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Target - PlayStation VR Games - Driveclub $17, VR Worlds $29, Eve Valkyrie, Battlezone, Rigs Mechanized Combat League $45


Driveclub VR - PS4 (In-store only) $17.00 was $44.00
VR Worlds - PS4 (In-store only) $29.00 was $44.00
Battlezone VR - PS4 $45.00 was $69.00
Eve Valkyrie VR - PS4 $45.00 was $69.00
Rigs Mechanized Combat League VR - PS4 $45.00 was $69.00

Also Battlefield 1 (XB1/PS4) is $64 (will be $62 during the boxing day sale)
Playstation 4 1TB Slim Console $399

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Target Australia

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  • Trying real hard to say no to Battlezone VR…

    • +2

      Even at $45 I wouldn't buy it. The demo was absolutely terrible IMO. Movement felt sloppy, aiming equally sloppy. It's pretty much the only VR game I've played where motion didn't "feel right". Not quite motion sickness, but it was very unpleasant.

      Seems to me that it is a very simple game as well, which doesn't help its cause.

      Go buy Robinson the Journey if you haven't already. It's great!

      • +3

        Something tells me you spent so little time with it you didn't give yourself a chance to get used to the feel off it. Play the demo a few more times and reassess.

        • No, I've spent plenty of time with it. The novelty wore out after the first couple of weeks though, I really do need to get stuck back into Robinson - it's great fun :)

          I haven't bought the the VR World Demo - if that's what you're referring to? But I have played all the free demos and the cheap tech demos (Rush of Blood etc.)

          I'm completely used to the feel of it, the demos/cheap simple titles are just not that exciting. Proper well designed titles like Robinson the Journey are a much better showcase of the hardware.

        • @shawnsmaggot:

          I'm referring to the demo disc included with the headset. You can also download said demo disc from USA PSN. It has different titles on it we don't have on ours. Eg, Job Simulator, Rez and a few others worth sampling.

      • I actually quite liked the demo, thought the movement was pretty decent.

        The main one that really caused me issues was the demo for Here They Lie. The frame pacing or movement or something in that felt very off and I got sick very quick.

    • I have Battlezone and apart from a few games when I first bought it, I haven't touched it much since. To me it gets old a bit fast, a few wow moments here and there, though. The difficultly seems very unfair in the final level, irritatingly so.

      • I really like it.They just made it a bit to hard

    • I payed $78. Fun game! Reminds me off Tron, that's why i got it at launch.
      Well worth $45

  • +1

    Anyone else feel PS VR is going the way of the XBOX One Kinect? No mention of any PSVR games at this year's PSX…..

    • Yes and no… There is a demand for vr games on PC and PS4 so developers will jump. VR games get ported to each platform so they do have a greater market.. I think for a first gen device it pretty good.. But once ps5 and xbox scorpio come out with VR2.0 then we will see it take off… As for now its much more fun then connect ever was but not 100% perfect yet :)

      So if VR gets a chance to improve and lower in price then we will see it stick around

      Samsung gear and google mobile VR is pure trash vs ps4 and there is a risk people will think all vr is the same as samsung gear or google vr.. These are the things that may infect kill vr.. People testing these mobile gimics and thinking vr sux.. Why buy it on pc or ps4

    • +4

      Hooked up the Psvr on Friday, played with wife and 2 kids. Mind = blown.

      Everybody is clamouring for more. Don't forget to download the USA demo disc from psn as they have different demos to us on there. Tons of content yet to sample.

      Had the family at large over on Saturday, watching the action on the tv people were lookwarm on trying it. Once they put it on tho; grins ear to ear, laughter and screams of terror echoing through the neighbourhood.

      This tech is impossible to sell without first hand exposure so it's a tough marketing challenge no doubt. As far as Kinect, mine is still hooked up. It's not comparable to the fun and experience of VR, but much easier to sell.

      So I think the situation is reversed, Kinect easy to sell but ultimately massively disappointing. VR hard to sell, but result is monumental once sampled. Waiting to see how it will play out.

      • The problem is the novelty wears off so quickly. Everyone I know loves it for the first hour, but then you've played it and it gets old fast.

        It's great as a "party peripheral" but not for long term gaming.

        There are games coming out that take 1-2 hours and cost $30+, and these are usually the experiences that are the most fun (Batman, Job Sim) but once you're done, you don't really want to replay.

