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FIFA 17 $69 @ Big W in Store (PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS3)


Cheapest FIFA 17 deal so far, game is released on the 29th September. Price is now $85 on the website, In store price is $69

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Big W Catalogue offers are in store only, starts 29/9.

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          Codes were used they didn't even check, just took the game and gave me my $25 credit towards 17

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          When I picked up my copy I told them to price match and at the same time 3 guys on next counters around all came for Fifa 17 also and paid the $79. The girl gave me such a cheeky smile, like suckers :D

          I knew they could not be fellow Ozbargainers ;D

  • How much is Telltale Batman

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      Weird I'm thinking the same about your registration to this site

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    is 79 with delivery !!

  • anyone run in to a store that is out of stock yet?
    or do they always have plenty of stock of FIFA?

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      Always have plenty in my experience. I didn't bother pre-ordering - will just head to Big W tonight after work.

      Also, love the username. Great player.

  • When is Xcom2 out today or tomorrow?

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    Just got one today in Store $69´╝îno drama at all!

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    Purchased at Strand Arcade JB-Hi-Fi. Price matched with Big-W $69.

    Plenty in stock, no hassles

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    Bought my Fifa 17 PS4 Copy today from Big W North Ryde :)

  • Picked it up today, got JB to price match the $69 :) I think they were used to it as they were like "yup" then straight on to the next person.

  • Will JB only price match if the Big W is nearby (the closest one is about ~10km ) ?

  • a few Big W near my area is out of stock so can't price match from JB….sucks =(

  • Hey, Thanks for posting the deal. My little brother loved his gift!

  • I'm selling my Fifa 17 and the lego movie Xbox one codes if anyone is interested please pst me.

    • How much you offering Fifa 17 for?

      • 65?

  • Does anyone here have Fifa 17 on PS3? I cannot seem to find any online players. Anyone else having the same issues?

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