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Johnnie Walker Gold $55, Ciroc Vodka or Bundaberg Small Batch $40, Tanqueray No. Ten $50 @ 1st Choice In-Store Using $10 Voucher

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  • When does this start?

    • Wednesday 5th according to the catalogue but I'm guessing the prices on the site haven't updated yet.

  • Bombay Sapphire 700ml $40 - $10 = $30 ($39.99 at DM)
    Hendrick's Gin 700ml $68 - $10 = $58 ($73.99 at DM)

    Time to find a special on tonic water and cucumbers!

    • Nothing beats Hendricks with cucumbers! I picked up a 1L at duty free for $59 I think :).

      • I keep hearing about those giant bottles but haven't I been past duty free for a while :(
        Stocked up on 2 bottles from when DM had them on sale a while ago though! But cucumbers always seem to be around $7/kg…

    • thanks but need to buy 2x Bombay to reach voucher's $50 minimum spend - deal updated :)

    • No lime?

      Also you left out the Tanqueray No. Ten, it's outstanding!

  • Hmm might be chance to get Cointreau or grand Marnier forless than dm $50 ….. orange goes well with the seasonal cheap strawberries

    • +1 vote

      Like strawberries pan cooked in butter, sugar, Cointreau, vanilla served on ice cream?

  • Ciroc vodka……major key

  • Anyone had the Bundy small batch before? Any good?

  • Is it gold label good ? Want to buy for party . Not a drinker but use to hear ppl say it good

  • Great prices on the Banrock Station wines online too! Not sure if prices are the same in-store but you could potentially get them for $4.59/bottle using the $10 off code if you buy 9 bottles. Their Moscato is lovely chilled in summer: https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/White%20Wine/banrock-st...

  • Can you use the $10 voucher on beer?

  • DM have matched pre voucher prices.

  • Drambuie at $49 is not too bad a deal. mmmmmmm, rusty nails.

    Works out at $48 if you buy 2 x 350ml bottles.

  • You don't even need a cup, take a bottle of Ciroc now!

  • I went 1st choice about 3 weeks ago to buy Green Label for $55 with voucher and was told by the cashier the voucher I was using was no longer valid as it turned out half of melbourne was using the same code (think it ended in 36 or 38 maybe?). So I signed up with my real E-Mail and never got a code haha, would I be correct in saying this is a new generic code that does work?

  • Just tried to use that voucher at the Fountain Gate VIC store, couldn't use it. :(
    It's wouldn't register.

    • Same with me last time. I even had a backup printed voucher and then the cashier got the manager who demanded to see original email. I said I don't use email on my phone. She grilled me as to how I got the voucher on my phone and I told her I downloaded it from my pc onto the phone. She stood her ground and I asked where on the voucher t&c's it says must have original email proof (tip: it doesn't). She claimed that it's store policy so I asked to see this policy but she dug her heels in and repeated that I needed email proof. By this stage there were people behind me so I called it quits and just got the 1 bottle of whiskey I was after.

      Not worth the hassle to deal with high road noble SMger bullshit.

    • Issues at the check out. The barcode gave no discount.

      They knew of the deal and "made it work" their own clever way. They did not argue with me (as they shouldn't, since i signed up to the newsletter)