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JBL Charge 3 $198 (RRP $229.95) @ Harvey Norman


Cheapest locally. Granted, it is only HN and JB selling JBL Charge 3 right now, with Bing Lee selling models while Good Guys and Officeworks selling none. So for anyone needing a good mid-range bluetooth speaker, this is it. Supposedly better than Boom 2 from reviews I have seen online.

Red and Blue

Specs on JBL's website.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Grey stock (still with 1 year warranty) $169.00 delivered here: http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/astore/JBL-Charge-3-Wate...
    And yes much better than the UE Boom 2.

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      Can vouch for these guys, bought Friday morning, got it Monday afternoon.

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    Good stuff the JBL speakers. I have a Flip 3 and it's even better with the latest firmware update - can use Google Now or Siri with it to control everything.

  • For that price wouldn't you be better off buying a stereo system?
    I've got a $20 logitech portable speaker and it does the job as portable audio around the home.

    • Well, some people do like to have the flexibility of bringing a portable speaker outside or on the go while also able to enjoy good sound on a longer battery life plus the ruggedness.

  • Great deal. Any deal on an Android gamepad like the Stratus XL in the Steel Series perhaps?

    • Cheapest I can find is from Mighty Ape's ebay for $96 after 20% discount: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SteelSeries-Stratus-Android-XL-Wi...

      • Thanks for that info. JB is selling the Stratus for $99. I've already got 3 portable speakers. Do I really need another one? I want it but my wallet (besides the Missus) is saying NO!!

        • Haha if you already have a newer JBL speaker you can get another to maximise the volume and listening experience using JBL Connect :D

          And the one JB is selling for $99 is the Nimbus though. Interestingly Google search is still showing JB's Stratus XL page dated in June which is quite recent.

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    Very happy with mine, full rich sound and balanced, battery life superb, build quality rugged. I bought grey import from dwi link above. Just a note, the unit should always have the JBL logo facing you, maybe I'm a bit slow but didn't realise it was directional and complained about poor treble (particularly for voice on my podcasts), fixed with a simple 180 degree turn.

    • Indeed, having speaker grill at the back tends to mislead people that sound also comes out from the back

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