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[WARNING] Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account: $0* Fees, 5 Qantas FF Pts/Txn (50 Txn/Day), 12 Pts Per $100 in Account


HI All,

$0 monthly maintenance fees when you deposit at least $2,000 per month (e.g. your salary)
Access Australia's largest bank ATM network# with no ATM fees at any Bankwest and CommBank ATM in Australia.

Long time viewer, first time poster.

I have been using this hack for sometime now to accumulate Qantas Points and thought it was time to share it.

Basically, Bankwest has a transaction account that gives 5 points to every TRANSACTION and thus isn't pegged to the dollar. The key is to make a lot of small transactions and Telstra used to allow 1 cent transactions (They've now increased it to $1).

You can spend all day paying the transactions manually or write a macro code to loop and run it for you.

Mod Warning

From Bankwest:

..this method of obtaining frequent flyer points is against the terms and conditions of the product and as such any user who attempts to gain points through this method will have their account frozen and/or closed down.

What you will need:


  • Bankwest (i think) only allows 50 transactions per day
  • Bankwest are monitoring low value transactions so maybe start off with 5c transactions first.

WARNING: Running scripts to game the system is WILL result in loss of points/suspension of account for violating terms of use.

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  • What do you think will happen when ppl start to abuse this? It has been this way for quite a while.

    • Qantas will find some way to steal/devalue the points yet again: change the expiry date to 2 weeks, limit seats to standing in the toilet, make the minimum flight 3 billion points… lousy point-stealing jerks!

  • Plus just for the effort!!

  • How long to get a first class international reward ticket?

    Asking for a friend who's waiting at a bankwest branch to open an account

  • Love your sharing Christmas spirit, but I would have kept this to myself ;-)

    • +11 votes

      Keeping it to yourself is against the OzB code !

      Sharing is caring 👍🏻

      • I can't blame TheAviator1992 for saying what he said.

        From the point of view of people who don't know, of course it's great for info like this to be shared, but as soon as something like this gets shared on a place like Ozbargain, it usually gets pulled pretty quickly.

        As the poster if he wanted to keep "abusing it", he should have kept it to himself.

    • so turned out I was right!

  • Good hack.. too bad its only 250 pts / month = 2.5$ at best

    Edit: oops didnt see its per day… that shud add up quickly..

  • So if a month has 30days, you can do max 1500 transactions in a month which equates to 7500 points? (1500 * 5)

    Do this for the whole year will yield 90,000 points.

    • We have 4 CC cards so get a lot more, some signups can be 100K FF points in one hit. I had one got 100K FF points no fee 1st year opted out at 11 months.

      • You credit rating take quite a hit from those signups

        • Doesn't matter- if the computer rejects an application, you can always get it reviewed and approved.

        • 'You credit rating take quite a hit from those signups'

          What are you on about? Your credit rating is only affected when you fail to pay up, i.e. default on your CC; cancelling a CC has zero effect whatsoever on your credit rating.

        • @GnarlyKnuckles: Actually, each application for credit will appear on your credit report. If you have too many applications in a short period of time, then some lenders may think you have been unsuccessful with other lenders or that you churn too often and therefore not a very valuable customer to have.

        • @cairnsn:
          In fact since July 1 2016
          Every application on your credit file shows the outcome it also shows your current status of debt as of the time checked.

          Mr smith
          And credit card application
          Limit requested $6000
          Result: approved 23/12/2016

          Mr smith current
          Credit card
          $6000 limit
          $5675 owing as at 23/12/2016

          (the banks update every evening etc)

          When the new lending rules came in back in July this change was made so you can't lie about your financial status. This was due to the main change to the consumer credit code which changed lending regulations to solely be based on ability to repay where as previously they used some convuluted calculations that allowed your repayments to exceed your income.

        • @jimbobaus: Do you have a source?

  • Where to?, think around 300/250K points for long haul, I do J bus class SYD/LAX/SYD for 192K.

    Gotta love Point Hacks so much info there, its come a long way from humble beginnings. I picked u some great tips there long ago on buying various US airline miles and saving a bundle.

  • This has been around for a few years now, has netted many points from this!


  • Wait, the 1cent transactions on the everyday account are refunded? What am I actually charging to my bankwest account?

  • Accounts doing this have been reportedly closed by Bankwest. You might only get a couple of months worth of points before being shutdown.

  • +9 votes

    Big thread on AFF about this. Been and gone pretty much. Was good going for a couple years until they shut down accounts a few months ago.

  • thanks for sharing

  • +2 votes

    There are reports in AFF forum that BW have been actively closing accounts that have this kind of activities going on. You can very well try, but I wouldn't expect the free ride to carry on for too long.


  • This has been going for a few years.
    Those who did this activity got their accounts shut down recently.
    As potm has mentioned, big thread on AFF.


    BW are actively looking for this kind of activity & shut down accounts quick smart now.

  • LOL…And you thing Bankwest going to stay quite after all those 1cent transactions appear in your account….LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Nek minute, either the points feature gets withdrawn or Telstra will implement payment fees (like Energy Australia had recently).

