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Tempted just for OG Link's Awakening. The remake didn't do it for me. Shame they didn't include the original version in there as a bonus.
16/06/2021 - 09:57
RIP Metroid Prime 4
16/06/2021 - 08:45
Grabbed one last minute by calling. Only thing this is missing is an HDR display sadly.
15/06/2021 - 19:51
Other drives will naturally be cheaper, but don’t forget half the point of this drive is that it’s considered an internal drive by the...
14/06/2021 - 17:26
I think it's only for the Ubi store - which I assume is selling physical game copies for consoles, not digital codes (could be wrong though)
10/06/2021 - 09:02
Gives off Ouya vibes to me ... (not good)
09/06/2021 - 15:24
I think it's still HDR to some degree according to the specs, but it doesn't do HDR10+ (or Dolby Vision)
07/06/2021 - 15:23
Don't know about this one in particular, but I'd highly recommend getting one of these kinds of machines over a pod machine.. I don't know...
03/06/2021 - 11:07
The Cupra Born (basically a rebranded VW ID.3) looks great... probably gonna START at $60,000 if it even comes to OZ that is.. :(
02/06/2021 - 17:21
Hmm, even on Premium you still get full screen ads for random podcasts occasionally that you have to dismiss.
02/06/2021 - 15:57
I think it's for people who have had premium before, but are now just on a free account. I got the offer. I think for totally new users,...
02/06/2021 - 10:05
And for those who are interesting and aren't aware Spitfire does a series called LABS which are totally free and the majority are actually...
27/05/2021 - 09:13
Remember Amazon is a marketplace, kinda like eBay. While Amazon themselves do sell alot of items, always check who the actual seller is...
10/05/2021 - 10:58
The ancient Greek mythology aesthetic/theme came across as a bit generic and not very creative to me. Seemed like a very well made, good...
06/05/2021 - 12:06
I think the only other difference is it supports 4K HDR @ 60Hz, instead of 30Hz.
22/04/2021 - 15:34
Ahh you're right! I thought they were always 8GB for some reason, but that's just the default. Yes, 16GB is the minimum I'd be getting...
21/04/2021 - 16:42
iMac redesign looks pretty funky. Been waiting for a redesign for years. Think I'll wait for an M2 chip though. Every computer with the M1...
21/04/2021 - 09:24
When I expressed concern over it in the earlier days my GP literally said to me, "Why worry about it? If you're gonna die from it you can't...
14/04/2021 - 16:17
Yeah I just figured that must be why it got discontinued.. even after a new game comes out, it seems silly to totally remove the previous...
30/03/2021 - 08:45
After getting FH4 late I remembered FH3 was set in Australia so I thought I might grab it just to have another location to drive around in....
29/03/2021 - 11:14
Don't have both so can't say, but I'm happy with the Series X so far. Still waiting for "real" next gen games sure, but overall it's just a...
04/03/2021 - 08:34
I had the same experience however all 3 boxes did arrive.
24/02/2021 - 19:56
Yep mine was from WA from "Warehouse" haha, but guessed it was the belts. Arrived very fast.
23/02/2021 - 15:37
Not much interesting for me. Was hoping for at least one of the following: - BOTW2 info / release date - Metroid Prime 4 update - Metroid...
23/02/2021 - 14:45
No, never got the order confirmation emails etc, just the shipping notification which was very fast.
23/02/2021 - 12:07
Got my belts, very happy with the quality and size.
23/02/2021 - 09:01
"We use leather sourced from a few of Australia's remaining tanneries and now New Zealand too."
17/02/2021 - 12:22
Weird, why did they cancel a bunch of orders, only to get it back in stock like 2 days later?
16/02/2021 - 17:35