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'Snore Stopper' Anti Snore Stop Chin Strap USD$1.04 (AUD$1.46) Delivered @ AliExpress


Hey all - might be a weird bargain but I these actually work - I use one!

Helps concentrate on breathing through your nose = better sleep. Also no medication/medicines, so 100% natural.

Usually found at random chemists for between $15-$25

Seller has made 12460 transactions with 96.7% feeback

For under $1.50 with cashback you can't go wrong.

Also limits Jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Can be adjusted to suit all size heads.

Make a bedroom fashion statement and get a better night's sleep ;)

Updated: $1.46 link (Big Thanks to hamza )

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    This doesn't actually stop snoring. It just looks so bad that no one will sleep in the same room with you when you're wearing it, so no-one hears your snoring anymore!

    just a joke, OP !!

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      Whatever works! At least you can sleep in peace haha! :)

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    Gets blocked nose through night, wakes up dead!

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    This actually pushes your chin back which is the opposite of what you need to stop snoring.

    • I can tell you from my experience that it basically puts a gentle force on your jaw to stop it opening easily while sleeping.
      Haters gonna hate, snorers gonna snore.

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        Well I have sleep apnea, so I might know a little bit more about this than yourself. I tried the same chin strap you linked, along with several mouth guards etc none of them worked. I ended up with CPAP which basically changed my life. If you snore a lot and find yourself tired during the day, so and get tested and sort the problem out instead of trying a quick fix.

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          so I might know a little bit more about this than yourself.

          You may know more about your sleep apnea, but I am pretty bloody sure that @rawm will know more about what is working in their case.

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          I Googled PPAP by mistake, WTF.

          I correctly Googled CPAP, my cousin uses one and swears by it.

          To save anyone else from googling: "CPAP is Continuous Positive Airways Pressure. It is the most effective way to treat sleep apnoea. If you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, your Sleep Specialists may give you a range of treatment choices and CPAP may be one of these."

        • @malouphix: How about to save us googling PPAP? I'm at work and concerned about what results may come up. You have peaked my interest.

        • @Name: You can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make him Google. I dare not repeat my last search term. Just be safe in the knowledge you are saving yourself some anguish and wasted time.

        • @snuke: Dangerous advice is dangerous advice, whether it works for him or not.

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          @Name: piqued

        • I couldn't resist and I googled it. It's now my ring tone. I don't know what happened.

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    Cheaper elsewhere at quite a few well rated sellers: US $1.04, US $1.11, US $1.20, US $1.20 etc etc.

    • Good finds hamza!

      Ill update post. The one for $1.46 looks like a winner.

    • Awesome value add hamza23. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Looks like a great way to develop an overbite

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    Long term damage to muscles and chin alignment?
    In a few years, you'll have a sunken chin - like this guy

    could cause serious issues for you?

    • Now I know the true meaning of those lyrics…

    • +1

      Wow that's really shocking, well worth seeing. I feel that this device really has the potential to let you down and hurt you in the long term.

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    For anyone who actually snores, there is a large and emerging association with obstructive sleep apnoea which causes chronic lack of oxygen during sleep and is associated with serious health issues including cardiovascular disease and death. This is caused by obstruction of the airway, often because people lie on their backs and the jaw retrudes with the tongue and other soft tissues, collapsing the airway.

    Guess what this gadget will do to you…

    Do not buy one of these unless you're feeling particularly suicidal 😉

    • All I know is that it helps me. It enables me to concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly through the nose. I bought it from here about 1 year ago and have noticed an improvement. YMMV.

    • I've known someone who died in their sleep due to sleep apnea, although I've been told that is quite rare for such acute oxygen deprivation. The alternative of chronically depriving your heart, brain and other organs of sufficient oxygen is hardly better. Don't DIY (OzBargain) snoring, treat it as the serious condition it may be and see a professional.

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      Snoring may indicate a few illnesses, Sleep Apnea being one. But it may just be snoring.

      Friends I was staying with on holidays complained about my loud snoring. I was also fatigued & had cognitive impairment. Saw GP on return who ordered an overnight sleep study. Result was severe SA (stopped breathing over 600 times in night, but only occasional mild snoring for a few minutes).

