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Xbox One S 500GB Bundle with Battlefield 1 or Gears of War 4 (D/L) & 4K Movie - $299 @ EB Games (21/12 - 22/12)


Deal is returning this Wednesday & Thursday, game and movie selection looks to be the same.

EDIT: Prices in the link do not appear to have updated yet.
EDIT2: Link to picture of flyer.

Mod: Full details below (thanks Icarus1)

$299 gets you Xbox One S Console Battlefield 1 (Download Code) Your pick of 1 4K BR movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) OR Xbox One S Blue Console Gears of War 4 (Download Code) Your pick of 1 4K BR movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) OR Xbox One S Minecraft Console Minecraft Your pick of 1 4K BR movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) $149 if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console.

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  • Wow can't believe the Xbox One was good at the price and now it it the normal price for the One S

  • Where all the Wii U sales…
    I wanna try an Xbox but feels kinda pointless when I already own a PS4~

    Wii U is totally different and I want it for xenoblade and fire emblem only… but then there's the Nintendo switch coming out in 3 months with maybe backward compatibility in virtual system~

    Choices choices

    • You'll need to pay a premium price for Wii U stuff or risk being stuck with second hand gear. Most places don't have a huge inventory of stock and most Nintendo games are 1st party games that rarely get reduced

      • Ya they expensive, that why I holding back.
        Don't want to get set back by buying the Wii U when I can invest in the new Switch.

        Xbox on the other hand… Same games, different platform :(

    • Where all the Wii U sales

      Nintendo don't do that.

    • Do you have a gaming PC?

      Xenoblade is already somewhat playable using the Cemu emulator, looks like:


      (I've been playing Super Mario 3D World with the kids, it's basically just like having a Wii U, so far. You don't have to pirate, it was $30 delivered from fishpond, though I still had to torrent it to play).

      • Wow, I thought you were talking about xenoblade 1 since you didn't mention the X… But there was a working emulator for the wii u!???
        Will check both games compatibility now!
        Still got a $70 JB gift card which I may use for the Xbox 1 or those games.

        • Cemu gets updated very often and it's gotten so far in a really short time, you can now play most stuff at 60fps (still waiting for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to be properly playable tho, all the characters in game are invisible lol).

    • As someone who's had a Wii U for a couple years now, it's not worth it. I love the thing, but I barely touch it. It's just not worth it. Save the money, buy a Switch at launch, and hope to (profanity) that the games you want come out on that.

      • I feel the console was worth every dollar myself. If you like Nintendo games it arguably has the strongest exclusive lineup.

        That said, I wouldn't buy until they announce details on the Switch. The console hasn't had a price drop so it's likely the switch won't be much more.

    • At least there are options to save money on games with the WiiU, even on current firmware…

  • Deals are getting so nicely priced.. I'm rationalising the purchase as a 4K player for planet earth2..Lol though the pragmatic part of my brain says just to buy it on std bluray from Amazon uk and be happy with it on the ps4.

  • price match at HN?

  • Just to clarify Xbox One S doesn't support 4k games? Probably will wait till next year for the next one

    • Hopefully EB will allow to trade in my launch Xbox one for the Scorpio

      • Yes, curious how many peanuts they will give you

      • Damn my controller just died too. The stick is drifting…
        How thoroughly do EB check?
        Lucky I bought ta new one from Aldi last weekend

        • Not even at all. I traded in a DS Lite yeeeeeears ago that I got off a (there's a long story and I'll remove it) anyway, it was literally snapped in half, top screen wasn't even connected to the thing AT ALL, it turned on and would play GBA games, they gave me the standard 44 bucks for a working DS Lite on the spot.

          … could have just been served by the biggest (profanity) out though, who knows.

      • As with the same deal last week, for the sale they are increasing the base trade in price on any 500GB console to $150. You can also get an additional amount based on your EB World level. I traded in towards a console last week with the same promo and at Level 4 my console got me $180 (20% Lvl 4 bonus), making the One S an additional $119 to purchase.

        I thought it was a good deal for a model upgrade, replacing an original controller (I kept the limited "day one" printed one however), BF1 and a movie.

        You can choose to keep the Kinect too. Write the serial of your old console down and you can redeem from MS support a free adapter to let you use the Kinect in the new console. The adapters otherwise about $50 if you upgrade once that offers over.

    • Just to clarify Xbox One S doesn't support 4k games?

      Savas spelt backw…

      Anyways, that's correct as 4k is only for videos and there no games that can run on 4k (yet). I'd wait for next year's Scorpio - not that we know a lot about it.

    • Xbox One S will upscale games to 4k but won't be native

      • It doesn't do a good job of upscaling in my experience.

