Hisense TVs 7000 Series - when to buy? 2016 or 2017


What should I do? GG have $250 store credit if you purchase something over $1200.

I need to buy two TVs and have ear marked the hisense 55" ($1295) and the 70" ($1795). Which will see me get $500 back in store credit.

I do not need the TVs until mid Feb 2017.

Hold tight or pull the trigger?
When would hisense release new TVs?
What price would the new TVs be?
Would the current TVs be less $$$ by then?



  • Where can you get the 70" M7000 series for $1795?

    As for me personally, I'm waiting for the next 20% off eBay before I pull the trigger, probably closer to end of year. I doubt the average price will fall much between now and March, April next year so the best option would be to wait for some sort of a discount coupon.

    10% just doesn't do it for me when I know 20% will come eventually. The 10% is only good for buying used items from personal sellers off eBay

  • 70" 7000 series for $1800…. dreaming??

  • Can you share this deal to your fellow ozbargainers?

  • Sorry got mixed up with the 65"