      Sleep Specialist ordered basic (around $1000) CPAP machine. Also used chin strap to keep mouth closed.

      But my fatigue & confusion worsened. CPAP ceased & I improved to pre-treatment state. A dental device was made (another $1500) but that failed as well.

      As I was diagnosed with severe SA, I lost my drivers license on medical grounds.

      A second sleep study a year later had same result as first. (Sleep study centres often sell the CPAP equipment to reduce SA.)

      Saw another GP, who realised I had a drug side effect from the Statins I had started before the snoring etc… causing muscles to be in almost constant tension. Stopped the cholesterol lowering medication - snoring, most fatigue, etc disappeared!

      Mine was an unusual situation.
      But simply going down the Sleep Apnea route meant no other possible cause was examined. There's a lot of money made from Sleep Apnea😯

      [I took the original GP to the Qld Health Complaints Commission for refusing to discuss the test result, refer me to a sleep specialist, or offer any alternative to buying a CPAP machine. He had shouted at me to just buy the machine. I was charged a fee for that. His notes provided in the case showed he thought lowly of my request to discuss a major treatmemt change for me. His clinic settled the case, although he has threatened me with legal action if I discuss it! Legal threats took down online discussion of the basic facts of the case. I had been very cautious in what I wrote.]

      Checked my snoring throughout with recording & sleep apps on Android phone.

      There's a useful CPAP forum on Whirlpool for those with SA.

      It took 2 years for doctors to admit I don't have SA, give me a medical certificate stating no medical problems, and finally got my drivers license back.

      Misdiagnosis can be an expensive mistake. But then not getting treated if you do have Sleep Apnea can be fatal.

  • Imagine a world where everyone is wearing this :)

    • not impossible if it gets ozbargained!

    • probably not a lot of people left then…..

    • The possibilities are endless.

  • Cheaper again! 'FREE' on Zapals, plus au$1.36 postage

  • +1

    If you do snore, have sleep apnea, or use CPAP - get a bulk billed allergy test at


    Some allergies, such as dust mites - may aggrevate your nasal passages - making it difficult to breathe at night, affecting tue effectiveness of your CPAP treatment, your snoring, and/or your sleep apnea.

    It's good to eliminate any breathing allergies - and if necessary get them treated - to ensure optimum CPAP treatment.

    I had never-ending nasal congestion using CPAP and tried every kind of solution.

    After diagnosed me with a dust mite allergy and gave me a cheap, simple Nasonex nasal spray treatment - my breathing and sleeping has improved 1000%.

    I'm not associated with any of the above. Just a very satisfied patient.

    • Didn't know about Bulk Billed allergy testing - thanks. My GP wanted me to see a specialist at $350+.

      Yes, what at first may appear to be SA may be a different condition, as I outlined above.

      There's a lot of money being made from SA, & doctors may jump to SA as the only conclusion as reps & media push this. It was an prolonged & expensive mistake in my case, only making symptoms worse.

      • Thanks.

        Please note that I still use CPAP religiously every night.

        I love the machine … makes me wake up feeling wonderful every day.

        The dust mite diagnosis and treatment with Nasonex has vastly improved my CPAP performance.

        However, the Nasonex treatment is in no way a sleep apnea cure or in any way replacement for CPAP treatment.

        It merely helps improve the nasal breathing at night.

        Always seek professional medical advice on any of the above.

        I'm not a doctor or medically trained.

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    PSA from a dentist here.

    Snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea and other airway issues. These are serious health conditions with implications on the rest of your health including heart.

    Treatment usually involves opening the airway by protruding the jaw or with CPAP. This device appears to do the opposite. I can't attest to its effectiveness in reducing snoring but it would definitely limit the airway.

    It also looks like head gear used by orthodontists to correct jaw position so I would be concerned about causing a retruded jaw.

    On the other hand, not all snoring is related to sleep apnora.

    How can you tell the difference? Among checking other symptoms, get your GP to send you to a sleep specialist for a test.

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