expired 23.5% off Surface Book with Student Discount - Base Model Starting at $1785 (Saving $540) @ Microsoft Store


To get this deal you will have to enable the Student Discount which is 15% off selected products. Enter your school here: https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/edu

At checkout enter the Coupon Code to get an extra 10% off your student discount.

Also it comes with Free Express Shipping.

Also comes with 4% Cash Rewards.

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    Surface Book looked to only be 10% off, and the further 10% off put the 512GB one at a total 19% off, not 25%.


      On the product preview it shows 10%, in checkout it updates to 15%. Then add the 10% coupon on that.
      Edit: Just checked, it seems like i was wrong. It looks like its only 25% off on the base model.

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        I just tried it:
        The surface book changed from $2299 to $1759 (23.5% discount)
        The surface pro 4 changed from $1999 to $1619 (19% discount)

        So it does different things for different products


          Man… I remember when not so long ago notebooks were priced differently.

          The super duper flagship retailing for $1,900 but on-sale for $1,500.
          The entry-level flagship retailing for $1,100 but on-sale for $900.

          How times have changed.


          @Kangal: inflation lol

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          Pricier laptops and especially gaming laptops have always been quite pricey. If you were looking at sub-$2k you weren't looking at a flagship.

          In 2010 a maxed out Toshiba Qosmio X500 (02M or 00X) (aka my worst mistake) was about $4k depending on RAM and hard disk (No I did not get top of the line). Base model was between $2500 and $3000

          Some discussion on price here:



          Not according to those useless SoBs at the ABS.

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    For mid-range model - AU$2,672.19 for 256gb i7. It's still a pricey product, though they do look fun.

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      They're suppose to be the Flagship windows 10 machine for multimedia users. A bit like the 15" Macbook Pro users except a lot cheaper and more practical.

      There are business laptops that cost way more than a Surface book. HP Zbooks cost like $5000 for an ultrabook one. lol


        Yeah but a like 1500 Asus rog or msi is about 5 times as powerful.

        So it's more like the flagship windows 10 laptop for those of us with too much money or want a tiny thin laptop that isn't really very good for work stuff.

        The other market is of course artists. Which I completely understand. I just don't get the high end surface book market. It's just dumb people with too much money. Like beats headphones, or Apple.

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          Not really. You are specifying 2 different usage types. I outright refuse to travel with a laptop thats over 2kg the lighter the better.

          The market for surface book is slightly different it is a all rounder laptop esp with their new performance base. You can do light gaming, work/productivity, art etc.

          Not sure why you think its not good for work stuff unless you mean work stuff in the gaming sector.

          Also depending on what you do… there maybe tax concessions so it doesnt have to be the rich who buys it.

          Its almost like saying women are dumb because they spend >$500 on shoes…. its all to each own's use and the way you use your pc.


          The only real competitor for some students to Surface Pro and Book line is similar priced devices from other manufacturers. About a year ago it was surface or nothing. Especially when you want to take notes and run maths heavy applications on the same portable device. Then it comes down to configuration options and graphics card.

          I think surface pro is a better choice but maybe some people have good reasons for wanting the sturdier construction of the keyboard, or/and better graphics performance.

          Discard anything that is not i5-i7 and anything below 8GB ram and there is not a lot of choice.

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          Asus ROG and MSI laptops are too heavy, average build quality, lack any innovative edge and usually have pathetic battery life.

          Not everyone wants to play games on a laptop. You need to grow up.


          @niner: sure. There's no real innovative edge on a surface book though, unless your really drinking the Microsoft koolaid. If you are using the detachable tablet. Then I guess your probably one of the few. Esp with its gpu detachment issues and tiny battery life.

          Also the surface four range is notorious for its huge ammount of hardware bugs and issues with its battery life.

          Id say the Asus rog series has perfect build quality, probably a lot better than all the bleed and sleep issues with the surface 4s. With msi, your probably right.

          I can understand the lightweight issue if you are carrying it around, but there are alternatives, cheaper ones. Without all the bugs.

          Here is hoping Microsoft do a better job with the 5s. Because I wouldn't be paying a premium for the 4, even with the extra warranty options.

          Tbh I'm probably more of a surface Fanboy than you. Id just never get the expensive versions of the book or Pro considering the swathe of issues they have. Even Apple has better quality control on their premium priced products akin to the surface and it physically hurts me to say that.


          @RI4V4N: I have a surface book, and its surprising how useful the tablet functions are for watching videos, reading books and viewing photos. We prefer using it over our iPad Air. We bought it mainly for the laptop functions, and we absolutely love it (other than the pricing).


          @lplau: i use spreadsheets and multiple windows a lot so the extra screen real estate over the surface pro is appreciated, and t he fact that it has a hinge so I can work on the couch, also no way I want to be lugging around anything more than 2kg, so I can totally see a space for these machines.

