Mini Nintendo @ Target - Online Only 12 Dec 16 $99

Target is getting some mini Nintendo for sale online only tomorrow Dec 12, 2016 for those who wants and missed out.

On the 12th day of Christmas, Target has the Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System!

This product is in high demand (and we have limited supply) so make sure that you visit at 8AM, Monday 12th December to get yourself one in time for christmas. Keep in mind.

1 per person
Online only
Home delivery only (Check our Christmas delivery times)
Due to demand, you may encounter a holding page, be patient and keep trying
Signup for a Target account and make the process easier.

Team Tip – Don't leave it in your basket, its not yours till you receive confirmation after payment. We suggest you purchase the nintendo by itself and then continue shopping the rest of our great range.

Good luck

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  • RIP Target's servers

  • As above. EBs servers went into meltdown, can't imagine Targets are any better… Probably worse

  • Have had the 'Seems everybody wants this you've been placed in a queue' page for 15 minutes ….. Now 1 minute past 8:00 … I guess they've all sold out now.

  • Yep, servers are getting smashed.

    Managed to add one to my basket after I was placed in the "queue", but now I keep get processing errors when trying to checkout.

  • it won't even let me put one in a basket. Total waste of time

  • And they're out of stock :-(

    No wait, I have one in my basket. And now that fails :-(

  • I've been sitting at the checkout screen for about 10 mins waiting for the form to load.

    The little green bar under the stock on the NES page seems to be around 90% - is that how the stock indicator works?

  • I keep getting "Error occurred while adding to Cart" erghhhh soo annoying, I'd rather they just let it sell out so I know I didn't waste so much time with the crappy queue.

    Either let me buy one if there's stock left or don't let me buy one if there isn't any. Don't just waste everyones time :/

    • keep trying as eventually it'll let you add one, then your next hurdle is payment :-(

      • Thanks mate, I appreciate it. But I think I've given up now.

        I'm just going to make my own mini NES, with blackjack and hook <ahhh, more likely my raspberry pi 3> lol. Or grab my original NES out the cupboard, whichever allows me to spite Target the most XD.

        • Yeah stick it up 'em.

          To be honest I had one in my queue, and couldn't get to checkout anyway. Then suddenly I've been thrown back to the queue page.

          So spend your time making one. I have a ready made mame setup, but was hoping to give it as a gift, so a raspberry pi is unacceptable :-P

  • nice work target, online retail fail once again…..its not that hard.

  • I guess in 12 months time they will be available at the reject shop on special for $75 and Nintendo has lost an opportunity to sell a truck load by making only a handful of them (relatively speaking)

  • thanks OP… GOT nONE

  • RIP "Coming Soon"

  • Anyone still trying?

  • I don't see how this shit helps their brand any. They would have been better having a lottery. At least you'd believe you had a fair chance.

  • Just wasted 40minutes of my life trying to give target money. Guess my money is broken cause they keep kicking me off their site.

  • Changed from waiting for form to load, to back to a countdown queue for checkout.

    Ahhh.. got back to waiting for checkout form to load.

    And now back to the queue.

  • targetmissed

  • Target's twitter says stock is still available as of 2mins ago

  • Been in the queue for a about an hour…

  • Not getting much work done this morning as I'm constantly checking to see if I'm out of the "queue".

    If only Chrome had an "always on top" feature so I can minimise it into the corner of the screen.

  • After waiting and errors and log ins, I have gotten to checkout, paid wih PayPal
    and waiting again
    and error

    • And cart has been emptied. Sold Out

      • Same here, went through paypal checkout twice during the morning only to receive an error message on payment, now cart emptied and sold out. Oh well, disspapointing but expected I guess.

  • I tried since 8am. Had all the issues everyone has. Errors.. Log in issues. Time outs. And have successfully managed to get one. Paid via pal pal. Approximately 11:10am.
    Goodluck guys they are still around!

  • Officially sold out! Just got booted from the queue and notified.

    • That error message though…
      Wow! Everybody wanted this.
      Unfortunately we are now sold out of this item.

      If they want to piss off customers, this is how you do it.

  • I wonder how many they had, that was the longest wait until they sold out.

  • Oh well…


    We're sorry. Stock levels have changed while you've been shopping.
    We have made some adjustments to reflect the quantity we have available now.

    These products have been removed from your Buy Now basket:

    Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System

  • Go buy yourself a raspberrypi if you miss out on the target NES.
    roughly the same price, yet you can play - NES, SNES, SEGA, DOS, ATARI, AMIGA, PLAYSTATION, N64 & more.
    I freaking love mine!

