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Philips Fidelio X2 183 €/EUR > ~260 AUD + Delivery | Amazon France


Cheapest price since the amazon-uk deal for 200 AUD. Add to cart then checkout and it will show you the VAT free price. Can't confirm delivery price as I don't really intend on buying these myself. Still 12 in stock.

Quite favourable reviews from the "Audiophile" community.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Was really hoping for a price drop on these during the black Friday sales on Amazon.

    Still waiting.

    • Black Friday is over…

      You waiting till next year?

    • They probably are not going to get much cheaper. The Amazon UK deal was a one time pot luck thing. Consider the X1 used, seem to hover around the $180-200 mark, even though they are discontinued.

      • Not a fan of the x1. I grabbed a set of the x2 during that UK sale, I want a second pair!

        Their price didn't budge from $268 on Amazon, it was most disappointing! Now waiting and watching through Christmas.

        • Wait… You grabbed one from the UK Sale? I thought they cancelled all our orders. They cancelled my order and countless others. Glad some people got it at least.

        • @POL1T1CS: He was probably referring to a different sale that wasn't as good as the one that was canceled.

  • Is this a good price?

    If I didn't have like 8 sets of $200+ cans already I would have pulled the trigger, even at this price. But it's harder to justify now. It would have to be really amazing to get me to spend another $260 on a pair of cans.

    • The price is good. I've avoided these because of the quality issues in recent years. tbh you're better off getting some hd600/650s when they go on sale ($300+). Amp required for them though.

    • The cost of the X2 was near that price on amazon uk (but shipped!) a few days before the back order deal at £112 so the price was good enough to empty amazon's warehouse ;)

    • +1

      It's one of the more popular recommendations amongst the mid tier hifi grade headphones. The one thing that sets them apart is probably their build quality. But if you already have 8 than there really isn't a reason, you could probably do with one or two cans and just EQ according to music genre and save yourself a lot of money. If I didn't have a HD6xx on the way I would have bought the X2.

  • DT 770 are so cheap right now that there's no reason to buy these at this price, sorry

    • +4

      Completely different cans, not even comparable.

      • -1

        they are both headphones, and they have a similar price. totally comparable

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