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Free Windows 10 App: Singuler: Duplicate Removal Tool (Was $12.29)

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Singuler helps you remove duplicate files from your device to gain more free space.

This is by far the most powerful duplicate remover in the Store. There are many features to help you find and remove duplicates quick and accurately.

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    Thanks OP

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    Thanks OP. Finally something from the Windows Store I actually want.

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    Thanks OP will give it a go.
    Anyone have any experience with this or have an alternate recommendation?
    Looking for something to cleanup duplicate photo files across a few locations.

    This in the version notes doesn't inspire a lot of confidence…

    - Imprvoed accuracy when looking for files with similar names"

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    As long as it recognizes that files like IMG_0001.jpg can be legitimate duplicates. I.e. The backup photos you may drag out of your iPhone over the years. Hopefully it will do a size and date comparison as well.

    • I'd also be keen to know the answer to this as I have loads of duplicates by file name but they are all different photos.

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      The good programs will compare file checksums. So even if they are named the same thing and are the same size, the checksum should still be different.
      There are different ways to search depending on what you are trying to achieve (eg. ignore file names, files larger than X, etc)

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        The good programs will do heuristic analysis to find images that are the same but have different hash.

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      I use Anti Twin and it can compare images based on how similar they are. Pixel by pixel.

      It takes a long time on a slow pc though.

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    Is there a market for this? I could write something that does this in an afternoon…

    • +4

      No harm in doing so.

    • +10

      And now you can enjoy a free afternoon.

    • +3

      You could make a whole $12.29 from it!

    • +17

      Oh to be a young programmer again, to believe a simple program is only as simple to create as you'd reasonably expect.

      Or at least not twice as complicated as that.

      Or at least not ten times as complicated as that…

      • +2

        This is true! Still kind of intrigued to how you would make this kind of app. As a learning experience.

    • +4

      And yet you won't!

    • Read this first - http://xkcd.com/1319/

    • +3

      Yeesh that sounded a little bit sassy. I didn't mean it to devalue this program or the work put into it. I was more thinking out loud.

      I think this means now I have to make a deduplicator app and release it on ozbargain for free to show my apology :)

    • If it takes an afternoon to find dupes, then your program may want some optimisation :P

  • Windows Store Error - Unable to download apps - "Try that again" Error code 0x80070015

    • this error is my era. part of our grown up with Windows.

    • My error code is 0x80070422 despite listing the app as free for another 7 hours so this deal will expire soon.

      EDIT: The app store reports "You own this product and you can install it on this device." but I get the error code when I click install.

      • I am receiving the same error, which may be due to my Windows Updates setup, but hey I am not changing my setup, cos last time I did Windows did not boot.

        Unless there is an alternate way obtaining this software under this offer I will pass.

  • Will it find photos taken in burst mode as duplicates?

    • Wouldn't they be different file names? Not to mention the file content would be different enough for it to tell.

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    Ccleaner have built in duplicate file finder,any difference?

    • If nothing else, Ccleaners is a lot more widely tested, I guess?

  • Done Thank You

  • Very handy, thanks OP

  • says its app of the day on myappfree but charges 12.29 :( I guess I'm too late

  • dang - left it too long - they want money now

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