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Do you ask it to show YouTube video? Perhaps it's caching issue. Mine been used to play audio and family photo album only, so far so good....
26/05/2022 - 19:16
Hubitat, a bit pricey but so far so good, very good community
26/05/2022 - 19:14
Thanks, the first 3 products are all ZigBee? Cannot tell from their product page, unless I missed it. Thanks
26/05/2022 - 19:13
Wow, what happen? Mine seems to be okay. Perhaps worth reset yours to factory default?
25/05/2022 - 14:25
Same, got 2 monitors from work, and I use this as my main screen, while the other two (from work) used to complement the view. Big screen,...
24/05/2022 - 15:42
I got one for my Mazda 3 2010 car. I didn't get a good experience with it, it short my car electronic (probably my car issue, but could...
22/05/2022 - 19:19
Thanks, please let me know once you find deal for 2m one
20/05/2022 - 04:59
Good info, thanks for sharing. Does it mean, if someone click the ad and decided to buy their product, would the ad be automatically...
20/05/2022 - 04:47
Would this be suitable for Oppo phone? I.e. super vooc compatible? Thanks
19/05/2022 - 20:28
It's an undocumented feature, should be alright. No need to resolve anything for it :)
10/05/2022 - 20:08
Does this measure spo2 too? Thanks
10/05/2022 - 05:47
Thanks for your reply so far! appreciate it! What's the easiest way to know how many zones I am using? When I look at the code pad, all of...
07/05/2022 - 08:47
How about signal or telegram? Would it work too? Thanks
05/05/2022 - 17:30
Thanks for your reply. If you look at the [electrical diagram]( I took before; the 4 zones can be found on the...
04/05/2022 - 23:27
I used it in the past (I got $50 from memory), would I be entitled to have another one?
02/05/2022 - 10:31
Thanks, I just checked my alarm cabinet, it has 4 zones ([here]( Interesting enough, I can see 8 LED on the...
01/05/2022 - 22:07
Thanks for your reply Hm... I use "partial alarm" when I'm at home to secure the doors, windows separately when I'm really away (which will...
01/05/2022 - 17:52
Price in title please. I have a hills R8 alarm, is it easy to connect with this unit? Does it come with an AU plug too? PS: I'm planning to...
01/05/2022 - 11:57
It is 1989 now, when do you think it is now? Are you from the future?
30/04/2022 - 15:28
This is sorcery! You must've been a Merlin! Thank you
29/04/2022 - 21:24
Yes, my 2016 house definitely comes with an AU plug, I wonder whether this is a new regulation thing?
29/04/2022 - 20:55
From the picture, looks like this is hard wired (requires an electrician)
29/04/2022 - 20:54 could get $10 trade in value (and charged to your credit card) and yet get a $400 gift voucher? That's brilliant
29/04/2022 - 09:53
Thanks, good to know about this information
29/04/2022 - 09:50
The trade in voucher value is UP TO $400... As my galaxy S7 is valued as $0
29/04/2022 - 09:38
Behind washing machine, dishwasher, next to the bathtub (in case someone forgot to close the water tap), next to bidet, underneath the sink
27/04/2022 - 23:09
Will this work with hubitat? Also, no free shipping?
22/04/2022 - 20:38
I wish it comes pre wired with an AU plug, so that I don't have to do the wiring myself... OR big rechargeable battery
15/04/2022 - 17:01