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Sony MDRZX770BNB Wireless Bluetooth NFC Headphones $199 + $9.95 Delivery (RRP $299) @ Klika


MDR-ZX770BN wireless noise cancelling headphones, with their powerful drivers and low bass frequencies, let you enjoy your music without everyday distractions.

This is $299 at JB HI-FI.

Hope you get in quick!

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    I did manage to find these on Amazon for $153 shipped but didn't pull the trigger.




    I picked up a pair for about $200 with ebays 20% off sale
    and yes can confirm jbhifi have it for $299
    im sure bose qc35s are better, but to be honest, I cant tell the differene (im no audio expert)
    dont know how others even compare models, unless you have 2 side by side and listen very carefully
    (or maybe certain genre of music you can tell better)

    very happy iwht mine


      I have this Sony for 6 months. Sound quality is great enough for me as far as I'm concerned.

      Only let down is battery life, which i think lasts 7-9 hours in general.


    What is the difference between Bluetooth and Bluetooth NFC???

    more bandwidth?

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      NFC enabled device's can pair with each other by a touch

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        I see..

        Kind of like WPS which nobody uses.

        Thanks for explaining bruv.


      NFC is just to connect the phone to the bluetooth. NFC (near Field communication) is a standard for sending information when a device (usually touching) is near another device (it can probably do other stuff, but that is all we use NFC for now).

      To summarise, these headphones have a plate that you can tap your phone on to tether the headphones to the phone (if the phone has NFC). This is more convient then having to go through the usual hold switch till blue like is flashing and then searching for the device etc…


        Thanks for further explaning.

        Seems pointless since its a one of procedure…

        I was hoping it expanded the bluetooth bandwidth but this is not the case.

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    The name just rolls off the tongue doesn't it


    I bought the last pair yesterday at Officeworks for $89. Couldnt find it online anywhere so didnt post it.

    So far im really enjoying them.


      No way! Receipt or it didn't happen!


      No way! Are you sure it's the same model?


      which OW?


    Just bought these today from JB hifi. They priced matched the ebay deal from wireless1 so I paid $205.

    Build quality feels better than boss but NC is better on the bose (though you get more pressure feeling on bose thank sony).

    Still burning these in so can't comment on sound quality yet

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    For reference, the headphone come with 3 different sound quality mode when connecting via Bluetooth: Priority on Stable Connection, Standard and Sound Quality mode.

    Normally it will be shipped with Standard mode, you can press volume + when power on to change it to Sound Quality mode. It improves the SQ.


    Occasionally when they have lost connection (Windows phone hiccup) I just tap and count to 5 and they reconnect. It does work and saves messing about. NFC works well.

    P.S. These headphones work well, only hiccup I have is in the city there are spots that causes some interferes and they drop out for a micro second. Only in a few spots. Noise cancelling is not bad though the latest Bose I think are better but they cost a lot more.

    Other issue, summer and ear heat but that is the same with all these types of headphones. Great for winter though, keeps your head warm.


    how do these compare to the MDR-ZX750?