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Wechat Out Free Calls to More than a Hundred of Countries Including Australia


Wechat offer free calls to countries including Australia, China etc at the moment, only 2 days left. List of countries are https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/73294/44455/wechatlist...

Have a good night.

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  • Nice app to get happy endings

    • Better than Tinder?

    • Tel me more about this feature please :p

      • +2

        wechat is a chinese app by tencent I believe so you're likely to be hitting up chinese girls

        i believe the penetration of wechat outside of china is minimal

        • +1

          Minimal I'd agree but big amongst the Chinese contingent outside of China

    • -1

      Oh look, another guy perpetuating the stereotype.

  • based on there being 195 countries u have approx 1 in 2 chance. Can you list or direct us to the the countries that this app will work?

  • ahh ok thanks

  • how do i sign up

    • use your mobile, or FB.

  • +8

    Chinese government will listen in on your calls?

    • +2

      since it seems that everyone here has a china android, thats a given

    • -1

      Yeah, but alas ASIS/GCHQ/NSA/etc can't. so your audience is a bit limited.

    • -1

      Aussie government gets it first.

  • +1

    Expect your whole calls to be recorded and analysed.


  • I suepect that there's an app to grab Red packets as soon as it is shared. Did anyone know what that is? I have noticed that 1 person seen to grab every Red packet and always have the same response. Never said anything in the group.

  • +2

    Who listened to head of many countries, including close allies?
    Not China!
    Why never learns who f#(k you?

    • No no no.
      Make no mistake. Remember only in a free democratic country you have the right and the chance to know the corruption. In totalitarian dictatorship you go swimming in the ocean inside a block of cement. So Kudos to those governments who listen to my calls but let me talk about it.

  • +3

    Cao Ni ma

    • bloody rude bastard hahaha

  • Thanks OP. You mention only 2 days left - I can't see this listed anywhere on the link: Are calls free to Australia for another 2 days or is the app free for 2 more days?

    • Calls to the listed countries are free for another 2 days, after that, charges applied for call (wechat out) functions.

  • is it only 2 days more of free calls?

    • Is it?

  • -1

    Use this; SUDO - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/273352; I have been using it for the past couple of days and it seems to work fine

  • what's the limitation on the free calls to for example Vietnam?

    • There are none as far as I know, call quality depends on the data connection; its only available on IOS

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