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HP MicroServer Gen8 G1610T 4GB from $329 Shipped, Seagate Windows Storage Server NAS $119 Shipped @ PC Lan


Hi all,

Here is the PC Lan's long weekend deals! Microserver G8 deals is back!

Also, get a QNAP NAS and we will double the memory for FREE! (For memory expandable models only).
Offer ends 04/10/2016
Search for a QNAP NAS here

HP MicroServer Deal

HP MicroServer G8 Gen8 G1610T 4GB Diskless 819185-371 [Free Shipping] $329.00 Shipped
- Special Offer 1: Upgrade to 1x Kingston 8GB Memory (Original RAM will be replaced) +$40.00
- Special Offer 2: Add 8TB (4x 2TB) for $356.00 OR Add 24TB (4x 6TB) for $1,196.00


Seagate WSS Windows Storage Server NAS (Diskless) $119.00 Shipped
- Come with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essential Licence Sticker.
- Special Offer: Upgrade to 4GB RAM +$40.00 / 8GB RAM +$70.00

Seagate NAS HDD 2TB ST2000VN000 (Brand new taken out from Seagate NAS) $99.00 Shipped

Seagate NAS HDD 6TB ST6000VN0021 $319.00 Shipped


Lacie 4TB D2 Thunderbolt 2 And USB 3.0 External Hard Drive LAC9000493 STEX4000300 $409.99 Shipped

LaCie 6TB 2Big Thunderbolt 2 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive LAC9000437AS STEY6000300 $679.00 Shipped

For any enquiry, Please leave a comment here or send us email ([email protected])

2% handling fee applied to PayPal. Credit card payment also accept through PayPal.
And free shipping option does not included PO Box / Parcel Locker.

Happy Long Weekend! :)

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  • Hi, im seeing different prices on http://www.pclan.com.au/index.php/servers/nas/qnap/home.html then what im seeing when i click through to the product or add to bag. Also is the free ram upgraded added automatically after? I cant see anything about this.

    For example:
    QNAP TS-451 4-Bay NAS Diskless
    Regular Price:
    Special Price:

    Yet when you add to bag its coming up as $599.

    Thats just one of many products doing the same.

    • +1

      That special price was for previous deal and we would like to put the deal back :)
      You should see the special price now.

      And we will install the free RAM (i.e. from 1GB to 2GB in TS-451) for all order placed between 28/09/2016 to 04/10/2016.


      PC Lan Sales Team

      • thank you for your help/reply

  • +1

    No deal on the microsever, they have been $259+shipping in past https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/234755

    • +1


      That was the old version with 2GB RAM only. Our special is for the new 4GB version (P/N: 819185-371).

      Also, our price is including shipping :)


      PC Lan Sales Team

      • pretty sure i'm rocking 4gb ram in mine but i remember paying $450 including shipping with a 4tb WD Red… from a ebay coupon sale that i knew about on ozbargain

      • Delivery and an extra 2GB of RAM is not worth $70.

        • The new model is more expensive, here is the best we can do at the moment.

          P.S. they are selling our special model at $617.00 now.

        • @pclan:

          Most people are going to want to upgrade the RAM regardless, so the extra 2GB is not that special.

  • taken out from Seagate NAS

    Seems like that would cause issues with warranty.

    • Hi,

      Full warranty (5 years) for all these 2TB HDD. It is confirmed with Seagate and we are happy to offer warranty support :)


      PC Lan Sales Team

  • Hi rep, is the 8gb RAM option ECC?

    • Hi,

      Yes, the 8GB RAM is ECC (P/N: KTH-PL316E/8G).


      PC Lan Sales Team

      • whats the processor on the seagate nas? fast enough to run plex to decode 1080p mkv files?

  • With your Micro server HDD upgrades, what model of hard drives are they?

    • They are Seagate NAS HDD:
      Seagate 2TB SATA 6G 5900rpm NAS HDD (ST2000VN000)
      Seagate 6TB SATA 6G 7200rpm NAS HDD 128MB Cache (ST6000VN0021)

      5 years warranty for Hard drive.


      PC Lan Sales Team

      • Got any 3TB ?

        • We are sorry that 3TB is not included in the deal. We can only provide free installation and testing if you purchase the HDD together with NAS.


          PC Lan Sales Team

  • +2

    These are great little units. But just be aware that HP support is atrocious. After your 1 year warranty runs out you are not able to download firmware or driver updates from HP without renewing it (via an HP support agreement).
    So you end up having to dredge though torrents and third party websites to update them.
    Bizarre/stupid/outrageous but true.

    • +2

      Can concur - have the N36L. Had to google the bios update to get the NIC to work with Windows 10 because HP removed it from it's website. Luckily there were poeple hosting it on their own locations

      In saying that - they are great reliable units and I'd purchase again

    • yep. another confirmation here. to add insult to injury, it's very difficult to find anything on HP's website. it took me three days to figure out how to get iLo running (it was on page 70-something of some pdf; you have to trip the security switch, switch 1). that being said, there are a lot of enterprising folks russians on ebay selling licences for iLo advanced etc. for like $15 a pop. worked just fine on my gen8 so now i've got 3 years of 'support' (i.e. firmware updates and patches).

      don't think i'll be buying any HP kit in the future as much as I like the gen8; i'd rather maintain my tenuous grip on sanity.

      • Yep. "Please pay us for the privilege to receive fixes for stuff we didn't get right the first time"
        Will definitely skip HP next time.
        Between stuff like this and their self destructing (and generic breaking) printer toners they must really not want repeat customers.

  • Can RAM be upgraded on the Seagate WSS NAS?

    • +1

      There is a 2GB DDR3L RAM inside and we are testing a 8GB RAM now. Will let you know tomorrow morning.


      PC Lan Sales Team

      • Thanks!

        • +1

          The WSS NAS is tested working with 4GB / 8GB DDR3L RAM.

  • Not sure about the other items, but the 4tb cloud from Seagate that pclan still have on sale, is brilliant. I bought mine last week. And talk about fast shipping, from Sydney to Canberra overnight.

    • Thanks for your support! :)

  • Can we purchase compatible WSS ram separately?

    • Hi,

      We just create listings for 4GB $49 & 8GB $79

      These RAM are compatible with the Seagate WSS NAS.


      PC Lan Sales Team

  • Sites slow and can't create an account, just keeps landing back at the "create account" page :(

    • Yeah, ive been trying to load the site since last night, it wont even load for me…

  • Thanks, bought and arrived next day. That was unexpected.