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25% off Sony, Sennheiser, Philips & Beats Headphones @ Bing Lee


25% Off Sony, Sennheiser, Philips & Beats headphones
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Sennheiser HD 518 Over ear Headphones $74.25
Sony MDR-XB650BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones $111.75
Sony MDR-EX750NAL Headphones & Portable Speaker Bundle $119.20
Sony MDR-AS800AP Active Series Headphones $36

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  • Pity Beats Studio cannot be added to cart.

  • Was hoping they'd have Momentum over ears in stock. Will have to keep my fingers crossed for a good Boxing Day sale on them I guess, so I can get the cash back deal before that expires

    • I have a pair and they are really good headphones but I can't wear them for long periods of time … not recommended for all day use. Brilliant as travel headphones and casual use. Also don't do voice chat on xbox or playstation if that matters.


    no bose :(

    • Bose rarely has specials, and certainly not 25% off. They control pricing very tightly, like Apple.

      Which model were you after? I've never been impressed by the AQ of any of their products.

  • OP you are a legend. 👌 👍

  • No Fidelio x2 unfortunately.

  • stocked up on spare Sennheiser HD201s for $26 each. Thanks

    • Are they any good? I bought one from HN for that price to give as a gift to my nephew but didn't try them on myself. For $26, are you getting what you paid for or do they sound much better than that?

      • For the price I think they are great for gaming. I have been using my first pair since 2011 (still going strong). I get great sound staging?/spatial info from footsteps with these headphones. I don't listen to music so cant really say for music listening. Comfort wise they have been great as well. I wear glasses and can usually withstand several hours of wearing until ears get sore (i rarely play for much longer these days)

  • Awesome deal! Thought I'd point out that after the discount, some other stores may still have a better price (e.g. OW), on the Sennheiser HD 451's for instance:

    $68 is the current price, whereas from Bing Lee, they're $99 normally,and just under $75 after discount.

    • I was offered these at HN for $49 because the $26 HD201s I wanted they didn't have in stock, despite the web site saying they were in stock. The staff couldn't find them, so he offered these to me for that price. Not knowing the best prices, and assuming HN's prices were inflated anyway, I just assumed it wasn't really a bargain so I passed.

      Are they good?