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Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Earphones: $13.59 USD (~$18 AUD) Shipped @ EverBuying (New Accounts)


These are a great pair of headphones i use all the time to get to the discounted price you need to do a few steps
1. Create a new email and claim the 100 eb points
2. Confirm the email and upload a profile pic 20 eb points
3. Use the code from Spackbace's deal listed below
add all of this together and you get 220 eb points of the headphones which are currently on sale for 17.99usd

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  • What is there specs?

  • Are these Authentic?

    • i bought 2 of these from EB so far and they're excellent. paired with comply tips the best sounding IEM ive owned

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        Hey can you recommend me a link from where I can buy comply tips for these?

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          eBay is cheaper but they're all shipped from Singapore for some reason, even the one that said they were in NSW

          You'll need 200 series tips for these suckers btw

        • is there some way to know which you need for which earphones?

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          sorry for long link, this is for the variety pack where you get 3 different pairs. Arrived pretty quickly, got it when ebay was having a 20% off day. I like the smallest tips, Sport or whatever, they're really comfy, dont fall out and block outside noise reasonably well

        • @Droidyy:

          Thanks for tip (excuse the pun). Got these and not a fan of the supplied tips.

        • @Mr Mrrtn:

          Thanks for the link!

  • I bought these last time - fantastic headphones. Any tips for similar quality headphones good for jogging?

    • Comply sport tips and these :)

    • Rock Zircon from Gearbest are amazing sound quality for the price

    • I have given up trying to find a good pair for jogging. They all die on me after a few months tops doesn't matter how good or how recommended they are. I think I just need to get a wireless set so the cords stop breaking.

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    Save even more using these additional steps:
    4) Create Cash Rewards account (or use existing)
    5) Refer "friend" giving your existing account $5 and your "friend's" account $5 (provided minimum spend of $20)
    6) Only use 140 EB points to ensure total comes down to just above $20
    7) Receive a pair of Xiaomi Mi IV's for around $9 total after receiving 4.8% cashback from everbuying along with referral bonuses above

    • How does one refer a friend on their site?

      • There's a refer a friend link just under your account balance

        • Do you need to have deposited money into the Balance? or set up a transaction password first? At the moment my Balance reads 0.00, and I have no link to refer a friend.

    • wait how does it go just from above $20 to $9

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        You still pay just below $19 (after cashback), but you're getting 2 extra $5 'vouchers', if you like, over both Cashrewards accounts.

        • I've never used cashrewards before, how do those 5$ vouchers work, do you get store credit or can you withdraw it directly or something like that

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          @didntknowicould: I assume that when you make a purchase through the Cashrewards website on an external store, it would deduct the $5 balance. I'm not overly familiar with Cashrewards though, so someone else might also be able to shed some light on this.

    • Thanks finally convinced me to sign up for cash rewards :D

  • got these on another recent ozbargain deal and the sound quality is great, particularly since I put comply tips on them. Recommended.

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      Any suggestions on where to get the headphone tips?

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        Btw, on aliexpress you can also find some cheap memory foam tips for $1/pair. Of course, the sound isn't the same but it's better than cheap silicone tips (1 to 3 layers).

        • Any chance you could link me to the cheeapies I havent had any luck finding a pair that fits them before they seem to be a different size to other headphones.

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          It depends on the size of your earphones nozzle (i.e. 4mm) I prefer to use memory foam tips even if it need to be changed because the isolation is better and it's easy to get a good fit/seal to keep the bass.

          You can also check if your earphones is on http://www.complyfoam.com/ -> "find your fit" and search the model on aliexpress i.e. T400 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-1-Pairs-2pcs-Noise-Isola... (2pieces = 1 pair !)

          Of course, I don't know if it's the cheapest.

        • @jutsu:
          Do you know if there is a big difference between comply tips and the generic ones on aliexpress?

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          With the round comply (Ts series), yes but it's like comparing a Ts xxx with a Txxx (cylindrical).
          However, the difference between the T series and the generic ones aren't that high. The generic tips use a different mixture with smaller microholes and I prefer to gently clean the memory foam before use. So the build quality isn't the same.

          Memory foam vs silicone tips:
          + better isolation: when I rub my fingers ("money sign") near my ears, I won't hear the sound.
          + bass and a little bit less treble
          - less durable and more expensive

          ps: I threw away all my old comply and old generic tips, with time the foam became smaller so the seal/fit isn't the same.
          If you want to buy the generic memory foam tips, it's better to buy the one with strain relief inside.

