This was posted 7 years 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Battlefield 1 PC $60, PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 $69, PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim $64, PS4 500GB Slim Console $319 @ Target 20/10


PS4 500GB Slim Console - $319 (not advertised; 4 day only offer from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd available online and in store)
PC Battlefield 1 - $60 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 - $69 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition - $64 (out 28/10)

All the other prices are same/better elsewhere.

Again, please note the $319 PS4 price was a late addition and isn't advertised in catalogue but will be that price in store/online from Thursday.

Mod 20/10: Updated main link to catalogue, click here for PS4 online.

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Target Australia

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  • +2

    woah. nice deals

  • +15

    $60 for PC? Wow that's really good.

    • +1

      Wish this was Play anywhere like gears of war 4 so you can play on pc or Xbox by just buying the dlc …… You are allowed to download to both and play on either as long as only logged into only 1

      • +1

        Isn't that digital only? Forgive me if wrong, I've not looked into it too much since my main computer is a bloody Chromebook and it doesn't affect me.

        • You are right and hence you always have to pay full rrp. It's a bit shit but I guess you get it on both?

      • +2

        Never gonna happen, its play anywhere only cause its Microsoft and they own both windows 10 and xbox

        • Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes the large third-party publishers will embrace Xbox Play Anywhere once “they see how it works out” for Microsoft

    • Agreed. Well done Op. Approximately equal to cdkey sites including their added fees and PayPal's transfer rate. (No 28 degrees for me, but I hear they have a debt card for paupers like me?)

    • +1

      Agreed! I usually hit up… and they have it for $57. is my other usual go to and it's $59. So $60, yeah, awesome!

    • Is the boxed copy just a digital code or an actual DVD?

      It'd take me about 5-6 days to download the game on my internet, so interested if it's a DVD copy.

      • Apparently there's 5 DVDs in the box.

        • Fan bloody tastic.

          Thanks bud.

  • +2

    Thanks OP got one

  • How do you know the console is $319 if its not advertised? I might just grab one since I dont really care much for Fallout 4 in the Eb deal

    • +1

      It says they're associated with target. Staff generally know of sales before they start so they can order stock in.

      • Ah Ok, thanks

      • +3

        Correct, I work at Target and know of sales almost a week before the public.

        • Does that mean you can buy them before they even come out Nurries?

        • +1


          I can't answer that question ;)

        • +3

          Check the envelope under your doormat then dm me.

        • @nurries:

          That's a no isn't it? ;)

    • I would assume associated means he sees the deals.

    • +1

      There are catalogues made up 1-2 weeks prior to the public getting them. I once got in sh!t when I worked at Big W when I was walking around with a Confidential catalogue.

  • +6

    Only 60 bucks for Battlefield 1 PC? Gee thats cheap for a first release.

    (Immediately positive votes)

  • +2

    Bought BF1 from for $54.25 but $60 is great price for walk in local

    • +3

      Waiting for sub $50 key

      • +1

        and 50gb download :P

        • +3

          Unlimited Optus Cable smash it in 2-3 hours

        • +2

          Then 5 x 13 GB patches to iron out the bugs in the first 3 months, followed by 3 lots of 15 GB downloads for the 3 lots of DLC.

        • +1

          I had to reinstall bf3 so many times a disc would be helpful
          Although sometimes when I copy back the directory it works
          Other times it doesn't
          I know with steam backups there was another file you needed to get the folders recognised
          Anyway lots of people have crap internet I don't but it's a valid point for many people

        • +1


          "a disc would be helpful"

          Do you mean 11 discs?

        • +2

          damn the pain of 11 whatever happened to bluray

        • @thelastnoob:

          About 1% of the people who play BF1 also have a BD drive in their PC. I think a fully disc based install was probably a pretty hard sell to EA.

        • @johnno07:
          I wonder if it's possible/easy to make a one image ISO from these 11 discs?

        • @johnno07:


        • -1

          @OzzyOzbourne: Sorry mate, just a made up stat. Very few people have BD drives in their gaming PCs though.

        • It's actually 40.39GB, which works out to roughly 5 dual layer DVDs (or a single Blu-Ray disc) - Here's a photo I took when I was downloading it.

        • @Putnum:

          You must work from home don't you?

        • @repair-pro: What gives you that idea?

        • @cornbeef: Yes but everyone will get those updates.

        • +1


          You could rip and burn the disks as .iso to a BD drive, and then when it asks you to insert next disk you just mount the next .iso.

        • @stonkered: yeah its only 5 not 11 discs as stated above but if there was a way to make a single iso that would be handy

        • @Putnum:

          The only time I could download the game is on the weekened in the morning on that speed. Otherwise conguestion.

        • @repair-pro: Not everyone works 9-5 mon-fri in fact i think it's only about 50%?

    • If you gave them a Facebook like you could've got it for $53 like me:P

  • OP any idea if they would do the same price for the original 500gb ps4?

    • What is benefit of original over slim?

      • +2

        It has an optical port.

