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Nexus 6P 64GB (Silver) $699.80 (+ $100 eBay Voucher) Click & Collect @ Mobileciti eBay


It is still a great option for those unhappy with the release of the Pixel line at a much more reasonable price. Get the Nexus 6P 64GB for $699, plus get a $100 eBay voucher for choosing Click & Collect at Woolworths/Big W.

Mobileciti are an Australian business and you will be receiving local stock with an invoice on request.

Original eBay deal regarding the vouchers

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    With a 20% ebay code is much better than $100 voucher for this deal.

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      Is there 20% off code still active?

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        The way eBay goes it won't be far away again.

  • Unfortunately you cannot use the 100$ voucher before the 1st of November! I am not sure if it is worth it.

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    Bought this phone a couple months ago from this mob.
    Had a problem with the phone and contacted Huawei in Sydney. But they refused warranty because the phone (IMEI) was an international model.
    I returned phone to mobileciti and got a refund.
    Make sure you check with the manufacturer to make sure it's AU stock.

    • How do you do that prior to purchase? Can you see IMEI without opening the box or can you ask mobileciti before purchase?

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        Hi Bluey

        Yes you can see the IMEI without opening the box, however we will provide you the Tax Invoice, anytime if you have service issues please contact us, Mobileciti will alway back you up, no need to worry.

        Again, all our stock are 100% Au Stock!

        • I suppose you can use the $100 voucher on 1Nov on Motorola Moto G4 Plus XT1642 (Dual Sim) 32GB - White, priced at $393 atm?

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      Hi Kookaburra

      We only source our stock from Huawei Australia local dirtributor, all stock will be covered by Au warranty via Huawei official service center.

      Your issue were call center provide the wrong info due to Service centre was located overseas and their data base was not linked and updated properly.

      Mobileciti had provided you with the Paper work from Huawei Australia service center to confirm the stock is eligible for Australian warranty and we assit you with local Huawei manufacturer warranty booking.

      However you still refused to choose Huawei official warranty from Huawei Service centre but choose for refund.

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    Any huawei mate 8 with cheap price?

    • The Mate 9 will be launched in two weeks and you and I are still waiting on Mate 8 deals LOL!

      • mate 9 will be over $700 i think, my budget is $500 for a phone. max.
        sorry not fanboi anymore

  • After buying the 128GB model for $576, it's a hard swallow at $699 even with the voucher (and I got AU stock from Kogan)

    Nonetheless, good price for local B&M store stock

    • Talk to me about battery life with Android Nougat & performance wise. Do you recommend this phone?

      • Seems to be fine both ways…no big deal from MM for my handset (I've only had it on Nougat though)…no substantial lag that I've seen, battery makes it through a day syncing 4 gmail accounts and occasionally checking fb…

    • I thought kogan is grey importer….

      • They are indeed. But people who ordered the 32 and 64GB variants got international stock, while most people who ordered the 128GB models ended up receiving AU stock…mine certainly is AU stock with an aussie charger in the box.

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    This Vs Axon 7 ($699) vs S7 (~$800) ?

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      vs V20 $1099 @ JB HIFI

  • pretty keen to this device. Just wait for discount a while.

    • They aren't going to be around forever!

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