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50% off Alcatel Pop 4 5" 4G PP $59.50, Emtec USB2 16GB 5PK $25, SanDisk Ultra USB3 32GB $15, Optus 4G Modem $14.50 @ Aus Post


Few Aus Post deals. More in main link :)

50% Off Emtec Car Key USB 2.0 16GB 5PK $24.99
50% Off SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64GB USB Drive $29.99
50% Off Optus Huawei E3372 4G USB Modem $14.50 (4GB/14DAY)
50% Off SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 Drive $15
50% Off Optus Alcatel Pixi 3 $24.50
50% Off Optus Alcatel Pop 4 5" 4G $59.50
40% Off SanDisk SDHC Or MicroSDHC 16GB Memory Cards $8.99
SanDisk Ultra Dual 16GB USB 3.0 Drive $9.99 (Save $6)
SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Card $29.99 (Save $20)

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  • sandisk ultras are an officeworks product so price match option if austpost out of stock or office works are handier.
    they actually price matched some ultra 16gb today with wave prices, no questions asked.

  • Optus 4G Alcatel Pop 5" looks very nice for the price.

    • Network locked?

      • yes. 1GB RAM tho.

      • I am finding it extremely hard to obtain unlock codes for this particular model.

        I tried all my usual sources (including Bagman), several eBay sellers and everyone else who came up in Google search and said on their website they can unlock this specific model (OT-5051X).

        After giving them the IMEI, they have all failed.

        Has anyone been able to actually get an unlock code for their unit of the same model that actually WORKED?

        If so, I'd love a heads-up

  • Does anyone know if the automatic 2 sided printing on the canon mg3660 is legit? I've googled and can't find out if that means automatic duplex or something else. Seems small to be a duplex printer

  • The Alcatel has a flash on the front camera. Don't even see flagships offering one. The Alcatel looks impressive for such a cheap phone. Nice to see budget phones finally getting 720p screen. Can't expect much for 60 bucks.

  • Here is a review for those that are considering the phone


  • does this phone works with Vaya without unlocking?

  • Heat added, great bang for buck phone

  • No stock at my local Aus Post for the Alcatel Pop 5". Officeworks has matched the price in store/online already. $59.50 with free delivery on https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/optus-alca...

  • stock available at macquarie centre, parramatta and baulkham hills (nsw) - according to gladesville PO

  • pc.byte on eBay has Sandisk 16GB Ultra MicroSD cards for $6.40 after eBay 20% off that would be perfect to pair with this phone. 45 read, 28 write.. ideal for storing apps given the tight 8GB built-in storage.

  • Does anybody know how to root the pop4?

  • I'm surprised the POP5 hasn't been generating much interest. Has everyone moved on to faster and more powerful phones already?
    I bought one the other day and it's still sitting in shrink wrap waiting to be opened.
    I will report back once I review it.

  • Has anyone found a way to unlock it? The phone at $59 is attractive but if the only unlocking option is to pay $80 to Optus then the total price is too high.

    • I've unlocked Alcatel's on eBay before. Usually $2-5 price range. I've ALWAYS had change from $10. Forget that $80 to Optus rip.

      • The 5051x appears pretty new, haven't found any ebay unlockers for this model yet.

        I think unlock fee is $25 after 6 months unless you've spent > $80 in recharges.

        • Exactly what I've found so far.

        • @Darron65:

          Ah okay my bad guys, I didn't look was just generalising based on past experience.

          I would assume ebay unlocks will be available before 6 months though so you likely won't have to shell $25.

          I'm facing a similar problem finding cases/protectors. Found 1 but its horrible. Always hard with NEW phones, even harder when the brand isn't SAMSUNG or APPLE. (3rd party support)

        • @Click_It: Just buy a universal 5" leather case for $5 - $8 on ebay. I might not even need to unlock if I just use for android apps, internet and games.

        • @Click_It:
          The model to search for is Pop 4, being mindful not to order for Pop 4S or Pop 4+ (they're 5.5").

          Found heaps a couple of months ago, and these are from my eBay order history so there's probably cheaper available now:
          Silicone skin
          "Leather" folio

          They haven't seen much use but they're nice enough. The folio protects well, closes securely, folds as expected, is secure as a stand and the camera/speaker cutouts are accurate.
          Can't complain for under $6.

    • Apparently this place at NSW toongabbie unlocks for around $20

  • My daughter just dropped her Alcatel Pixi 4.5 under my walking foot which was crushed to death 1/2 second later. You couldn't rehearse that if you tried…

    Anyway, I'm looking at this Alcatel POP 5 now, seems like a logical upgrade. My only problem with some of these non-big brands is the lack of aftermarket accessories. Case and glass screen protectors.

    I'm going to size up both to see if another similar phone case will fit. The screen size should be easier to have a protector to match. Has anyone already done this homework or anyone else in the same boat as me? Maybe we can figure this out together…

    EDIT: Finding size specs is difficult, seems the phone is still too new. I keep finding the C5 and 3 (5) instead (two different phones) but I wouldn't be surprised if the 3 (5) phone is a direct fit.

      • Perfect! thanks TRENT86.

        140.7 x 71.4 x 8 mm

        Which makes it identical to the POP 4. Finding a case just got easier.

        • Can you recommend any specific fitting cases?
          I am worried about the port and button placement which may not directly align with the POP4. e.g. the charging port is in a unique side placement at the bottom.
          I already ordered a universal case but it would be good to get a fitted case too because it would allow you to use the phone whilst protected with a case on.

          I just opened the phone and my initial remarks are that the screen and build quality is fantastic. My last Android device was only on 2.3 so things have come a remarkably long way in a few years time - very polished and stable UI. Definitely shows that the Android OS has matured and refined itself over time.
          Be careful with the initial set-up - I set up to wifi tethering off my phone and forgot to disable automatic updates which took a 600mb hit off my mobile data allowance!
          As a bonus - the phone does not appear to require an unlocking fee if you are using Optus or any Optus re-seller. I am on Jeenee mobile, popped my sim card in and away it went!

        • What about this case?
          Cannot exactly see the charging port though.

        • @wolfenator87:

          Sorry I didn't even think about the port and button placements. Back to the ol' drawing board. Hopefully they are identical to the POP 4 also but I'll have to do some more research on that.

          Mine will be to replace my daughters Alcatel Pixi 4.5". It was okay, the screen was a bit of a let down though, I hear this screen is much better. Is the screen glass or plastic? The Pixi was plastic.

        • @Click_It:
          Re: the cases. It looks like everything is in the right place except for the 3.5mm audio jack which is no longer next to the charging port at the bottom. Not a big deal as you could cut a little hole around the top for the audio port. I've looked at the ebay sample images of the case many times. Thinking I will just risk $5 and buy one to try it.
          The universal cases are easier to buy but I'm thinking it is not very convenient having to take the phone out of the case every time you want to glance at it. Also it's pretty easy to lose or misplace the case when you're out and about.

          Re: the screen. It looks like glass, feels like glass, so I am assuming it is real glass. I had a cheap smart phone with a plastic screen and it was like chalk and cheese compared to glass - would scratch easily and the screen would be very noisy to touch. Trust me you won't be disappointed with the screen. HD sharp and the colours POP! :)