  • It was good while it lasted, but:

    1. Telstra have recently made back-end changes meaning you have to pay $1 minimum - nowhere near as lucrative for points harvesting.

    2. Bankwest will kill your account pronto. They have starting actively doing this a few months ago for people who were (ab)using this account (myself incuded…)

    In short, not worth the effort any more :-(

  • I knew this for ages but not to share as the people will exploit it so badly.

  • Good. I hope any scum caught abusing this gets their entire QFF account banned.

  • This is a breach of the BankWest T&Cs and amounts to account abuse. People have tried this and been shutdown. Dumb post to try and promote a scheme that can't work.

  • Isn't it a pretty good deal getting 12 points for every $100 in your account? Or is there a limit to how many points you can accrue?

    • I hold my savings in this account and the QFF earnings are way better than 0.1% interest you get elsewhere.

  • Sorry but the time/effort spent vs reward is way too low on this hack for most people to bother.

    Yeah sure people might spend a month or two doing this every day but soon will be bored of doing it and you've racked up a couple of thousand points tops…

    It's also not in the spirit of the points per transaction bonus and it will get shut down for everyone. So I have to neg.

  • This should be moved to forum as its not a deal…

  • This should be removed on the grounds that it is way past it's use by date and an idiot deal.

  • +2 votes

    Lol L plater

  • Thanks OP will give it a crack

  • People following this advice should also be aware that Bankwest regards splitting transactions into many small amounts as grounds for termination. It is normal to pay a telephone bill in one hit, not a hundred times at a dollar a pop!

    Bankwest have a history of clawing back QANTAS points they regard as ill-gotten. Be warned!


    You really shouldn't of shared this OP. They are going to fix it up now. Yes, I know OzB is about sharing bargains, but specifically with loopholes, once shared they are going to fix it and end it, so there really is no point to sharing stuff like this. It's better to keep it to yourself so you can continue to exploit it.

  • Soooo much hate :(

  • This doesn't sound very much like a deal. Hope no one gets into trouble or ruins it by triggering restrictions because people abused it.

  • So people really think bankWest doesn't know this ? Their operational risk people would have been slammed by auditiors x times already if that's truly the case. Yes, they do know. They can easily adopte the other banks'system as 1 $for 1 point system , they didn't. Look at the other end of specturm, there are people who spending $100s, $1000s but they only get as you transacted as 5c. No doubt the OP's way is on the abuse side, however, to 'close'the gap, they alos lose out on the bigger transctions

  • Waiting now for next months outraged BANKWEST SCAMMED ME AND STOLE MY MONEY!!! posts in the forums.

  • Take care: This sort of abuse may get you unlisted (i.e banned) from BW. Whilst you may not see it as a biggie, in X years time that is one less mortgage provider you can use.

  • Bankwest have stated closing accounts where the account holder engages in points harvesting like this. What's more, it's going to get harder and harder to make smaller transactions if everyone does it. And it's not really a bargain because it's a lot of effort for (arguably) not much benefit.

  • Wouldn't 50 manual transactions like take two hours?
    It's a lot of work everyday


    How if you daily purchase, say $5 at woollies/coles and split pay 50 times with random amounts between 1c and 1 dollars? Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes but you may get excluded from the supermarkets.

    20 minutes => $2.5 that's half the checkout operators wages.

  • It's kind of hypocritical isn't it to encourage customers to use their bank account more often by offering them FF points for each transaction but then punish them by closing their accounts for doing exactly that?

  • Not worth. BW clamping down

  • I got my BW account closed and points reversed. I'm also banned from banking with them in the future. This is not a deal and loophole has been closed for some time now.

  • +6 votes

    A mod should delete this s**t

  • LOL over at australianfrequentflyer forums, they are asking members to downvote this deal so their members can still abuse this feature. TBH, didn't care about getting another CC, but voted this deal just to piss them off. "ataraxis: I recommend we all down vote this idiot's post so that those who are still in action can be left in peace."

  • not a deal, bankwest treats this as 'account abuse' and closes those accounts en-masse


    $900 per year is a lot. I'm in (despite some members trying to scare others so that they can feel safe abusing the system).

    If BW really want to clamp down on using the card to much they would have written it in their terms and conditions. Obviously if you run a script or such as the OP suggests then you may be disqualified, otherwise it should be perfectly fine to have 50 small transactions per day.

    +1 OP, applying now!

    • The AFF thread started 6th April 2014, OP is only 2 years 8 months too late.

      There is some clause in the T and C's about splitting a transaction where a regular person would have otherwise paid in a single transaction.

      If you have 50 different merchants to visit, then sure, no problems.

      Look for the exploits of 'Rick93' splitting payments at coles self-checkout, and what unfolded


      Perhaps OP should actually clarify this step

      "What you will need:

      Any account that will allow 1 cent transactions"

      Seeing as most places have already been abused en masse over the last 2 years, and since updated their systems