          Having said that, I probably wouldn't buy one for myself, but plenty of people have 2k+ budget for their work laptop (I don't, so even an xps is a stretch for me)

          I dont have much experience with RoG laptops but assuming they are massive, heavy, noisy and hot which rules them out for me


          @RI4V4N: The Surface 4 / Surface Book had sleep issues isn't really a Microsoft only issue. It was due to the Intel Skylake chipset so quite a few other branded laptops had exactly the same issues. Its actually good to have a Surface during this time when they were fixing it, since updates with the Surface range is actually very good. I feel sorry for the people who bought a Skylake laptop from another manufacturer knowing how slow they update their bioses / drivers.

          I get new drivers / firmwares through windows update almost once to twice a month, where as other manufacturers update their driver packs in frequencies of like quarterly.

          This has been fixed now after a few driver / firmware updates. The time to buy a Surface Book / Surface Pro is probably now because most of the issues have been weened out by now.


          @Jackson: i heard the tablet only battery is pretty bad. can it get through a movie?

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    1 - 0.85 * 0.9 = 0.235, so 23.5% off at maximum.

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    The prices of the new Surface Books are as insane as Apple's pricing.

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      and 1 year warranty? seriously microsoft??


        I thought it's a general ozbargain knowledge now, look up the Australian consumer law if you don't know about it, you're entitled for 2 years even if they don't really offer it.


          My toaster has more warranty than that…

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          Well, the surface book isn't a toaster, is it?


          if that's the case so why do they still advertise as 1 year warranty? not just microsoft i found quite a few those electronic giants do the same saying they will offer 1 year warranty


          Yes that's my question too…
          My guess is that they know not many people know/understand about the ACL, so they just set whatever warranty they want (1 year is actually pretty standard across the world), and only giving warranty to the people who slap the ACL in their faces after that 1 year warranty expires.

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          @clse945111: I heard some older model has heating issues, so it mind as well be a toaster =).


          Some times they do it because the warranty is international and if you are in another country it is 1 year but 2 years in Australia.
          A guy from Apple told me with my iphone.


          I think it's actually 2 years once you register it online it tells you when it expires. And mine says 2yrs



          A product must last a reasonable time. https://www.accc.gov.au/publications/top-5-publications

          That can be much longer than 2 years.

          You'd expect a fridge to last far longer than 2 years.


          Is the surface book a fridge?

          I was referring to the surface book, a laptop, which is quite often expected to last 2 years (or more, but that might be a bit of a stretch…..)

          Phones are about the same, 2 years, you could always try and argue for more, probably.


          @clse945111: Here is the latest Macbook Pro


          Customer use: Apple conservatively assumes a four-year period for power use by first owners.

          A reasonable person would conclude that it should last at least 4 years.

          iPhone 7:
          Customer use: Apple conservatively assumes a three-year period for power use by first owners.

          A reasonable person would conclude that it should last at least 3 years.

          The ACL does not state a set time period for any good.


          I guess it all depends on how you want to argue it.
          If the company doesn't accept your reasoning, then you'd have to go to Small Claims court, which would waste your time (you'd usually win but time is money). So it just depends on how much you value your effort and time.

          From what I can see online when searching ATO and Computer depreciation
          Computers – effective life of 4 years.
          Laptops – effective life of 3 years.

          So it maybe a little hard to argue the effective life if ATO deems it to be the above when doing taxes. I'm no lawyer, so better to check with one if you are planning to argue with them about effective life to get your item fixed. haha


        It's a 2 year warranty, not sure why it says 1. I had my old Pro 3 replaced when it was 18 months old in store without issue. It's also required by ACL that they provide 2 years. That might just be because they use a copy and paste of specifications page for different countries.

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    OMG SO MUCH HOLDING ON NOT TO BUY A SURFACE BOOK! wanna buy one next Xmas!


    I'm not a student so I can't check, but is anyone able to put together a table showing how much it brings each model down to?


    Thanks for the post!, was waiting for a sale like this

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    damn the i7 is sold out?

    email me when available instead of add to cart


    Hmmm this or the HN amex offer?


    How long is this combo going to work? I login to the student website and it actually says something like no sales should stack with student discounts.


    Even with this (incredible) offer the near top Surface Book (512GB/i7/16GB) comes down to $3212.235
    The top Surface Pro (512GB/i7/16GB) comes down to $2600.24
    The model down (256GB/i7/16GB)comes down to $2141.235

    Chasing a 512GB/16GB configuration, they all seem as mad as Apple. to show what I mean, a top of the line 13" MacBook Pro (512GB/16GB) is now $3,319.00. With a very likely 10% off at some point in the future (happy to hold out) it will come down to $2987.10 - beating the surface book by $250 even with 23.5% off….

    Never thought I'd see the day where Razer computers are a value proposition…

    I certainly don't want to pay anywhere near that sum for a laptop! Just making a point


    Dam… I just missed this. Hopefully there will be another discount like this soon ! :-)


    Thanks OP….I'm now $2,400 poorer :'(

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