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Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $87.29 USD (~ $117AUD) Delivered @ Amazon


Another price drop on Jaybird X2 sport wireless bluetooth headphones.
$79.99 + $7.30 USD delivery for Storm White. Shipping more expensive for Midnight Black and Alpha since black paint is more dense.

/Should/ be authentic as it is Sold and Shipped by Amazon. See discussion here for more detail: http://www.head-fi.org/t/807457/jaybird-x2-fake-counterfeit-...

X3s still rumoured to come, but Logitech acquisition delaying launch. Not sure whether X3s are such a great improvement anyway.

First time poster, let me know if edits required.

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    You get my vote just for the comment about black paint being more dense :)


    Wow. That's a pretty good deal. I just lost mine and am in the market for a replacement.

    I'm tempted to hold out for the X3. The Jabra Elite Sport is probably the most impressive one that I've seen so far. But it's still to be released with no reviews.


      I'm looking forward to Bragi's The Headphone. Half the price of the Jabra during the preorder period, and a 6 hour battery life compared to the Jabra's 3 hour battery life, since the Bragi skips all the fitness tracking features and just concentrates on being an earphone.


        Thanks for sharing. Hadn't heard of this before.

        Definitely sounds more suitable for me on paper. I'm excited to hear the reviews for both products.

        Being larger than normal earphones, I suspect that I will want to try any of these on before buying. The Bragi appears to have a really small eartip. I am doubtful that you will be able to use after-market foam tips with them(like Comply).


        Buttons on the earphone are really annoying over time.

        I had some with forward/back buttons on the earphone and if you are using them for long periods (2-3 hour runs in my case) it started to get really freaking annoying because not only are you constantly pressing on your ears to use the buttons, but the click sound goes directly to your soul and hurts.


      Would suggest these :) Cheap and really loud. Doesn't fall off.

      Meizu EP51

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    black absorbs more heat therefore making it heavier in transit

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    good price but i wouldnt recommend them.

    i am currently using the jaybird x2 sport and here are my thoughts if you are thinking about picking one up.

    battery life: charging time takes around 1hr and battery is completely dead after 2-3 hours from the advertised 8hrs

    sound quality: better than any earpods you get when getting a new phone but i wouldnt say it's great.

    microphone: if you have the mic wrapped around your ear like me and the mic hands behind your ear, it is impossible for anyone to hear you.

    bluetooth connection: possibly the worst part about this device, sound cuts in and out the if the phone is in my jacket/hoodie pocket and sometimes cuts out in the back pant pocket. distance from x2 and phone is always less than 1m apart, have to constantly hold the phone in my hands while walking. connected to iphone 7 and s7 edge and both has the same issue.

    make sure you buy from an "authorised reseller" i bought my pair from amazon but the seller was not an authorised reseller and jaybird has declined to deal with me and referred me to the seller for any replacement/warranty issues.


      Damn just bought it… Oh well shall see.

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      Odd sounds like you had a dud pair.
      - mine lasts way more than 2-3hours u said haven't actually timed but I use it it 2.5 hours a day and charge every two days.
      - Bluetooth connection never had a problem, cuts out after about 5m. IPhone 6S.
      - microphone agreed I have to swing it under my chin to talk to people.


      Hey mate,

      I've one and you made valid points.

      However my battery life is a bit better than 2-3 hours. For me it lasts around 5 days of roughly 1 hour each time on the gym.

      I had problems of it losing signal before, but in my case the culprit was my iphone case. I've replaced the case and now I can be at more thank 10m apart in the gym and it still works. Worth a shot trying….

    • +2 votes

      People shouldn't be down-voting you for an honest review. That's why many of us read the comments.

      Personally, I use Skull Candy SB2 and love them. I use them 5 days a week while at work and gym. They get at least 5 hours use a day and I only ever charge them in the car on my drive to and from work. I'm no audiophile though, so can't really comment on the sound quality compared to others like the one in this post.


