Is This a Tick?

A friend visited today and got bitten in the garden in the evening by this insect (it's been squished at one end). Is it a tick? Do you know what variety it is?

If you have ticks in your garden, have you tried to get rid out them and how?


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    imo it looks like some sort of winged bug.

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    Not a tick. Looks like a beetle of some sort.

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    No not a tick.

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    Poor beetle

    Looks like some sort of christmas beetle

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    rip beetle.

    Future reference?

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    It's a trick, its a tic dressed as a bug for halloween

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    No, this is a tick ✓


    Looks like an African black beetle.

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    If you have ticks in your garden, have you tried to get rid out them and how?

    Look, this specimen is worth millions to the bio-weapons division. Now, if you're smart, we can both come out of it as heroes and we'll be set up for life.

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    Beetles have 6 legs. Most feed on plant matter so the vast majority are herbivorous, but bites when threatened.

    Ticks have 8 legs. They belong in the arachnid (spider) family and are parasitic. [Wikipedia]

    Like all arachnids, adult ticks have eight legs.

    Fun fact! Beetles are insects, but spiders and ticks are not! The latter belong to a class of creatures called arachnids, which comprise of two main body parts and 4 pairs of legs.

    Insects (Insecta) have a head, thorax and abdomen, have body armour (exoskeleton), and the thorax has three pairs of legs.

    Unidan out.




      Wht about centipedes?


        classed under the phylum Arthropod, subphylum Myriapoda. Segmented body with appendages, biting mandibles under it's head, equipped with a pair of feeler antennas.

        The latin name means 'many legged' creature. (myriad of legs)

        Despite that: Myriapods range from having over 750 legs but can have as little as just 10.

        Fun fact! Crustaceans such as crabs / shrimp, hexapods, the extinct trilobites and scorpions and spiders (arachni) are classed under arthropods.


          Goodness, do you have a PhD in this area? Cheers for above the explanation about 6 and 8 legs - very clear.

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          i found out on google today that slater bugs are crustaceans but taste like urine


    Centipedes, like millipedes are not insects either. Insects, spiders, centipedes and even crustaceans (crabs etc) are in the same biological category (phylum Arthropoda) but under different classes within that category. That is if my memory of my high school biology is correct.


    Ozbargain - not just a bargaining school

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