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ORICO Powerbus 10-Port Charging Station - 5V/2.4a Each Port & AU Plug $49.99 US (~ $65.97 AU) Shipped @ AliExpress


A new charging station from ORICO with an RRP of ~$102 USD in China. Good deal as it can provide 5V/2.4A fast charging in each port, fan to keep it cool and a holder ontop for your devices.

Charge all your power banks in one go ;)


  • Phone/Tablet Holder
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 5V/2.4A*10 Port, 24A/120W Total
  • Cooling Fan + Vents
  • 1.5M AU Cable
  • 8 Protection System

Decent Micro USB cables are on sale too with black/white from $1.08 US and blue/green/pink from $0.98 US

Thanks to Spackbace's post

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  • +3

    Sorry guys, no QC2.0/3.0 or B28 :(

    • Out of interest, what's B28?

      • +2

        Ongoing joke. 4G LTE band used in Aussie phones.

        • Ah… Getting old, things just fly over my head

  • Only if it were Black.

  • Don't forget to clip the US$2 coupon or spend another US$20 to clip the US$7 coupon

    • +1

      I didn't want to risk using as the Cashback is better.

      • I used coupons during 11.11 sale and still got cashback.

        • Affiliate networks don't always pay commission on coupons. It's not guaranteed so I'd rather get $4.50 AU back with CR than $2 US with Ali.

  • This will fast charge a samsung s6 / s7?

    • Nope, it doesn't have QC 2.0 or Fast Charge.

    • This will fast charge a samsung s6 / s7?

      This will charge it faster than a computer USB Port, or a cheap 1A charger.

      It is standard USB 5V (max 2.4A) so it doesn't do "Quick Charge" (or USB PD charging profiles via USB Type C for other phones).

  • +2

    The newly release Laptop Docking Station look interesting to me, must resist. 😆

    • I don't even own a MacBook and I want it. That holder, type-c, usb-pd. It's so perfect.

      • It'll work with other notebooks with USB-C port as well.

  • "5V/2.4a Each Port"

    Be aware this should be technically impossible.

    2.4A x 10 ports - 24A

    Australian GPOs/Plugs are rated for maximum 10A and I'm not sure the power supply that comes with it can supply 24A either.

    The only reason it caught my eye is because Laser do a version of this that I have here and yes each port can do 2.4A, but not with all 10 loaded, THEN the Amps drop to 1A each port. If you only load say 4 of them then yes 2.4A per port is possible.

    I'm happy to be corrected though but "You canna change the laws of physics captain".

    Sparkies feel free to chime in.

    • +1

      120 watts, 5 volts, 24amps which is 2.4a each.

      • In contrast with Laser's 10 ports 66W for $89.95, Orico's 10 ports 120W for ~$65 is a bargain indeed. I (+) vote the post. 😊

    • +1

      Just to clarify on the other response, this is not true. 5V at 2.4A x 10 power is 120W. When drawing 120W from a 240V supply it will draw only 0.5A, 1/20th of the rating of a GPO.

      Put another way, it's the power that remains the same (120W). On the USB outputs, the voltage is low and the current is high. On the mains side, the same power is drawn from a higher voltage source, so requires a lot less current.

      • OK got it. I was only going by the Laser product I have

        Which can't do 2.4 x 10 so I assumed it was a physical limit.

        What you're saying makes sense, the circuitry ups the amps and drops the voltage on the station side.

        I'm still trying to wrap my head around when you say it only draws 0.5A at the GPO, when each USB port must maintain a minimum of 0.5A each for charging, but I understand it's not a direct relationship.

        I'll shut up now. Thanks for the clarification.

        • I'm still trying to wrap my head around when you say it only draws 0.5A at the GPO, when each USB port must maintain a minimum of 0.5A each for charging, but I understand it's not a direct relationship.

          5V x 2.4A x 10 = 120W ≈ 230V x 0.52A

        • Think of it like a water pipe. In this analogy, electrical voltage is the temperature of the water, and electrical current is water flow rate. The "power" of the water is the heat it delivers, calculated as temp of the water * amount of water.

          Now consider that in our water system, we have the same "power" or energy coming in as going out. We want to deliver this power (on the USB side) as a low temperature (5V voltage), so we need lots of water flow to deliver that heat. But coming in, we have access to water at a much higher temperature (240V). So we only need a fraction of the water to get that same energy in as we are getting out.

          Does that make sense? It's a form of conservation of energy. You end up with (roughly) the same energy going out as coming in, but with different parameters

    • Australian outlets support 240v at 10 amps so that's 2400 watts (P = I X V).

      10 X 5V X 2.4 = 120 watts so nowhere near the 2400w limit of a power point.

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