        Currently, the only game I've played for multiple hours and still want to go back to is Werewolves Within. Despite all the bugs (which have an incoming patch soon), it's a super fun social game. And this is interesting - it's hardly what people would consider the "must have VR experience" because you're basically sitting and talking the whole time. No flying, climbing, shooting, anything. It's basically a VR board game if anything. Yet that's the experience I'm loving the most.

        tl;dr - We need more long lasting games for this to be more than a gimmick

        • I think the first big test will be Resident Evil 7. Seems to be VR for the entirety of the game, which we haven't seen from a big budget title yet.

      • Don't dis the Kinect, it was ultimately the connect that led to VR because of the improve tracking with the cameras and it was not as good for games.

        For it to be a real disappointment it would of failed but the Kinect didn't made the stocks from Microsoft to plummet to below death levels? Why? Well there were 100s of other uses for the Kinect over the use of Games, which is hard to sell to the public but easy to sell to developers and companies that needed that type of technology (for example training programs).

        Kinect was no-where near a failure but disappointing for the general consumer for sure.

        "The problem is the novelty wears off so quickly. Everyone I know loves it for the first hour, but then you've played it and it gets old fast."

        Unlikely, since Mobile VR is becoming a thing.

    • For Games yes, for other auxiliary uses other than games absolutely not. The reason why Kinect disappeared because they viewed it as a Gaming peripheral when it could of been so much more.

  • Any idea how long this runs for?

  • I`ll be grabing myself driveclub vr .. $17 is the most i was willing to pay for it :) +1 for sure

  • Driveclub VR isn't bad for $17 but I'm still asking myself if I want to buy into the whole VR thing or not. Still undecided.

    • +1

      If you're undecided then it's probably not for you. It will definitely not replace your non-VR games. I've found it to be a bit of an annoyance in shorter gaming sessions with having to (profanity) around with the uncomfortable headset - especially in this summer heat!

      Being first gen it's still a bit of a gimmick IMO. it's cool and all, and some games (like Robinson The Journey etc.) are a really great showcase. Up until I bought Robinson I had only played a couple of demos and "The Assembly" and I was beginning to regret spending $1400 on the PS4 Pro, VR games and the VR headset. After playing Robinson and seeing just how beautiful and immersive VR games can be my opinion was changed somewhat.I'm (profanity) PUMPED for Resident Evil 7 on VR.

      On the downside, the headset is expensive and uncomfortable as well as having quite a low quality display quality, even on a PS4 Pro. Games are bloody expensive for the amount of gameplay hours you get for them. Also quite a few of the first wave of VR games are glorified tech demos (pretty much anything priced under $50-60)

      tl;dr good addition to non-VR gaming but expensive and not perfect.

  • I hope VR takes off, atm though, not sure if there's a killer game to really push it.

  • Thanks OP! Just picked up the last copy of driveclub VR and battlezone from Miranda. The only VR game they had left was rush of blood.

    • How much was Rush of Blood?

      • Not sure I didnt ask as it was behind the counter and I already have it, but I got it for $20 at target about 3 weeks ago.

  • Oh my gosh, finally Target has a Find In Store feature! The many complaints I made recently finally paid off!

    • They've had it for quite a while. It's a shame that it's inaccurate - at least in my area (which is a regional area, so that may be why)

      • First I've heard of it. This is what happens when you work in a small store.
        It might run off the system we have which takes up to 48 hours to review whether stock is still available or not, which would be quite useless…

        • Yep, that's what I had thought it would be. Don't blame them really, from an infrastructure point of view it would be costly to have real time updating of stocks available to the public - especially with low stock volumes in regional stores.

  • thanks grabbed a Driveclub VR

  • Raaaawr… where can I find DriverClub or VR Worlds?

    Forest Hill?

    I know there's none left in Knox.

    • Try asking when you're there

      • +1

        LOL I phoned them and both in stock.


    • They are in stock at the Glen Target, if anyway is looking.

  • +1

    Just need an actual deal on the Playstation VR now…

    • You will probably have to wait a while.

      The VR headset is pretty much sold out everywhere in the country.
      Even if there's another eBay 10%, your best chance would be the Target store but they are also out of stock.

      • +1

        There are 2 in stock at Merrylands EB Games and there may be more in Burwood EB Games. Phone to place them on hold

  • +1

    Price match at EB anyone

    • +1


      • Cheers bud. Might give it a shot tomorrow arvo then hahaha

        • Priced matched Driveclub and Rigs at a local EB no issues :)

  • Same, Eb I went do didn't even check stock just looked at the item on my phone. Got battle zone, eve and vr worlds

  • eve valkyrie!!
    PS4 …..


    steam winter sale don't let me down

  • +2

    Driveclub VR should be packaged with barf bag.
    It's nowhere designed for a VR experience.

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