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Breville BEP920BSS Coffee Machine + Smart Grinder Pro - Duo Pack $1,087.2 @ The GoodGuys Ebay


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Good price, though not the best historically, for the Dynamic Duo. I believe other colours available too. Also, you'll get 3 kilos of coffee, over 3 months, via redemption from Breville. Never tried those roasters before, so not sure how much of a value add that really is.

Stealing a nice summary from ts13 on a previous deal:

Stand out features:
Free conical grinder, of good repute (Breville Smart Grinder Pro, BCG820)
Dual Boiler (can pull shot and steam simultaneously)
Programmable Preinfusion (both pressure and time are programmable)
Volumetric programming (by volume or time)
Great steam pressure
Descale access
2 year warranty, allowing free repairs/services at many Breville authorised repair stores around Australia

Purchases ts13 would recommend alongside it to make great coffee:
An accurate, durable scale (Acaia as the expensive holy grail, or various, cheaper brands that do a similar job)
An 18g or 20g VST basket
A nice tamp (Reg Barber or Pullman as the go to brands)

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    It's a great combo, i don't think most buyers would see any value in getting additional scales, vst baskets or a different tamp, the baskets and tamp that come with it are perfectly fine and the grinder is consistent enough that you don't need scales. the best thing to invest in is good beans, that makes the biggest difference with this combo.


    I have the breville express, which is same as this one but with built in grinder and only 1 boiler, makes barista quality coffee amazing products. I only wish Breville would make 100% full auto they havent yet

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      This is quite different and a lot better. This is the machine most people would be best starting with as eventually you trade up to this level anyway.


      I thought the Oracle was an automatic version of this one but with built in grinder?


    I (profanity) love this machine. Pays for itself in not having to buy amazing coffees every morning because I can make them at home.


    Great deal. But I'm worried about the terms and conditions of the free coffee offer:

    For the removal of doubt, Internet sales via eBay or similar online third party and/or auction Internet websites are excluded from this Promotion.

    Reckon it's ok as from past purchases via the Good Guys ebay store you still get a store receipt?


      I didn't notice that fine print. Even if excluded, it's obviously still worth getting through EBay as 20% off savings of $271.8 are worth quite a lot more.

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