expired Free Udemy Courses ($0) - Django Core || Rapsberry Pi + Django

Free Udemy Courses ($0) - Django Core || Rapsberry Pi + DjangoAffiliate

Signed up for a Django course from TA's Udemy deal post yesterday and got this email from the instructor today. Both courses free at the time of posting but are not rated to comment on the content quality.

For a limited time, here are 2 New Free courses for you:

Django Core | A Reference Guide for Core Django Concepts
HomeBaked | Raspberry Pi + Django

Grab them now because they will not be free for long.

Django Core | A Reference Guide for Core Django Concepts

Django Core is the ultimate Django reference guide that we'll keep adding on to. It's a HUGE and much needed update from CFE CORE. We go through so much but in particular it's:

  • Django Views | Function Based & Class Based
  • Django Models
  • Django Templates
  • Forms & Formsets
  • Custom User Model and Custom Registration
  • Translation in your Django Project
  • Deployment on Heroku, WebFaction, Linode, Digital Ocean and More!
    Grab Django Core for free now.

HomeBaked | Raspberry Pi + Django

Homebaked is your first step in building a home-automation system using the popular $35 micro-computer (microcontroller) with Linux & Django. We create a home networked server using Apache2 and Django. It's easy but definitely an awesome way to get things going. Here's an overview:

  • Download & Flash Raspberry Pi with Raspbian (Linux Debian for Raspberry Pi)
  • IP Address & SSH
  • Create a Django Project for localized Staff / Emloyee Time management
  • Learn about using Time & Intervals in Django
  • Launch your Django Project on Raspberry Pi to eventually Control Sensors via Django
  • Acccess your Local Django Project from any device on the network.
    Grab Homebaked for free now.

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