      If its dying that quick that implies that batteries are failing. Its said they only have 120-180 cycles (about 1yr worth of solid use). I get close to the 8hr mark with solid use every day. Mic performance varies - If behind your ear make sure its pointing outward not against your head, works ok indoors, but useless outdoors. BT performance varies depending whats blocking xmitter/receiver.


      thanks for your comments guys.

      maybe i received a dud pair and i have tried contacting jaybird however i've been palmed to the seller who is not replying so i am stuck there. luckily for me amazon gave me a full refund and i still have these earphones. i still use them but i have to charge them every 2 days.

      only reason i got these were because they were highly reviewed by MKBHD and other tech guys however my personal experience with them has not been so great.

      just remember to buy them from authorised resellers to save you the headache.



        Amazon gave you a full refund, and you got to keep the earphones??


          Amazon are… very interesting.


          @kwchaz: I've had some faulty Blurays that I purchased form Amazon and they've advised that due to the shipping cost for me to return them (that they'd pay for), to just not return them. Doesn't surprise me that it would happen with other products too.


          yes, because the seller did not respond i didnt know where to send the items back and there were no other communications from Amazon.


      1.Battery life is better than what you said, around 4 to 5 hours
      2.How could you compare wireless to cable?you over criticized the quality as u agreed it's the best of all Bluetooth
      3.Sometimes bad especially on noisy street walking
      4.It is a well known or the most infamous problem of jaybird2, especially to laptop. But no issue connected to mobile. I always put my phone in my hoodie pocket and no problem with iphone 5s and iphone 7.

      I really doubt you bought a fake jaybird or with defect. Otherwise why jaybird refused your request.


      I own one of these as well. Use them as my commuting/gym earphones.

      Love the fact that they can easily survive being chucked in the pocket. Also resistance to sweat is a big plus.

      Battery life: I'm getting more than Dogfightz, I easily get 3 hrs+ out of them.

      Sound quality: Way better than el cheapo stock rubbish that phones come with. Substantially lower than mid/high end earphones.

      Microphone: My go-to for teleconferences at work. Even wearing the cord behind the head, I don't have any issues.

      Bluetooth connection: Tends to drop off after a few metres. I have no issues while the phone is out. However, when the phone is in my pocket, there are intermittent drop outs. Not really pleased with that.

      Comfort: The bore of the tips are quite wide. As a result, if you have smaller ear canals, it becomes quite uncomfortable for extended listening. Also, as the earpiece doesn't have notches or bumps on the tips, the eartips have a rather annoying tendency to slide off. I've lost a couple of eartips when I've yanked off the earphones and the tips have gone flying…

      Other than that, it suits my use case of using them as gym/commute earphones. For static listening I use my more expensive in-ears or my headphones.

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      Exact same issue with my Jaybirds. My earphones would only last about 2-3 hours as well. They would report 60 battery life and then drop to 10% with the 'Battery Low' warning and then shut themselves off 10 minutes later.

      I was not getting anywhere near the 8 hour battery life advertised. I reported the issue to Jaybirds Customer Support who would not provide a replacement or refund (and I purchased from an authorised seller).

      Whilst I though the earphones had good sound, and were fairly comfortable, the poor battery life and awful customer service means I can't recommend these to anyone.


    Just and FYI I purchased these last time and don't like them. For some reason no matter what I do they just keep falling out. Tried those different size ear wings and even had it so the cable was routed behind my ear but still no success.

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    I'm going to have to agree with Saiya on this. Xiaomi pistons fit better than this. The foam earbuds are quite uncomfortable as it's quite rough, and the rubber ones are absolute rubbish, they don't stay in-ear. The ear tips are also a very poor fit unfortunately. Sound is also relatively soft. However, the bluetooth connection is very fast and effortless - I guess that's a good thing.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for the comments.

    Was umming and arghing about this for a long time.

    I'll just stick to my wired Pistons and save $100 for something else.

    • +2 votes

      Don't forget that people generally only post comments when they have problems. There might very well be 50,000 other people who have no problems with theirs, they just don't see any point in seeking out a forum and posting a comment because they're perfectly happy with theirs.

