AMEX cashback promotions

Hi fellow bargainers!

So i have seen all the Amex promotions, saved them to my card and bought Virgin tickets, booked accor hotels.

Has anyone got cash back yet ?

As I'm about to spend another $600 on HN hoping to get $100 back.

Just wondering based on Terms & Conditions its says limited to first 40,000 cards or so.

How can be certain its still available?

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    Once saved you will get email stating promotion has been used once you use the promotion.

  • Great , I haven't recieved anything for virgin or accor promotions, so should prob hold on before spending on HN…..

    • if you have two amex cards you should split the payment to get $200 back!

  • Amex had a promotion where if you spend $60 at BP twice you would recieve $20 cashback. The moment I spent my second $60 I received an email advising me that my cashback had been processed. A couple of days later it appeared in my account.

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    Email normally arrives < 10 seconds after payment made. The credit appears on your account 2-3 days later.

    If it's been longer than this and you haven't received the credits then you should contact amex and ask why

  • My Accor cash back email came back within a minute. Showed up on account 3 days later.

    Anybody got cash back with gift card purchase?

    • Yes. Multiple times on multiple cards on every single time I bought gift cards with it. Including the most recent Dan Murphys credit - I bought WISH cards and got the credit.

      • Can I ask if you did for Accor gift card specifically?

        • Sorry I can't help. I didn't buy an Accor gift card. I did receive an Accor credit but it was for a booking.

          When I replied originally I thought you were referring to general gift card purchases, not specifically Accor gift cards.

        • could you buy a gift card from front office at a hotel?

    • I have paid for the stay but that is 156 . Im Assuming i'll reach the limit of min spend 200 once I arrive and room service etc….. that should qualify yeah?

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        Must be on one transaction

  • A few times I've not received the cash back and then hit up Amex using their secure message centre and asked about it. They said that I was too late in registering for the offer, but in good faith they will credit it to my account any way (which they promptly did)

  • The more you spend, the less you get…

    I registered for the Small Business promotion; single spend ($50?) in a small store and get $10 credit on the card.

    Rocked up at a participating restaurant last night. Bill was $140.00. Plus 3%, being AMEX of course. Now it's $144.20.

    Still get the $10 credit, I suppose. But it isn't really $10, is it.

    Paid by Mastercard. No surcharge.

    • So you paid an extra $10 to save $4.20 surcharge.

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        I did. Will do something about terminating the AMEX card as well… one day…. :-)

  • I got prompt email about HN spend…still waiting on virgin ..called up AMEX said should be no prob..

  • Since it's topical.. is there any hidden tricks with the accor promotion? So for example if I pay $190 for a room and $20 for breakfast, bringing the total to $210, then that would still qualify? I assume that AMEX just looks for the vendor and the amount billed on the card and if it's over $200 and the card is registered then you get credited the $100?

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      Didn't think I would get the credit as I hadn't booked my Accor accommodation through the accor website, but can confirm so long as your total bill at check out is $200 or more you qualify. My total bill included meals.

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      This is the fine print:
      Qualifying purchases include accommodation, food and beverages and other incidentals during your stay which are paid at the hotel front desk at the time of check-out.

  • Nver mind

  • My impression is you havent saved these offers to you card before completing the spend. Thats how you would know the offer is no longer available and has reached 40000, because you wouldnt be able to accept/apply for it.

  • Hi folks, I have three different Amex (one CBA, one ANZ, one from Amex themselves). All three are on different profiles. for the sake of ease of use I was wondering is there an easy way to consolidate them all under one profile? Anyone done that?

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