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Costco: Omron BP Monitor $90, 2L Mango Smoothie $3.99, Vit D3 1000IU 250tab $7, 3kg Sausage Rolls $13 + More (Membership Req'd)

  • Char-Broil 4 Burner BBQ - $479.98
  • True Wellness Active Lumbar Office Chair - $234.99
  • Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - $89.99
  • Spam Regular 340g 3pk - $7.59
  • Spam Lite 340g 3pk - $7.59
  • RW Garcia 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers 850g - $9.99
  • Thorn Clarke Sandpiper Shiraz 750mL - $11.99
  • Tibaldi Natural Bacon 250g 2pk - $6.99
  • Preshafruit Mango Smoothie 2L - $3.99
  • Pacific West Flathead Fillets 1.2kg - $13.49
  • Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squid - $13.49
  • CP Authentic Asia Prawn Wonton Ramen Soup 1.85kg (6pk) - $14.89
  • Sambazon Acai Berry Smoothie Pack 100g 10pk - $17.59
  • Mrs Quick's Classic Beef Sausage Rolls 3kg - $12.89
  • Welch's Frozen Mango Medley 1.36kg - $10.09
  • Welch's Frozen Antioxidant Fruit Blend 1.36kg - $10.09
  • Dynamo Laundry Liquid Front and Top Load 6L - $22.49
  • Sanpellegrino Sparkling Water 500mL 24pk - $5 off
  • Jarlsberg Cheese Block 700g - $11.49
  • Pittas Chef's Halloumi 750g - $11.49
  • Prosciutto Di Parma Sliced 300g - $12.49
  • Almond Croissant 600g (6pk) - $8.99
  • Ziploc Freezer Bag Quart Size 54pk x 4 - $4.50 off
  • Ziploc Freezer Bag Gallon Size 38pk x 4 - $4.50 off
  • Carman's Gourmet Protein Bars 40g x 20 - $13.48
  • Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein 2.88kg - $89.99
  • MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder 2.27kg - $59.99
  • Musashi Shred and Burn Protein Powder 3.06kg - $79.99
  • Kirkland Signature Coenzyme Q10 150mg 150tab - $18.99
  • Kirkland Signature Clucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM 1300mg 240tab - $29.99
  • Webber Naturals Vitamin D3 1000IU 250tab - $6.89
  • Webber Naturals Triple Strength Fish Oil 120tab - $18.99
  • Swisse Women's Ultivite F1 250tab - $52.99
  • Swisse Men's Ultivite F1 250tab - $52.99
  • Swisse Liver Detox 250tab - $25.99
  • Centrum Advance Multivitamin 200tab - $26.99
  • Centrum Advance 50+ Multivitamin 200tab - $26.99
  • Berocca Original Performance Tablets 45tab - $12.99
  • Berocca Orange Performance Tablets 45tab - $12.99
  • Metamucil Smooth Orange 228 Doses 673g x 2 - $28.99
  • Lucas' Papaw Ointment 25g 4pk - $16.99
  • Epsom Salts 1kg 2pk - $10.49
  • Q-Tips Cotton Swabs 1875pk - $12.49
  • Band-Aid Variety Pack 190pk - $2 off
  • Band-Aid Kids' Character Strips 60pk - $2 off
  • Opti-Free Puremoist Contact Lens Solution 420mL 2pk - $21.99
  • Pine O Cleen Disinfectant 1.25L 3pk - $2.50 off
  • Pine O Cleen Multipurpose Trigger 750mL 3pk - $2.50 off
  • Aria Living Thermaflip Travel Pillow - $19.99
  • Bolle and Serengeti Sunglasses - $20 off
  • Power Cube 2pk - $39.98
  • Duracell Ultra AA Batteries 16pk - $4 off
  • Duracell Ultra AAA Batteries 16pk - $4 off
  • 3M Picture Hanging Strips 36pk - $6 off
  • 3M All-Purpose Adhesive 6pk - $6 off
  • Snapware Plastic Food Storage 38pcs - $29.99
  • Kleenex Aloe Vera Facial Tissues 140 sheets 8pk - $3 off
  • Kleenex Regular Facial Tissues 250 sheets 8pk - $3 off
  • Whiskas Oh So… Fishy Cat Food 85g 60pk - $25.49
  • Whiskas Oh So… Meaty Cat Food 85g 60pk - $25.49
  • Michelin Passenger Tyres (incl. special orders) - buy 4 get $70 off
  • Michelin Commercial Tyres (incl. special orders) - buy 4 get $70 off
  • Michelin SUV Tyres (incl. special orders) - buy 4 get $100 off

  • You must be a current Costco member to redeem these coupons.
    ($60 annually for individuals, $55 annually for business/ABN holders, fully refundable)
  • These specials are valid only for the dates shown (30 December 2016 to 15 January 2017).

