expired Presto 2 Months Free (New Subscribers Only)


2 months Presto entertainment code from shopping docket
Presto requires internet, data and a compatibale device. New subscribers only. Offer expires 31 January 2017, 11.59pm (AESET). Full Presto T&Cs apply: presto.com.au/shopadocket


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    Free until it shuts down lol


    Oh my, I didn't know this still existed.


    I would avoid these jokers at all costs (even if this is free) it wouldn't work at out place due to our internet connection, cancelled the service but then they still charged us for a month. Told them it didn't not work, no help for 'customer service' instead they just emailed me their terms and conditions saying they 'don't cancel if the service doesn't work' - they sent that email so fast I assume it is a very common complaint!


    As a Telstra/Bigpond customer who got Presto free for 5 months, just a warning that its not truly unmetered so use at own risk if you haven't got a lot of data. It's about 50% unmetered, and the rest is metered, because Telstra's metering is awful and never works properly. I was using it to watch stuff, and I noticed that while my un-metered downloads went up, metered downloads became excessively high too.

    So I set up Networx (a download monitor) on a different laptop I don't use much, and ONLY used that device to access Presto and watch shows instead of my main laptop, and I tracked my downloads. Binge watched Mr. Robot, Parks and Rec, among other things, and it's funny, the actual Telstra meter was correct— if Networx showed I'd downloaded/uploaded approx 4gb of data for the day worth of shows, Telstra showed the same spike in my download meter. Except that they'd only unmeter half of that. Half of it they'd count towards downloads. I mentioned it to Telstra and to Presto, of course no-one gave a toss. I tracked it for about a week and it was consistently wrong. As I said, about half of it.

    So I figure if that's not working right, then probably the mobile data doesn't meter right either, so use at own risk if you don't get much mobile data. That said, not long now before the end of the month anyway.


    Looks like apresto will cease 31 January 2017, so how much good is this code, or the other code that is still active for three months?

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