      When was the last time you looked for a forum to write a post telling everyone your microwave oven works great and you've had no problems with it? On the other hand, if your microwave oven kept giving you grief, you'd probably be more inclined to mention that to everyone.

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    I have these and find them great. I use the Comply tips and they stay in my ear without the stabilizer fins when cycling.

    I haven't measured total runtime but it's in the several-hour range.

    Sound quality is very good for what they are. Just don't expect amazing quality… these are bluetooth earphones for sporty activities. I've had the Plantronics Backbeat Go and the Sony AS800BT, both with a similar design, and the Jaybirds beat them flat.

    I find the Bluetooth range very good with my Galaxy S7. I kept getting dropouts with the Backbeat Go and Sony with my phone in my back pocket when cycling.

    No dropouts on these, even from the next room at home. Of course in some instances they would drop out, but it's a very uncommon occurrence.

    I have a feeling Dogfightz has a defective pair.

    I had the original Bluebuds X as well and they were just as good.


    Anyone have Bluetooth range issues with these?

    I can't have my Nexus 6P in my pocket and listen to music on these. Constantly cuts out - and if I put my hand over my phone, it cuts out completely.

    Unsure if it is an issue with the all-metal 6P, or a poor range with the X2.


  • +1 vote

    This is the best sports bluetooth Headphones in the market. Great sound quality and great battery life. The only downside is the mic quality is not good for phone calls. They might improve it in the next version.


    How dense is the black paint? Asking for a friend.

  • +1 vote

    make sure they are not fake

    bought mine from amazon from


    my cable does not say x2 fcc just says fcc



      Have you been given any indication they are in fact fake? Poor sound quality, battery life, etc? There has been some discussion on head-fi that even the supposed fake ones without the "x2" print are real. Perhaps you bought a long time ago (see below quote from head-fi forum)

      "Had the same as above, fcc and everything, I was pissed spending money for fakes so I got in contact with Jaybird and they said that mine were authentic, Jaybird explained that they came from a different manufacturing year as the ones with the FCC were the first produced X2. The second one in the photo are the more updated release for 2016… contact Jaybird yourself 1.866.244.3399 they also have a free live chat option."

      • +1 vote

        Hi My post from 8-9 from the listing I posted

        Galahad123 on 08/09/2016 - 19:04
        Well mine have arrived I think they are fake. Just checked online the accessories packet with the fins was square not round and the writing on the chord on the left opposite the controller side starts off as fcc not x2 fcc. What was other peoples experience
        all the other features seem okay though. ie usb and earpiece.

        For some reason live chat option does not work in all the browsers I have tried

        I emailed and have had no response from jaybird

        Felt disillusioned so I gave up just letting oz bargainers know my experience as to what I received as the fake link is in the description of this post

  • +3 votes

    Purchased my X2s in November and I'm very happy.

    Another vote for these in combination with the comply tips, isolation version.

    The largest of the stock tips didn't provide a good fit so bass was lacking and they would fall out. With the complys the sound is orders of magnitude better and the fit snug.

    My setup is with a Nexus 5X and spotify premium. Battery life is around 5-6 hours, never had a bluetooth drop out. I don't really use them for phone calls.

    The standby battery is good when there is no active connection, but you need to either turn off bluetooth on your device, or power down the headphones to not have them drain away. They power and connect quickly, so I tend to have them powered off and leave BT on my phone running to connect to other bluetooth devices.

    Between my phone and tablet, switching is easy and doesn't require you to do anything on the headphones.


    Are these a good option, if buying someone else and don't necessarily know the shape and details of their ear?
    Is there anything better for under ~150 AUD?

  • +1 vote

    Dammnit just received my pair that i bought for $150 on amazon 2 days ago.

