Can anyone make a half decent Android app for OzBargain?

Love love love this site.Tried an app on the app store but it's just a browser shell. I would legit pay for a cool app with notifications and ability to post. Is there such an app?


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    Does the mobile site not already do that instead of a 3rd party app? I can post on the mobile site and I get alerts emailed to me which appear in the notification bar.

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    Well, I'd download it if someone made it. But only when it goes on sale.


    I'm perfectly happy with the mobile site, however obviously it lacks notifications :(


    raises hand
    I could build one, but I don't have the time, motivation, or incentive to do so.

    The notifications thing could be worked in with Chrome's notification API - Android users running Chrome could then set up native notifications from it. I don't know if this is possible on iOS.

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    Hey spazattack, I have an app on the playstore, that has a bunch of features, e.g. (upvote, commment, home screen widgets etc.). I've gotten a lot of feedback from users after launch and have been refining it almost daily.

    you can check it out @


      Wish there was an app like that for iOS. Only a couple of terrible ones…


    holy shit, didn't realize there was so many ozbargain apps. I count at least 7

  • Just some tips, there is really no need for an app, in fact you will lose out any customisations you may be using with apps.

    • You can add an OzBargain icon to your homescreen by loading up OzBargain in your browser on iOS or Chrome and then Add to Homescreen.
    • You can get notified by email every time a new deal is posted to a specific store (e.g. Coles) by hitting the subscribe button on the store page or deal.
    • You can get notified by email every time a deal hits the front page by going to My Account - Events - Subscriptions and clicking Notify me by email when:
      A deal reaches the front page
    • You can get notified by email every time a competition hits the comp front page by going to My Account - Events - Subscriptions and clicking Notify me by email when: A competition reaches the front page
    • You can get notified by email every time a deal is found with a specified keyword (aka search alert). Do a search then click Save alert. Search Alerts
    • You can get notified by email when a deal in a new category is posted by going to My Account - Subscriptions - Categories.
    • You can also notified by email of new comments in a deal, forum post, or competition by hitting the subscribe button.
    • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of new deals or front page deals to be notified via your RSS reader of new deals.

    Lots of stuff you can do natively to keep in the loop with OzBargain.


      Is there an formal statement outlining why no offical app is made?

      Is it time and effort? Could be a way for the community to support the site.

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        Yes it's time and effort. Building an app that does the functionality of the website requires effort that I don't think is justified. Moreover any new feature that we builds for the site will need to be added again to the app.

        It's also not as trivial to let the community build the app. You will need to build APIs to support the core functionalities, and provide backward compatibility / contracts with the 3rd party apps. You also get apps that call site too aggressively and tripped our firewall, and also apps that use undocumented URL that suddenly stopped working as we refactor our code. Supporting community built apps might end up more time costly.

        So the conclusion is — having an official fully featured OzBargain app is not likely to happen. Just use the mobile site.

        However an OzBargain-lite app that simply does notification, or a live steam view, or to upload images and then open up browser for the rest. That might be possible.


    dec or ent


    Hey guys, I'm doing this as an app alternative

    Might suit some

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