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Pringles - Xtra Fiery Sweet Grill 140g for $1 @ The Reject Shop


Those Pringles marketing geniuses attempted reinvigorating their brand's perceived value with tweaked variations of established flavours while reducing tube contents to 140g. And they all attended Universities.

Proof that strategy failed proliferates within the elegantly appointed ambiance of Cessnock's exclusive elite emporium Ye Olde Reject Shoppe. As esteemed purveyors of exquisite delicacies to gourmets and Epicurean connoisseurs, a Royal Warrant seems imminent.

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263790 ($3.65 at Coles!)

Made in USA, this product name deceives as these are neither extra fiery nor merely fiery. They are rather mild with a pleasant aftertaste due to emulsifier 471, food acids 262, 330, 260, flavour enhancers 621, 631, 627, colours 160c, 133, 129, 110 and anticaking agents 551 and 341.

Therefore they are Best Before 02/2017 … presumably Not Lethal Before 04/2028. With no easy way of checking, it is fair to assume availability is statewide or even national. I purchased 3 tubes; at least 70 remained. The onion on my belt visibly impressed the checkout matron.

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