    To be honest I'm not liking them so far:
    - Of all the 6 different types of tips that are in the box, only the largest silicone ones can produce decent sound for me. I don't have massive ears or anything either
    - I listen to rock/metal and any find a lot of the sound is kind of tinny, cymbals sound terrible for example, kind of crackly almost
    - I walked to work with them on this morning and the wind was amplified by the headphone in my left ear for some reason
    - More cable noise than I expected

    Perhaps I need to keep experimenting with the different tips to find a decent fit but a much cheaper pair I bought on ebay seems to perform better for me right now :(


    Huh. I always thought mine were crap, then I found this video;

    Now I know mine are fake … Shame I paid full price for them 4 months ago off eBay. The seller is still selling them by the truckload;

    How the hell do I go about reporting this to eBay?

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    Got these on the last OzBargain sale and have to disagree with people that have had a bad experience.i think they are fantastic. I get 6hours on a charge, no BT dropouts and the range they work from the phone is nothing short of amazing. At the gym I can leave the phone on bench , go to the change area and back without loosing signal. They never fall out of my ears no matter what I'm doing. Sound quality is no Bose but hey they are desigbed for exercise and let's face it these days there is no shortage of people wearing the big headphone at the gym so that's always an option. My suggestion is if you want audiophile quality don't buy these. For all the reasons above do you won't regret it.

  • +2 votes

    I bought these about 4-5 months ago from Amazon

    My experience
    1) Battery Life is as expected
    2) Didn't like Foam tips but Silicon ones are pretty good. No issues using it in Gym for 1-2 hour session
    3) Use these daily for Work Conference Calls - 2 to 3 hours a day (Laptop + Phone)
    4) The cable connecting two ear tips does say X2 FCC……
    5) Bluetooth connectivity and range with Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is excellent (even with case - Spigen brand)
    6) Look at Bose if you want excellent Noise Cancellation, however, these do impress in isolation noise on a busy CBD street during peak hours
    7) iPhone owners do need to carry a separate Charging cable as this charges via micro USB port built onto back of right eartip

    I use them daily and can recommend to anyone with a decent handset. I had a look a Bragi just now and definitely like the idea of NO WIRES but a headphone is expected to do much more so I will wait for more reviews. If they are as good as JayBird in every other aspect, I would buy them for greater comfort(NO WIRES) and freedom + Charger case.


      but a headphone is expected to do much more so I will wait for more reviews.

      Hmm, what do you expect a headphone to do?

      I hope the Bragi works well, being their second-gen product!


        I meant comparing overall performance with JayBird. It would make more sense if you read "definitely like the idea of NO WIRES but a headphone is expected to do much more". All in all, if they are reviewed as well as JayB I would buy them for added flexibility as mentioned.


    I purchased these last time they were onsale at Amazon through Ozbargain for $77.29 (USD) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/262301. It was on the 21st of August that I made the order. The item was supposed to come at the latest yesterday (13th of Oct). It did not arrive. I got an email overnight saying there is a delay in shipping and the new shipping times would be sometime between Nov 16 - Dec 23… so I cancelled my order.


      I got mine instore when I was in the US as a second pair at that price, supposedly these things break after 6 months so I can have them as backup. Had my first pair for 3 months so I guess I've got another 3 months to go before opening the 2nd pair.


    I totally agree with everyone else in regards to the quality of the fit of this earphone, not sure if its my ear but it doesn't seem to stay in my ear and i constantly need to readjust it. It just extremely uncomfortable for prolong wearing and you will start to feel it in about 30 minutes. Sound quality wise is good but I'll definitely choose comfort over sound quality.

    I should've done my research before purchasing this in the last sale. Words of advice "please try it out before buying" - Personally I'll choose my wired earpods (good fit) over this any day but the new wireless earpods is just a no no!

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    How was this comapred to Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I heard Bose will release QC 30 which will be wireless. Do you reckon its worth it or perhaps Passive Noise cancelling like Shure SE-215, OR Etymotic ER4S are good enough? But they're not wireless and there is no ACN (Active Noise Cancelling)


    Bought these on the 14th Oct and they were shipped out on the 15th with ETA of 31st Oct. Just got them today surprisingly.

    Now I need to find a bluetooth receiver so I can use them on my 3DS as well

    Thanks for the post OP!

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