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25% off Penrite, Alpine, Meguiars and Supercharge Batteries @ Autobarn


25% off Penrite, Alpine, Meguiars and Supercharge batteries.

Saturday and Sunday. 5th and 6th of November

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    Any chance you can post items/prices in the description?

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      Not really, search Alpine or Penrite etc then minus 25% off the product you are interested it.
      It would take hours to list every product and the calculated prices, also they don't have prices listed for quite a lot of their products as well.
      Or feel free to list all the products and prices in the comments if you want to do it.


    Sure hope I could order online to collect in-store with the 25% off price. Guess I'll find out soon enough if their website ticks over after midnight!

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    Can't edit my post. The discounted prices are now live on their website for Click and Collect.

    Thanks, OP!


    All supercharge subsidiary brands are also 25% off.


      Which ones are the subsidiary brands?

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        Salesman mentioned revplus and x pack.

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          btw, the prices are also reflected on their ebay site with click and collect available.


          @CVonC: That's even better as you get extra % from cashrewards.



          Yep. Even betterer if you had gotten the $100 Groupon voucher for $85 too.

          Anyways their Supercharge 55D23L with 30 month warranty is $124.50 and the X-Pack equivalent (it's actually maintenance free even though the photo suggests otherwise) with 12 month warranty is $101.25. I checked Ripoffco too and their high performance maintenance free (although it has a water indicator) equivalent with 24 month warranty is $135.75 after 25% off. So I went to Costco and got the Exide with extendable 30 month warranty for $99.99! It's normally $145 @ Kmart.

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