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XU1 185mm Circular Saw - $24 - Bunnings Warehouse, Modbury SA (and Potentially Elsewhere)


Hi All

Stack of about 15 of these at the local bunnings (Modbury - near Tea Tree Plaza in SA) reduced from $39 to $24. Cheapest circular saw I've ever seen. Was looking for a sacrificial one to cut some concrete with so i don't ruin my good one with dust. This will fit the bill perfectly. Link for deal still points to regular RRP.

May be other stores too, perhaps its an old model and being replaced now?


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  • Bathurst Special?

  • They had a display of other stuff from this brand at my Bunnings. From memory there's also an angle grinder and hot air gun for $20-25ea. Other stuff at a higher price

  • Great. I should be seeing clowns in the street with these

    • This meme has totally passed me by. People keep writing stuff on facebook, but I have NO idea what they're on about. Seems like a zombie apocalypse thing but with clowns.

  • I went looking for a cheap circular saw. Couldn't see them at Castle Hill, Carlingford or Northmead NSW.
    The Ozito, which is the next cheapest is $54.

    • Only a few more to go :)
      Thornleigh, Dural, Auburn, Bonnyrig …

    • The XU1 stuff at Castle Hill is usually in the downstairs aisle, next to the travelator. The aisle has all the toolboxes in it.

      As a rule, XU1 is not kept in the tools department. They obviously don't want it to take focus away from their other house brands Ozito, Black and Decker and AEG.

  • Is this the new ozito brand? dad bought a reciprocal saw, looked pretty rubbish, I would put it straight in the bin.

  • Be aware that cheapo circular saws like this are absolutely terrible for cutting accurately. They have blade wander, plus the baseplate flexes something dreadful.

    The idea of a circular saw is to run it up against a straight edge (eg: long spririt level) and create an almost perfect straight cut that needs minimal extra cleaning up with plane and sanding.

    The cheap saws like this and the Ozito create a wavy cut with inconsistant angle (eg: set at 90 degrees but varying from 85 to 95) along to length of the cut.

    As a throw away, or to chop up stuff so it can be thrown away… yeah perhaps. But this is one tool where buying cheap will probably cause you more work and frustration than the cost saving is worth.

    • As a general rule: the amount of money you should spend on something increases directly in proportion to the chance that it could kill or maim you.

      Heat gun or cordless screwdriver? cheap
      circular saw? not cheap
      table saw? expensive

      (wife: $$$$$$$$$$)

    • I'm going to be cutting concrete blocks with this. All timber work goes to my Ryobi which isn't exactly high finance, but its done me well so far

      • You won't get many cuts before it grinds itself to death.

        I've been there, done that. The only thing that has lasted for me is a 10" Dewalt angle grinder. Use a slotted diamond blade and a friend with a hose to spray water onto the cut and attempt to redcuce the dust level.