  • I assume even though it still says in stock online on the product page and after adding one to my cart and it being removed from my cart, I was much too late…

  • +2 votes

    An absolute shitfight to try and get through without errors every step of the way and force you to start again
    really pathetic Target

    total amount of times go it into basket 8
    total amount of time i got past basket to checkout 1
    total amount of time i actually got to fulfill a order 0
    total amount of times i got shoved back to 30 sec timer 9
    total amount of hair left on my head 1

  • Just build a pi! 700 nes games on Pi vs 30 on the little Nes. With no room for expansion and only comes with 1 controller what a waste of time! Not to mention you can add snes and everything else.

    • This ^

    • I've never been able to get the controllers to work reliably, either not engaging or slow.

      • I've just built 5 of them, I got some iBuffalo controllers which are generally seen as a pretty popular controller. Haven't had any problems with them so far.

        • I used this one, found it didn't always enable and then I also had trouble getting the control mapping right.

          Probably just me, need to revisit it. Was almost 2 years ago.

        • Did you follow something online to do this, if so - could you please share the details? Me and my mate want to build one for our place!

          Would be truly appreciated :)

        • @CLoSeR: the Pi 3 is out now, it's much easier. It enables quickly and its ready to go. I have done 14 controllers and they all worked.

        • @richy_o: Will do, was running it on my old pi1 at the time. My pi2 is for Kodi.

        • Any chance you could point me in the right direction to create this?

        • @borrisz0r: I sent this to a Geoffs earlier:

          Hey mate, I just followed a Youtube video to build mine, its very straight forward.

          This tells you how to do everything. If you want any other help just let me know. I got my pi and case from element14, sd card from ebay, an important one for convenience is to buy a 2.4A power supply with an inline switch because otherwise to turn the pi off and on you have to unplug it (would definitely recommend one of them) these also sell on ebay, then you need controllers. Usb wired controllers are easiest if you already have ps3 or xbox controllers lying around then you can use them other wise the best retro ones are the ibuffalo ones. But they dont have enough buttons to play playstation on so maybe look at wired ps3 controllers. Then just download the programs from the youtube vid and youre golden.

        • @richy_o:

          bought all the bits as you suggested yesterday… hopefully arrive today/tomorrow :)


        • @geoffs87: good work man you won't regret it.

        • @richy_o: Yeh, controllers can be a bit of a hit and miss. I'm using my PS2 wired controller, I bought a USB adapter for it so I could use it as a second controller on my PS3, it does everything I need.
          My PS3 controller has some issues with the Pi, there are reports of bluetooth issues (apparently the bluetooth in the Pi is not the best).

          I'm playing a few N64 games and finding it gets glitchy after some gameplay. I think I need to overclock it, but I'm reluctant as I don't have a fan and the RPI3 seems to heat up.
          all the other retro games work perfect though.
          I love my SNES games.

          • I totally agree with grabbing the inline switch for the power supply. I didn't buy one, and I'm kinda annoyed that I have to unplug/re-plug every time I want to play. (small annoyance, but still. grab one if you can)
        • @Beck82: I dont bother with N64, it's too much hassle. Theres a few good vids on youtube from the same guy as above on how to tweak your system to run them the best but I never liked 64 that much anyway. Everything else runs great on them. I am just sticking to wired controllers at the moment too, less to go wrong.

  • I honestly thought the lack of stock was a mere hiccup at first and that there would be no way it would remain out of stock or very limited coming up to Christmas.. Nintendo really dropped the ball on this one. I'd buy one, but once we get into next year, the Switch will be just around the corner so I'll probably skip the NES mini in the end.

  • Was lucky enough to get one!

  • It was a total waste of time. Constantly thrown into queues and getting cart errors etc. Just going to have to wait till next year when they are on the shelf …

  • i persevered and managed to get one, wasn't until about 9:45 either! I kept an eye on their twitter and they kept on saying they hadnt sold out and to be patient. The queue thing would of been quite good if it didnt throw an error at you after you waited for 15 mins!

  • I bloody wasted 2 hours :(

  • I started at 7:55 and tried till 9:30. Kept getting the same errors. Managed to get one in the cart at maybe 8:30, but then I got a different error and it failed. I'm quite upset.

  • I started at 7:30ish buy 8am and using several tabs I scored one, got the confirm email, pretty happy

  • This has always been Nintendos stupid delivery model… Limit supply to increase demand.

    • yep, read a HBR article on this earlier in the year. They controlled the entire supply chain (suppliers, competitors, distributors, substitutes and customers).

      Its how they made it to number 1 and made billions in the process. Its a good read: "Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy"

      If you have access to a uni library or HBR subscription, check it out!

  • I'm starting to think that this product wasn't designed to be profitable (what does it cost to ship only ~3 units to every participating retail store in the US?) but rather it is a successful attempt to remind the world Nintendo are still relevant, in the lead up to an otherwise underwhelming Switch release next year. I feel sorry for all the retail staff who have been inconvenienced by we the people around the world. And in this case also sorry for the web developers who have clearly put some effort into redesigning the Target website in attempt to manage the huge load their servers were never intended to cope with - who probably have to explain their 'failure' to naive executives for weeks.