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$4 Mass Effect 3 Special Edition (Wii U) @ EB Games - Rhodes NSW


As the title says, $4 for Mass Effect 3 SE on Wii U. They had about 3 copies brand new and even preowned was the same price.
Not sure if it's nation wide as website still shows $29.15

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          @hamwhisperer: It's a gaming client, and a perfectly functional one at that; don't be dramatic.

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          It's not so much the client, its who owns it and their track record with regional and exorbitant pricing.

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          I get your point but if you do not like EA then you should not buy any EA game regardless of what platform it is on as the money still goes back to the very corporation you believe to be bad and evil.
          That really would be the only way to have any effect on EA. As long as they get their money they really do not care whether it comes from you buying a game on Steam, Origin, or elsewhere. They can just raise the price for non-Origin sales to account for the cut Steam etc. takes.

          Plus, to be honest, Steam does exactly the same thing - very different regional pricing. How come Steam is not considered evil and bad then?
          And of course, all companies do that in Australia. Everything is more expensive here than elsewhere - vacuums, TVs, games, clothes, food, energy - why do the companies using exorbitant regional pricing not get the same treatment and reputation as EA?

          As I said I do get your point but I find it unfair that EA is singled out when Steam etc. do the same thing.

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    Wii U is a decent console to be honest. It works out well for people with big hands.


    Same with the call of duty game on wii u.


    Black Ops II and Arkham City are also 4 bucks at EB. Plenty of stock at all my local stores.

    Blops is awesome for local games on Wii U as one player can have the tele and the other has the gamepad, no need for splitting screens.
    Bats was, until the remaster that just came out, the best version available, comes with all the DLC and a couple extra do dads.

    Funny thing with Blops 2 though, Target cleared their copies for 5 bucks a year or two ago and I picked up 3 or 4 of them, traded them to EB for around 12 bucks each, cash no less. Since the preowned version currently sells for 34 bones at EB, it wouldn't surprise me if you could buy this from EB, and trade it in for at least a little profit.


    I can confirm it's nationwide, I saw the same deal in a couple of Melbourne stores.


    Yeah I bought a copy for a laugh yesterday. I hated the first one, but I remember thinking the demo of 3 was okay, so I'll at least give it a go for $4.


    I love my WIi U

    but this is a terrible game for the system…poor controls to be honest.