Google Play Payment for Netflix Now Working

Hi as I couldn't sleep I tried setting up google play payment for netflix. The last 3 weeks it wasn't working but it is working again now. Over the moon as I am on Telstra freedom plus, so I can pay with the credit.

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    Can confirm, got it working took me a lot of work though. Steps I took, not sure which ended up letting me do it because i tried them all individually without success at some point.

    • clear cache
    • delete Google Smart lock details for Netflix
    • uninstalled Netflix
    • restarted phone
    • installed Netflix
    • used a new account and signed up for trial through up

    At this point a pop-up with pay with Telstra credit appeared.

    • Glad it worked for you too. In the last 3 weeks it wasn't working, on whirpool they confirmed it was Netflix's fault. Mine just worked all of a sudden after I had been trying for weeks.

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    Yup, confirmed it works for me too

  • Just had the payment declined after a month trial, neither Google nor Telstra could fix it up. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

    • Did you have enough credit? I was $1 short so payment was declined and it was a nightmare to get it back on. I would say try with a different email. There are periods where google pay doesn't work (either with telstra credit or any other payment type).

      • I had $60 credit, but it still didn't work… Now the Google play billing pop-up seems to have disappeared…

        • :( Must be off then. My suggestion is to keep trying. Once is setup it is automatic. My payment came out a couple of days ago.
          I tried to sign up when it wasn't working. Also make sure app is allowed to sms.

        • @fozzie:

          Yeah, I'll probably have to try again later with another email. It's very hit and miss with google billing.

        • @TCM:

          You are correct unfortunately. It took me 2 weeks to finally enable it. There are periods where it doesn't work. It is very strange that it didn't go through after you already set it up though…