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Free 1000 Page eBook: Security Engineering 2nd Edition (Normally $85)


"Professor Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge in the UK is one of the world's leading authorities on security. And we're not just talking IT and computers, but also the security of everything from railway stations to nuclear power plants. Four years ago, he published an amazing book about all this, which runs to over 1000 pages. Now, it's available as a free download. And it's a fascinating read."

Note: each chapter needs to be downloaded individually.

Edit: Thanks to yummycoot (& chrism238) for creating a single PDF file (27MB)

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Full credit for find & description to HUKD

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    Great find. Could have done with this read over xmas.

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    Ta TA

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    Thanks again Mr Tight Bottom.

    BTW, even though the file downloaded is named SEv1.pdf it is indeed the 2nd Edition (as evidenced by the chapter titled "Further Acknowledgments for the Second Edition".

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      Don't confuse tightarse with tightbottom. They are two different persons.

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      It is actually the first edition. Chapters 24 and onwards are different. Still, you can download them individually from the link above, and assemble your own 2nd edition.

      Great find, TA, thank you. I have paper copies of both - this is the best book I have seen on the subject, in terms of depth and readabilty.
      Ross Anderson is up there with Bruce Schneier in accuracy and common sense, too.

      Another good (free) book is "Engineering Security"

      • Thanks RedHab! Wow, over 800 pages of tiny text this is massive but from what I've read so far is excellent.

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    I'm unconvinced that the linked file SEv1.pdf is the (full?) second edition.
    The file is exactly 600pages long, whereas the ToC on the 'Go To Deal' webpage lists 27 chapters, not just 24, and states that the Index starts on p997.

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      Thank you. OP updated.

    • On page 15 the title is
      "Further Acknowledgments for the Second Edition"
      Perhaps it's the very first draft of the Second Ed and he only got up to "Further Acknowledgments for the Second Edition" at that time.

      but the Bibliography reference dates are all 2000 and earlier…
      Also, text refers to NT4 and Windows 2000, no newer versions.

      Looks pretty old.

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    The second edition of the book is available from this link: https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/book.html

    Scroll half-way down and you can download each chapter one-by-one. This is for the second edition

  • There are only 600 pages. Where are the missing 400 pages, TA?

    • Please see the updated OP. The original was for an older version of the book. Just click the main link and download each chapter individually.

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      • Cheers Chris!

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        This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

        It's being OZbombed!

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    For a security expert his root directory listing is exposed:


    • His whole directories are exposed you can navigate through everything he has posted all the way back to 1998. Quite surprising.

      • Quite surprising.

        This is par for the course amongst security experts. Preach all about it, fail to do it themselves.

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          …How is this a problem? Everything in there looks to be publications that he wants exposed on the internet. There's no security vulnerability here whatsoever.

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      As an academic declaring himself as a "pragmatic libertarian on free culture and free software issues", I strongly doubt it's an accident.

      • I guess you're right, just haven't seen this for ages.

      • -1

        It's pragmatic to leave your website wide open?

    • +5

      That's not his root directory. Those are most likely all his papers he publicly released and he's just provided a simple way for the public to access them.

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    The whole second edition book combined into 1 file (27 mb) with bookmarks so that you can easily navigate between chapters, table of contents, bibliography, index, preface.

    i dont know why mine's 27 mb compared to @chrism238's 33 mb

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      i dont know why mine's 27 mb compared to @chrism238's 33 mb

      Envious? :-)

      • +2

        Don't worry, they say file size doesn't matter.

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          It's what you do with the file that counts

      • +1

        no, not envious. i did not say mine's better, i said mine's smaller despite having bookmarks and the exact same files. i just would like to know what method you used. I used adobe pdf combine files feature after downloading all the files with IDM

        • +2

          No, yours is better if it's built using an official Adobe tool.
          I used an application named CombinePDFs on OS-X, which has worked well for me for ages, but probably doesn't know enough about PDFs to make smaller files.

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      thanks alot for sparing time and it saved everyone's now.

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    Thanks for sharing !

  • Got it. Looks interesting to read even if you are not in the IT.

  • thanks for sharing

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    Fantastic find, just reading the table of contents and I'm already thinking I might have to support him with a physical book purchase ;)

  • I downloaded all chapters extra and found that the Bibliography and the Index were unreadable pdf files.
    So I printed them to pdf using the Foxit PDF-Printer and now all is OK.
    The directory with all pdf's of the book is 64.8 MB.

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    so after reading this am hackAR?

  • Free 1000 virtual pages! I can't miss this!

  • Anyone else notice the irony of the downloading an unknown pdf file from the internet to learn how to stay safe/how hackers work? ;P

    • C'mon…its OZB and Free..just get it ..upload to cloud and what could go wrong…..well you might find more could go wrong with your paywave card if you look at Ross's work on Utube.

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