one of the packs. Love it.

  • Anyone getting an insufficient credit message trying to use Telstra Bill Pay for this?