        On my Sony 4K telly, 4K output results in a blocky uncrisp picture, but if I force the Xbox into 1080p and let the TV upscale the image - it's a much nicer and sharper picture.

        The PS4 Pro is much better at upscaling non Pro enhanced games in-box. No complaints with that console at 4K.

        HDR is good on the One S though so can't completely discredit it.

        • It might end up being a matter of preference, but so far, reviewers are say HDR is a much more significant improvement than 4K is.

        • @mgowen: That's because actual native 4K gaming is fantastic, but upscaled 4K gaming is complete rubbish. It's like playing a DVD, but blowing it up to the size of a cinema screen. Lack of FPS also kills 4K content something shocking. There's no difference between any of the console iterations in this regard, in that none of them can do 4K gaming properly.

          HDR is just a colour gimmick too, sadly. It add's nothing to the experience other than a few extra colours to display. It pretty much does nothing but make things look a bit more chromatic & then 2d photos and still shot's just look a bit more filled.

          On the upside though, at least the Xbones serve as a really cheap 4K BluRay now. It pretty much leaves the PS4's dead in the water, as they offer the same or less quality product at a much higher price.

        • @infinite: I thought HDR was a marketing fad too, but now I've been watching HDR content and playing HDR games - I now feel flat about content that doesn't have it. It is much nicer to look at.

          That being said though, the PS4 Pro paired with a 4K display is utterly gorgeous, in comparison to the One S.

          Pro enhanced games are almost native 4K too (sitting at 1800p native then checker board to 4K), and like I said - non-Pro games are upscaled much better than the One S.

          I've never been more excited to be a console fan of both sides.

        • @BradH13: There is no difference between any of the consoles when paired with a 4K TV. It's irrelevant. None of them do 4K gaming. It's all upscaled rubbish.

          "Pro Enhanced" is a marketing term. It's just upscaled content to 4K, which looks garbage in any format. Wouldn't make any difference if the content came from a PS4, Xbone or even a PC. There is no better or worse version of it. It's either 4K content, or it's rubbish looking upscaled material to 4K - there is no better looking version of upscaled content.

        • @infinite: I don't know where you're getting your 'facts' from, but for PS4 Pro - they're wrong. Now, not many games are native 4K (there definitely some that 100% are NATIVE 4K though, such as The Last of Us, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, The Witness, NBA 2K17, Skyrim, Forma8, Thumper, Futuridium EP Deluxe, Hustle Kings, Mantis Burn Racing, Wheels of Aurelia, Neon Chrome, Rez Infinite, and Smite) - but to say it's all "upscaled rubbish" is just flat out wrong for PS4 Pro (correct for One S though). Even with the games that don't run native, if they're PS4 Pro enhanced - they run a NATIVE resolution higher than 1080p (Watch Dogs 2, Killing Floor 2 run at 1800p natively, Modern Warfare Remastered at 1620p, and Uncharted 4, Hitman, Firewatch at 1440p for example), and many others use a variable scaling technique from 1080p to 4K (Battlefield 1, CoD Infinite Warfare, among many others).

          I own a PS4 Pro, a PS4, and a One S paired with a Sony 4K HDR TV. There's a night and day difference between the PS4 against the Pro on the games that support it. I see it with my own two eyes, and DigitalFoundry has done the scientific research on many games and their findings are on their YouTube channel.

          Stop denouncing stuff you clearly have no understanding of.

  • So the Target Deal, plus the choice of 4K Movie for $20

  • Hi guys. I just bought a 65 inch panny plasma full HD from eBay for $102.50. 2008 model
    The picture is awesome but 1 thing about it is bugging me.
    My Xbox one overscans by default and some stuff is cut off the screen. Now B4 anyone says oh just hit the aspect button on the remote, PLS let me say I've tried it all. The strange thing is one of the aspect ratios does say just scan but it looks the same as 16:9.
    On my PS3 which I use for Blu-rays same thing goes, except it's way more bearable as nothing is cut off. And my Wii u when I loaded it up had stuff cut off from the Wii u menu and in games, but because Nintendo are super awesome there is a setting in the dash menu that I can adjust my screen size for everything, games and menus. Now the Wii u is perfect 1:1. Looks fantastic.
    I'm a bit bummed about the overscan on Xbox one and I must say with all the updates since launch, an option in the system settings to resize a screen would be more than helpful, but it seems to have slipped their minds.
    The Xbox one does have a calibration option but that is about as useless as a butter sandwich.
    Also most of my Wii u games I got from Ozgameshop for about $30 each. Check them out.
    Peace to all Ozbargainers

    • +1 vote

      overscan issue is the tv problem, there should be a option to turn overscan off. What brand and model is the tv? Also what input are you using? HDMI? Is there a 1:1 mode option on the tv?

