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WaterMe Irrigation Controller + 1 inch Extra Flow Sensor + Rain Sensor - $285 Shipped @ Valves Direct


Thinking of making your garden watering smart.

Try WaterMe - Wireless Irrigation Controller - A perfect Christmas Gift


Wireless Irrigation Controller Includes:
1 x Wireless Irrigation Controller ( 1" Flow Sensor Included)
1 x Extra 1" Flow Sensor
1 x Rain Sensor


Remote access via mobile app or computer (internet connection required)
10 independent schedules
Permanent program memory
Photo Capture to identify Zones
Push notification sent to smart phone in case of leak or flow rate out of specification
Programmable master valve delay time
Programmable mist cycle


24VAC/DC valves (Max current draw 1000mA/Valve)
Controller provides full current on valve start up then reverts to low current on run
DC latching valve compatible 6-12v DC
Weather resistant material
Apple and Android operating platform capable
Simple setup, operation and programming experience
Australian Designed and Engineered

Input Capabilities

1 x Master Valve
3 x Flow Sensor (2 Included)
10 x Solenoid Valves
1 x Rain Sensor
1 x Moisture Sensor

Electrical Specification:

Transformer input 24VAC, 50 Hz
Transformer output 24VDC 1.5 Ams
Maximum valve current 24VAC at 1.0 AMP
24VAC/DC valves (Max current draw 1000mA/Valve)


WaterMe Irrigation Controller – 2 Year Warranty

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  • +1 vote

    Great stuffs, should do this on kickstarter.

  • +2 votes

    Do you normally sell this combo pack for more? The price and the free shipping looks like it is your usual price.

    • -3 votes

      We could make it price of $400 and then give a discount on it but we don't do it. It is most realistic price and we don't indulge in those marketing gimmicks.

      • +3 votes

        So you acknowledge that this is the regular price then?

      • "We could make it price of $400 and then give a discount on it but we don't do it. It is most realistic price and we don't indulge in those marketing gimmicks."

        Sorry, I didn't intend for you to think I was calling your pricing dodgey, I'm not.

        However, to post a 'bargain' here the deal is not supposed to be your normal selling price. If it is, and it does appear to be, then it is not meeting the rules of this site. You normally offer free shipping over $250 so even that part of the offer isn't special compared to normal.

  • Been refreshing for awhile, thought I'd read the post. Awesome to see it is Australian made

  • Does it link into any other home automation (z-wave or echo etc)?

  • Like the last post though, better off on your ebay store, with CAU10 code for 10% off plus cashrewards.

  • Seems like a pretty good product but I recently turned my nose up at the ones at masters for 60% off hoping to get them even cheaper…. but they had all sold out the next time I went :(

  • I kind of have an impression that you can get a rebate for a watermark certified irrigation product in Vic?

    • +1 vote

      Yes, I have also heard of such rebates and many of our customers do buy Rain Sensors as well to qualify for a rebate.

  • Good item, I've convinced a few people at work to get them, all happy. Didn't know you could use multiple flow sensors till I read this description, very interesting!

    • What is a flow sensor used for? Sorry!

      • Flow sensor can measure the flow in all zones and tell you real time values of your garden water activity. You will also get alarm( push notification) in case of any leak. You can also view your daily activity in terms of water usage.

    • Thanks for positive comment.

  • OP…

    1. If I wanted to run 5 zones, i would presume i would need 5 solenoids? Which kit would best suit?

    2. What happens if you go out of business? How would I still continue to track/manage?

    3. Any ETA on an iphone app?

      1. Yes, you need 5 solenoids to run 5 zones. I would also suggest Master Solenoid which serve as gatekeeper and stops the system in case of any leaks in any zone. You can go for 6 Zone system and you can buy from "Wifi Combos" section of our ValvesDirect store.

      2. We are here to stay and you can look for our product warranty of 2 years. Worst case scenario this is a cloud based system and if cloud goes down the system would be down but please keep in mind in case you have set up automatic schedules you don't even need anything as system is intelligent enough to keep watering everytime without using cloud,servers or your home WiFi.

      3. There is already an iPhone and Android App for this device.The App is free to download and there are no subscription fee whatsoever.

  • +1 for made in Aus for me, and a good price too. Well done