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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 IV €607.43 (~$886 AUD) Delivered @ Amazon Germany

Here is a cyber monday sales on Amazon German, I spotted a Sony RX100 IV in good price.
€699 - €111.60 VAT + €20.03 Delivery


  • High performance (1 inch) Exmor RS CMOS sensor with 20.1 megapixel resolution (effective); Electronic shutter also allows shooting against the sun - built-in XGA OLED pop-up finder
  • 24-70 mm Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T * Lens (F1.8-F2.8)
  • 4K HD video recording with max. 100 Mbit / s (XAVC S)
  • Up to 40x slow motion shots; 180 ° rotatable (3.0 inch) LCD display with 1,228,800 points
  • Scope of delivery: Sony DSC-RX100M4 digital camera black, battery NP-BX1, power supply AC-UB10, micro-USB cable, wrist strap, shoulder strap adapter, manual
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2016

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    you should put RX100 in title..more easily recongnisable

    • Fixed, thanks!

  • reminder you can often pick up the RX100 Mark III for around $600 when Ebay have their 20% off sales, Sony Store is always included, although they say it's "refurbished" I got one and the box and everything was still sealed.

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      Sony eBay has generally horrible feedback on their refurbs and aftersale service. I would stay away. You have been lucky.

    • When, as in any time they have their 20% off, or you're referring one that's about to become active soon? I would like to get RX100 M3, or Canon G7 X for such price.

    • I got $850 from 20% ebay for rx100 m4 Australian seller. It was sold out quick before I had a chance to post the deal. I would surggest to search on eBay as soon as possible and check frequently when they have 20% off. Sellers often drop the price few days after

  • Hmmm, not bad at all. I was really hoping to see a decent drop on this locally, or Amazon US at worst. Alas no. RX100 mkV is out and about now, too, which I had hoped would drive this one down a little bit.

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    Looking for RX100 M1…..

    • You're looking for a camera that was released in 2012?

      • Yeah !
        Still at $650 RRP even though its 4yrs old.

  • The only thing stopping me from buying this is it isn't weather sealed… Like it doesn't have to be submersible but I worry about using in the rain etc. I have no issues with this using my OMD EM-5 but then I think the EM-5 is a little too large to travel to dangerous countries.

    • My canon 550D isn't weather sealed as well, but I've used it in the rain, on the beach, in the snow, etc and never had any issues with it. There was a post on reddit the other day about a travel photo blogger who had backpacked for 3 years with a D3300 and kit lens (IIRC) and it was trashed - but still working fine.

      • Yeah but I don't know if the tiny RX100 can take all that abuse. Seems a little fragile!

        • +1

          My brother David has absolutely put his RX100 M2 through the wars. It's nearly stuffed, but seriously looks like it was run over by a tank. It's been in the Guatemalan jungle and all sorts of adventures.
          He's killed so many cameras in the past that I was sure this one wouldn't last. He was that happy with it that he's just bought the RX100 M5.

        • @tazmaniak:

          Thanks for the real life review!

  • @RtN
    Tazmaniak's brother here. This camera is a beast to say the least. Worst I've done is killed 4 cameras in one year. This camera being more expensive I gave it 9 months to die. it lasted 3 years.
    My other camera is a Canon 5D Mark III. I'm not a professional or anything, but owning a Mk III sets the standard pretty high. Truth be told I've only used it once since I bought the RX100 II three years ago. I'd never ever travel with an SLR again. The RX100 is just life changing. I cant say enough good about it.

    What lead to its demise is I got someone to take a photo of me jumping off a bridge. Problem was the guy had just come out of the water, and instead of doing what a normal person would do and keeping the camera high, he had it at the end of his arm so all the water from his upper body was dripping over the camera. Unfortunately I didn't notice this till after I walked back to the bridge, climbed it, summed up the guts to jump then swam over to the guy. By the time I got there it was absoltely drenched. I turned it on and when the lens came out so did a shot worth of water with it. Stuck it in rice for three days and nothing. Fourth day it came back to life, then held on like a champion for the next 18 months of my trip through central america. It survived drops, spray from waterfalls, sand, volcano boarding, the works. Later when walking through the amazon I got caught in a tropical downpour which which killed my laptop, camera and phone. Took it to a repair shop and got it fixed. It lasted another year after that.

    Can I post links here? I've got a website of my photos - some with the 5D, most with RX100. Nothing is for sale on my site, just a collection of photos. Will give you an idea of what it can do

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      Link is here: http://www.livetheadventurelife.com/photography/
      Delete this comment if deemed against rules.

      Probably half are the RX100. Most of the time you probably couldn't tell which was 5D and which was RX100.
      Click the image and you can see which camera was used. 5D really shines for low light, no pun intended.

    • Those images look amazing. I actually liked the RX100 II images better. What software do you use to edit your photos, if you don't mind me asking? I have an entry level Nikon camera that I hardly used (kinda got bored with its bulkiness and attaching lenses etc), so I would have liked to score a RX100 II+ for a reasonable price. My fingers are crossed for a good deal to be posted here one of these days.

      • +1

        Thanks! I use Lightroom. It is absolutely awesome. Best thing is you dont have to open each individal photo - it's basically a window into your photos. You can copy settings across all photos so if you have a few similar photos you can edit all at the same time.
        TheRX100 photos were just jpegs too. No need to shoot RAW

        • Now you've made me to even want to keep my eyes open for a RX100 camera deal. I hated trying to convert the RAW photos I shot with my Nikon D3300. I am more of a shoot and transfer kinda guy, and RX100 seems to be my kind of camera. Thanks for the info, man.

        • The HDR function on the camera is epic. It doesn't make it look fake like most HDR - it just increases the dynamic range. Dont need to merge the three photos or anything - it does it all in camera. The jpg images are so information rich that I dont see the difference between the RAW and jpg.
          Of course to make the images pop you need to use Lightroom

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