      • +2

        And the original PS4 also doesn't look like arse, and has the original controllers that don't have the ugly second bar of light coming out of it's butt.

        • +1

          I would have to agree - the Slim is truly ugly.

    • +1

      If it helps, this is still active in-store.
      $329 for original 500GB
      $359 for original 1TB

  • Skyrim is being rereleased?

    • +2

      Yeah updated graphics, lighting etc on both PC and console. But if you own the game plus the all the dlc on PC you get the upgrade for free.

      • +3

        Updated with ENB shaders, of which Pc gamers have been enjoying for free thanks to Nexus Mods.

        In b4 PcMasterRace

        • +2

          Pretty sure it is a little more than that.

    • +35

      agree. i think the latest version is bf 2142

      • +2

        Jeeze man, keep with the times. BF 1942 is even newer.

    • +3

      Fark me.

    • +2

      I can see why Phoebus got all confused.
      I don't know why they named this game Battlefield 1? Is it because it is based around World War 1 period?

      • Xbox 1, even though it's the third xbox.
        Dark Souls 3, even though it's the fifth (I am counting Demon's and Bloodborne, because they're practically the same franchise)
        Red Dead Redemption 2, even though it's the third Red Dead game
        Star Wars Battlefront 2, despite being the fourth Battlefront game, and the second Battlefront 2.

        Having a dumb numbered name is 'cool' now. Numbers sell more copies, even if they're not accurate (especially if they're not accurate)

    • +1

      What are you? Spoiled 12 years old cheeky casual scrub COD players?

  • I think the PlayStation slim had the issue with being extra noisey while being played if I'm not mistaken.

  • +1

    Damn, paid $65 from ozgameshop like an IDIOT >:( Oh well haha, doubt my local Target would have many, if any at all, PC stock.

    • I will go my local EB to pricematch.

      • +14

        why ? why not honor the place giving you the good price

        • clearly theyre not giving you the best price though

        • +4

          It's all about dem carrots homie

        • +1

          He may not have a target store nearby. But EB dont match in that case. He might have gift cards?
          But I do agree. Hate the price matcher stores like DM, OW,…. They will not have good price but claim their prices are the best.

        • +6

          I like to see the EB staff sweat and squirm as they try to get out of selling for a competitive price. It makes me warm inside.

    • If it makes you feel better, I pre-ordered the Deluxe version from Origin for about $90

    • +5

      I don't get why anyone preorders PC games. They're not tangible. They won't run out of stock.

      • +2

        Early access to the game today, extra guns, battlepacks, skins etc.

        • +4

          Early access wasn't of much use in battlefield 4 when the servers went to shite and the packet loss issues were rampant

        • Do u have shit bucket? :-p

        • +2

          @buckster: Early access for BF1 is going fine, I paid the $7 for EA Access to play the EA Access Trial version 10hrs last week and if you have the deluxe/ultimate edition you can play it all this week too :)

  • Will the PS4 go for this price on their ebay page?

  • will be getting Skyrim remastered for that price

  • If Big W do for the same price then i'm sold.

    • +1

      I won't be surprised if Big W will try to price beat Target and selling BF 1 for $59.

      • $75 on the Big W website.

  • Nice PS4 price.

  • +2

    If only you could buy one copy digitally for PS4 and have it also on PC aswell like xbox is doing with play anywhere

    • +2

      Reminds me of Portal 2 for PS3 and PC.

  • +6

    Huh, today I learned Target stock other PC games besides The Sims and a random $80 Fallout New Vegas

    • Oh wow, your Target has New Vegas? Damn son, lucky!

  • +1

    My local target no longer sell games

  • will be getting BF1 for PC :)

    anyone know whether BF1 for PC will come with a Disc or will it be a download code??

    • I reckon it will come with a disc

      • +1

        Regardless there will be a large download to go along with it.

      • I had a look at the Australian box art and it says 'Pc DVD' so I'm hopeful it will come with the disc.

        • A DVD is 4.7GB. The game is 50GB. As cashews said, there will be a large download to go along with it.

        • +3


          Fully understanding the limitations of dvd. however bear mind GTA V was 5 dvd's, I believe dual layer dvd will give storage capacity 8.5gb so 5 dvd's for GTAV is about the right amount of discs…can't compare with BF1 as it is a different developer so fingers crossed!

          p.s I live in an area with slow internet connection

        • +1


          Julian Assanage needs this also since the USA cut off his internet.
          I'll have Pamela Anderson deliver it to him.

        • @Draeko: Be prepared you may have to download large portion of the game from internet, just like DOOM.

        • @johnno07:

          EA usually supply enough of the game on disc to be able to play the game offline, so it will probably have 4+ discs in the case

        • @Draeko: The game is a total download size of 40.39GB so diving that by 8.5 brings you to 5 dual layer discs.

    • Can confirm the PC copy is 5 DVDs of ~7.9gb each

      • +1

        Do they give you a download code anywhere? I don't have a disc drive.

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