      • Hi mate. The model is TH65PV600A.
        Yes I am using HDMI. The TV does have a just scan aspect ratio option but the picture remains the same size as 16:9 option.
        My OG Xbox, GameCube, Dreamcast all come out finee, as does the Wii u but only because there is a screen resize option in the Wii u menu.
        I was googling a bit apparently 3 months after launch Nintendo updated the Wii u to include the screen resize option. That's y they are super awesome.
        Also read and saw on youtube about how the PS4, yep, the PS4 also has a screen resize option in its dash.
        The panny plasma retailed for $18000 when it launched and the picture is great on everything except the Xbox one.
        Sure some people would say the panny is too old, but it's a widescreen 1080p TV so there shouldn't be a problem.
        It wouldn't kill them to add the screen resize option.
        Out of the 3 current gen consoles (Xbox one, PS4, Wii u ) Xbox one is the only one that doesn't have this option.
        It does make me wonder how could they possibly not include the option.
        Some games let you bring the HUD in a bit, but that's not a fix.

        • +1 vote

          Can you check if you have this option?
          Main Menu -> Setup Menu (page 2 of 2) -> Picture Overscan

        • Nothing in the menu. Like I said when I scroll through the aspect ratios on the TV remote there is 16:9, 4:3, just scan, zoom 1, zoom 2, zoom 3 and 14:9. But just scan is the same as 16:9 which is strange because I've got 2 other TVs where the just scan works properly and fits everything in.

        • @riddick4: I think he was talking about on the Xbox. If there's no overscan options on your TV and other things are fine, then you need to change the setting on the Xbox console. It's in the display section.

        • Umm….Yeah that's my whole point. The Xbox does not have the option. And I'm quite sure he was talking about my TV. Give a quick Google something like ' Xbox one overscans' and you'll see what I'm talking about.

        • On your TV, the setting may also be called Pixel Mapping and if there is that setting, it should be set to 1:1 or Full (whichever your TV calls it). It's not an aspect ratio issue, it's a pixel mapping/overscan (both mean the same thing) issue.

          If not, maybe ring Panasonic and see if they can help you.

    • Holy high wattage batman…. that gift horse may end up costing you a bucket load in power over the year. Apparently it uses 711 watts during normal usage.

      But even more amazing is the original RRP was something like $17500 .. wow. I saw a Polaroid 65 (or maybe 64 inch) UHD TV at Big W today for something like $800 or less. Crazy times.

      • Yeah, it says 770watts on the back. That's pretty hardcore. It also weighs 124kgs!
        Wasn't pretty getting up a flight of stairs, but it made it.
        Yeah 770watts should come to about 20cents an hour to run it.
        It is a behemoth. But my god the picture is awesome and it's sounds amazing as well. Its in top nick also.Having a big BBQ with some mates for new years and gonna watch Aliens. Should be awesome.

        • Im currently running a 2012 model Panasonic plasma, 60 inch. It's an ST50A series but probably similar pic quality to the older V series I think and they are great TVs.

          I also had a 2006 model Panasonic 109cm that died earlier this year, had to take it downstairs by myself to put it out for hard rubbish collection, and man even that smaller size weighed a tonne. I took it apart before chucking it to see if I could fix it and the construction was just out of this world compared to modern TV's something like 40-50 screws to undo just to take the cover off the back, then a massive chassis and boards everywhere inside. Japanese built… was sad to hear it getting crunched by the compactor, was hoping someone would take it for parts.

          The big old Panasonic Plasmas did have great sound compared to the ultra thin stuff today.

        • Holy shit balls that TV weighs more then most 20yo couples added together.

        • You can say that again, and that's even if dat girl got a fat ass!
          When I was looking at the 30 stairs I had to get up I was terrified.
          The thing scares the hell outta me.

        • @Slippery Fish: Depends if you add beards.

  • Good deal for Level 2 EB World members as it's $135. If you want you can probably sell BF1 on ebay for 45-50. Further reduce the cost for selling the Bluray for another $20.

    Good for existing owners that want to 'upgrade'/

  • Battlefield Earth?!

  • Is this in-store and online?

  • C'mon! Keep the sale momentum going. Hoping these deals are still happening boxing day! That's when I pull the trigger

  • It's interesting to note that Xbox One has recently closed much of the gap in terms of performance. Most new release titles run at a similar performance to PS4, and are often even better.
    I'm not saying they are the same, they are not… it's just the once considerable gap has diminished quite a bit; to the point that it shouldn't even be a major consideration.

    • Just in time for the PS4 Pro. That'll pick up momentum and then Scorpio will drop. Fun times indeed.

