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2x Belkin Pro Series 8-Way Surge Protector $193.36 ($96.68 Each) @ JB Hi-Fi Instore


This surge protector was listed as $129.95 but when scanned through, it came through as $96.68 with some sort of promo. This is the surge protector which comes with a $250k warranty on connected products.

Not sure if this is nationwide.

Belkin Pro Series 8-Way Surge Protector (3m)

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  • It says multi buy in the comments mix and match so need get 2?

  • $250k! are people plugging in HiFiMan Headphones?

  • An Eaton 3S has similar features but also a UPS for around $100… Better deal?

    • i agree. i feel like a large battery acts as a much stronger surge protector.

    • Well, I'd rather buy 2x of UPS for around the same price….

      Those so called surge protectors are quite simple design inside…

      Just my own opinion…

    • Thanks, about to buy a UPS, been looking at ones with surge protection, but never noticed any with an insurance coverage too (maybe I am blind), this does.
      Although it looks like the UPS software is Windows only, so that blows.

      Period of Coverage:
      Coverage for hardware damage is provided for the duration of the standard UPS product warranty period from the date of purchase as set out below.
      3S , Ellipse Eco – 3 years
      ENV, 5110, Ellipse Max, 5115 – 2 years

      Coverage Limitation:
      Hardware coverage is limited under this Load Protection Guarantee to repair or replacement cost of equipment that is damaged while properly connected to the above mentioned UPS(s) as a result of power abnormalities, up to a limit of $25,000 AUD for 3S, Ellipse Eco, E-Series NV, Ellipse Max & up to a limit of $50,000 AUD for 5110 & 5115 .

  • $96 for an 8 port surge protector………computer says "NO"

  • The older model works just as well i've had these for almost 7 years now.

    Cheaper and covers has the same warranty deal with the surge damaging your stuff.

    • There are bonuses to that, however the recessed power sockets is a real pain for many items. This has stopped me from getting them in the past as I have several items that can't fit in the recessed sockets, and need the flat surface like the OPs.

  • $250k warranty, do they mean it or just like some price guarantee to make you think you can trust them but when you make claims they will come up with all sort of excuses?

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      If you read the terms & conditions it clearly states that this warranty excludes damage caused by electrical surges

    • Here's a link to the warranty terms (http://www.belkin.com/au/support-article?articleNum=80154), which it has to be said indicates it's for the US, but searching for the same warranty leads to a PDF article from the AUS site, which largely seems to be the same.

      It sounds pretty unreliable to me to be honest. I definitely wouldn't be buying one in the hopes of being able to use the warranty if something goes wrong.

      For instance, it says the costs of sending any equipment for inspection is up to the consumer. So, yeah if you had some massive 70" TV you'd have to send it to Belkin to be inspected, potentially, in my mind that's pretty useless already. Also sounds like a lot of outs for Belkin if they so chose.

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    If you're going to spend that much why not just get an electrician in to install surge protection at the switchboard so your whole house is covered?

    • In Australia, it's called the 'earth', isn't it?

      No real surge is gonna get stopped by some piddly capacitor in a power board.
      How much do you want to pay for some possible warranty is the question.

      More so, who has made a claim for such a warranty and it was approved?

      • Don't all devices have to shutoff in a surge because of legislation? You can't murder people by throwing the toaster into the bath anymore ….


        How much do you want to pay for some possible warranty is the question.

        I wouldn't pay anything … most things come with a 12m warranty. Most credit cards will double that. It would be almost impossible for a manufacturer/credit card insurer to say a failure was due to a surge and deny a warranty claim.

        Failing that, surges are covered by electricity supplier. I've successfully claimed for this in the past.

        Failing that, surges are covered by home contents insurance. Never needed to claim because the above two methods came through and have a lower excess.

        I'm pretty sure Belkin will ask you to investigate these alternatives before even assessing a surge claim.

    • Has anyone here had that done (whole house surge protector), how much does it actually cost?

  • Hey OP

    you got ripped of pretty bad

    You can buy a surge protector with back up battery for that price

  • Move the decimal place to the left and I'll take 2!

  • This "warranty" is snake oil.