  • Any reputable sellers on eBay for these? I have a voucher I want to use.

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    I have a pair of IIs, two pairs of IIIs and IVs each and I still want to get these. I need help.

    • I justified purchasing a 3rd pair of those because I lost the small tips of my spare pair and who can use them without the right size tip!

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      Let me help you, send your old pairs to me and go get new one :)

      • XD keep dreaming

  • Would not recommend it guys! After just a couple of weeks of use the material that holds the cable tore apart. Asked EveryBuying for warranty or refund and they wouldn't let, they said the earphone still works. Well the earphone physically looks badly damaged already.

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    I made my own comply comfy tips using those yellow in ear hearing protectors, cut in half to length you want, melt hole in center with soldering iron tip or hot nail or drill. Insert on in ear headphone. Roll tip in finger to compress and insert in ear. it will expand to fit ear. I did this when working away and lost my normal soft silicon tip, this was a quick fix that worked well.

  • How do these compare to the standard apple ones?

    • It depends on the sound signature you like the most. I prefer the apple ones however I can buy 2.5 pairs of these for very set of apple headphones and I loose my headphones far to often so I stick with these guys

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    how exactly do you redeem your EB points?

    **nevermind, worked it out in checkout

  • Code no workies.

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      If you've used it once per IP, you can't use it again. It's for new accounts.

  • Has anyone received theirs?

    • After 4 weeks mine haven't arrived either. (Ordered on 31 October 2016).
      I don't know which website I can use my tracking number either - BJ1477964884XXXX (last 4 digits hidden).

    • Nope.

    • Still nope

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      Not yet, I ordered on 31/10. If your tracking number starts with BJ you should be able to track it here

      But guessing you will see the same as I do, got to Australia customs on 13/11 then nothing further

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        Thanks for that Cheapderp. I checked mine, and yep, same as you. Nothing since Nov 13. Can't believe it's been in the country for 3 weeks now and not arrived at my door. Wonder who's responsible…

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        Same here, looks like all of ours are in the same batch that arrived in aus on 13/11 then nothing since…

    • Nope.

  • Electronic information,receive—01-Nov-2016 09:48 AM

    Small package Center, receive—01-Nov-2016 11:48 AM

    Parcel centre,sealing—01-Nov-2016 02:48 PM

    Small package Center, left—01-Nov-2016 04:21 PM

    Exchange Bureau, have been exported to open—03-Nov-2016 12:21 AM

    Exchange Bureau, have been exported directly—03-Nov-2016 06:25 PM

    Transit Center´╝îleft hand navigation—03-Nov-2016 11:58 PM

    AUSTRALIA, Arrived —12-Nov-2016 11:58 PM

    AUSTRALIA, the transfer of customs— 13-Nov-2016 03:38 AM

    Anyone receive theirs yet? Does this mean my earphones are stuck in customs?

    • Yeah I got mine weeks ago bloody shame u havent got yours

      • +1

        Sigh, I'm doing lots of sitting on a bus over the next couple of weeks. Would have really liked these by Thursday. Been a month now sitting in Aus, somewhere. Not liking my chances… If they haven't arrived by early new year, I'll be asking Paypal to help get my money back.

  • I'm the same, stuck in customs since Nov 13. What a joke. What's the next step? I thought customs would contact you if there was an issue with anything

  • Yay, mine have also stopped tracking since being in customs on the 13th Nov..I thought a month shipping would be a safe estimate. Cannot imagine them turning up now

  • Same here, stuck at customs. I wonder if this tracking is legit. I guess Paypal claims next week.

  • Same here, stuck in customs since 13th Nov. I contacted them and they told me to check with local post office, I checked and replied, they then told me to check again… I replied again and they then told me nothing can be done until after the 31th Dec because that's when the order expires. They will then investigate and after investigating offer either a refund or re-delivery.

    Almost 2 months without earphones, life's been rough lately…

    • 1 Jan is here if you want to submit your claim…I know I have.

      • Been waiting for this moment. Submitted.

  • I ended up receiving mine right before Xmas.

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    Wow, my headphones arrived today (Newcastle). Also took the refund a couple weeks ago.
    Double win, I guess.

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    Received mine today in Melbourne after getting the refund too. Was not expecting to see them

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