Uncirculated Coins

Hi all, I am interested in coin collecting, and I am wondering where people obtain RAM rolls and bags of uncirculated coins, because whenever I go to the bank, I get circulated coins.



  • You can buy them from the Royal Australian Mint eShop. ramint.gov.au

  • Auspost sell also

  • Thats because the banks have circulated coins sheldon laugh

  • As far as I know, people that work at the bank get them - then they sell them to collectors they know or on Ebay.
    That is the only explanation I can find for people putting on Ebay a bag of unsealed bags - around 40 bags sealed together in one big package.
    If you are lucky, you can also get them from the bank. Though 95% of the time you ask for change at a bank you will get circulated coins, 5% of the time you will get mint ones. Out of the times you get mint ones, it is anyone's guess if they'll be worth anything above face value though.


    have you tried other banks?

  • bah…. everyone knows the 100 trillion Zimbabwe notes are where the real collecting is at :P