It is not necessary to print these coupons or to show them on your phone.
These coupons are generally distributed at the warehouse entrance.
All coupon discounts will be automatically applied at the register.

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  • Thanks for the effort of putting that together.

  • +3 votes

    Not sure why they call them Coupons it's just advertised specials.

    Oh the Lucas Paw Paw is $3.46ea ($13.84/4pack) at BigW & equiv @ aldi is $2

    But thanks op!

    • It's gotta be a seppo thing.

    • Due to the different terminology between countries. Being an American company they use the term coupons instead of specials. Whereas we see a coupon as physical item and call them vouchers.


        Yeah but a coupon/voucher is something you need to hand over to get the price (even in the US)

  • Good prices, but "Need Membership" means at least $60 membership card…

  • +10 votes

    BP monitor would be handy after 3kg of sausage rolls. mmmm

  • Thanks OP for the effort!

  • To all the whingers about joining fee, just cancel your membership afterwards for a full refund!


      but you may not be allow to rejoin for 2yrs

      • Yeah i saw that. Problem is that everyone complains about having to pay the membership fee but still wants the bargains. I've been a member for 3 years and you can sometimes get stuff cheaper elsewhere but by and large it's awesome value.

        • They also have great meat. Their minced beef is cheap and really lean – not ideal for some things but great if you're looking for healthy mince. Also their meat prices are always a couple of bucks less than Coles or Woolworths and the quality is great. I'd go as far as saying that it's better than most butchers. Unless you're paying top dollar at some butchers, many just have average quality stuff. Not like they've got much of a choice with other businesses eating into profits.

        • @no not me:

          Totes. It's not all cheaper than elsewhere. Although sometimes it is. But they also have a range of meats and products which you can't get elsewhere.

  • Bought some of the bacon today and all packs were dated 02.01.2017. Considering they were vacuum sealed, this was pretty disappointing (old stock?)


      yeah they do get a bit cheeky like that sometimes, there's never reduced to clear, on special tickets. They just price it like it's normal, it's only when you get home that you realise that it's almost out of code. Ive had that with Eggs, snags, cheese.

      • Why wouldn't you check the date before you bought it?

        I check the dates on everything, even deodorant and soft drinks…

        Just about ALL of their meat/fish etc only has a date for about 2/3 days

    • Hmm, bacon.

    • Take it back. Even if you open it they'll accept it. Might be wise to not open it though.

      Seen people return fresh vegetables and they don't seem to care.

  • Curious how much does these go for?

    Sparkling Water

  • 2L Mango Smoothie $3.99

    Wonder how much Mango goes in there.

  • Does anyone have reviews for the True Wellness Active Lumbar Office Chair ?

    My back and shoulders have been killing since I recently upped my at the desk hours. I also bought a foot rest to make sure I'm at the right height. Now I'm looking to find a good chair.

    I'm up for any suggestions.

  • Dynamo Laundry Liquid Front and Top Load 6L - $22.49

    $22.00 @ BigW


    As good as Costco is it pays to know what certain products are selling for elsewhere.

  • As a paramedic, please don't use a BP monitor unless your doctor has asked you to.

    • Are these BP monitors inaccurate?

      • +1 vote

        its usually not the device, just the incorrect way they're used. Took mine along to the GP & asked to be shown & was also told about what to expect (since your Blood Pressure varies depending on time of day, what you've eaten, stress, sleep, etc).

      • Some are, they should be calibrated after some time. Supabrudda makes the point that your BP varies so much throughout the day. Taking it onc a day isn't a good way to diagnoses chronic hypertension. A Holter monitor will check your BP many times a day (24 times in some cases) to get a daily average.

        Checking your own BP can cause anxiety and increase your BP further upon subsequent checks.

  • do costco do catalogues? ive been in there a few times with a friend who has a membership, and some of the things they have on "sale" are amazing

    • +1 vote

      No just these coupons (which you can see on their website - click on coupon up the top of their home page).

      Part of the ploy to get you in is the who knows what they're stocking this week. I reckon kids books (especially boxsets) are much cheaper then Amazon, bookdepository or ebay.

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