  • And JB Hifi is back with their deal too $289 with Fifa

  • For trade ins do they just require console, power brick and 1x controller?

    • +1 vote

      Console, Power Brick, 1 x Controller, HDMI Cable (If any are missing you can still trade money will just be deducted from the trade in value)

      • Thanks mate. $2 dse HDMI will come in handy :p

      • Are you EB Games staff? If yes, can I ask you one question please? I just came to EB Games near my area today to trade my Xbox One 500GB Console together with all the items you mentioned above, they are in a great condition. In addition to that, the staff also scanned my EB World Level 2 Membership card. However, the trade-in value the staff gave me was only $143, so I mean I needed to pay $156 (instead of $134 as in one of your other comment below). I know it is only $13 difference, but I just want to know if they charged me right or wrong. Thanks in advance. :)


          You only got the normal trade in value which is $130+EBW. When you trade towards the $299 console there is a promotion running where you get a higher trade in value of $150+EBW. But this promotion has to be added by the staff member manually and it sounds like they forgot.

        • @Icarus1: this really makes sense to me now. Do you have any recommendation in this case? Go back to the store where I got them and show them this tomorrow?


          @ltvo3: As every state has different laws regarding trades it would be best to ring and ask the store you purchased it from what they can do. Hopefully they should be able to refund the difference.

        • @Icarus1: i get it. cheers and good night :)


    Wednesday(21/12) & Thursday(22/12) only!

    Xbox One S 500GB Consoles are available for just $299!
    The following bundles are available while stocks last!

    Xbox One S 500GB + Battlefield 1 Token + One 4K Movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) $299

    Xbox One S Blue 500GB + Gears of War 4 Token + One 4K Movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) $299

    Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft Console + One 4K Movie (Batman Vs Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lego Movie) $299

    EB World Level 1 Members: $149 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console
    EB World Level 2 Members: $134 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console
    EB World Level 3 Members: $126.50 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console
    EB World Level 4 Members: $119 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console

    • Do you how how much difference it would make if trading in a 1tb xbox one?


        EB World Level 1 Members: $139 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 1TB Console
        EB World Level 2 Members: $123 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 1TB Console
        EB World Level 3 Members: $115 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 1TB Console
        EB World Level 4 Members: $107 left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 1TB Console

  • Rep, assuming like last weeks sale you cannot layby these at all??


      Yeah unfortunately no laybys

      • Icarus1 - I bought the $368 deal with two games on the weekend - do you think I would be able to return the sealed extra game (Skyrim in this case) and get $69 credited?

        • +1 vote

          It would be best to contact your local store as it would be upto the store manager.

        • Managed to get it returned, shout out to EB Games Firle in Adelaide for the great customer service!

  • Hi guys. I have a launch Xbox one 500gb and a Seagate 2tb external HDD which is full. If I plug the external into a new Xbox one s will it want to format it( therefore I'd have to redownload everything), or will it just read it?
    Also is it possible to transfer contents of a 500gb Xbox one to another 500gb Xbox one?

    • It'll just read it. Did this last week.

      I'm not sure if you can directly move the 500GB from one console to another. What I'd assume would work is connecting the USB drive and moving 500GB to the new system, then go back to the original and move the 500GB from the console to the 2TB drive which you had just freed up some space on.

      That or use two drives.

  • Redeemed the offer this morning by trading in my 500GB Xbox One towards it along with CoD Ghosts on PS3 and Need For Speed Rivals on Xbox One since I wasn't playing them anyone.

    I'm a level two EB World member so $126 was the final total I had to pay.

  • Anyone got deals on the FIFA bundle?

  • Has anyone actually got $150 trade in for their Xbox original? Called 2 stores and both said the original was trading in for $130. (In Sydney)

    • Yeah I got the deal this morning. See my above post with the Imgur link to the receipt.

    • Same here (Melbourne store). And I am not happy at all. Wondering if trade in values vary from stores to stores. going to ask them tomorrow.

  • Honestly I just wanted the blue one so I bought it online haha ($28 extra compared to Targets for a Blue console)

    Thanks OP!

  • Hey guys so is it better to trade in old Xbox one rather than trying to sell it off eBay as the cost of the console is so low?
    Do you need actual box or just console?

    Also, I am level 2 and first time actually trading something in.

    • I did trade my xbox one today. You do not need the box. You might need these items:

      1 x Xbox One console
      1 x Xbox One Controller
      1 x HDMI cable
      1 x Power cable

      I am not sure about the trade-in value as the thread said $134 ($299-$165) left to pay if you trade in your old Xbox One 500GB Console (level 2 membership requirement). However, I had to pay $156 for EB Games, even though I did satisfy all the requirements.