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Humble Monthly Bundle - XCOM 2 for $12 USD ($16.44 AUD)


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  • Been getting the Humble Monthly for about a year now and most of the time it's well worth it, but when the preview game is so worthwhile it's a no brainer, especially given I almost bought XCOM 2 for $30 USD during the Christmas sales.

  • Well, at least next months bundle makes up for this months bundle.. I already had Project Cars so the most of this months bundle is a bit of a miss.

    But yeah.. Xcom 2.. noice!

  • That has to be the cheapest price for X-Com 2 so far, it's been very stubborn on price drops. And you'll get extra games to boot. Not a bad deal at all.

  • Thanks, OP. I've been wanting to get Xcom 2 for a while. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to upgrade my pc to play it :)

    • Just finished downloading and playing the first mission of the game. The game appears to be more responsive than Xcom Enemy Unknown/Within on my system, so I'm happy with that :)

    • cheapest and most immediate upgrade is video card - depending on what you have an older AMD HD7870 or HD7970 can be found for about $100 and should run the game at 1080p very nicely. RAM upgrade from 4GB to 8 or 16GB helps as well. I've got a 6 year old i5-2500K system which generally I've spent about $200 per year to upgrade the video card, RAM or upgrade to an SSD hard drive. My system still handles latest games at maximum details at 30-60+ frames per second. I'm very happy with it after all these years. Last upgrade was from an ATI HD7870 video card to an nVidia GTX 1060 video card.

      • I have an old i5 2500K with 8GB ram and SSD. Gpu is a cheap ATI R7 200. Was looking at the 1060 yesterday as a potential upgrade. However, I just noticed that the cpu is really overheating with this game, so I'll get a Coolermaster Hyper 212X this week as a priority.

        • if you've got an older system like me, the paste on the CPU probably needs replacing as it is probably like old toothpaste by now - hard and crumbly.. I know mine was.

          EDIT: yeah upgrade the GPU - R7 200 is quite 'low spec' for modern games like XCOM2. Though I cannot find an R7 200 GPU listed - do you mean R7 240 or R7 260 or similar? If by chance it is an R7 240 - then an nvidia GTX 1060 6GB model would be about 800% faster, according to the comparison charts online I looked at.

        • @gizmomelb:

          I replaced that CPU cooler and it's much cooler. I'll leave the GPU update for now, as it's good enough for me now.

  • Unsubscribe anytime!

    So If I subscribe now, get an Xcom 2 key and then unsubscribe do I still get the "more to come" other games for the month?

  • Xcom 2 is fantastic but it can be effing hard, although I guess that's part of the appeal..

    This makes it a bit easier though :)

  • Is This game playable with core i5 integrated graphics?
    Assuming it uses all low settings

    • Not really sure sorry, below is the minimum listed on steam. however, looking at the reviews a lot of the negatives says the game is badly optimised.

      OS: Windows® 7, 64-bit
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6 GHz
      Memory: 4 GB RAM
      Graphics: 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better
      DirectX: Version 11
      Storage: 45 GB available space
      Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
      Additional Notes: Initial installation requires one-time Internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, Microsoft Visual C++2012 and 2013 Runtime Libraries and Microsoft DirectX.


      Modern 6th or 7th Gen i5 graphics can be about ~100% better than 2nd Gen i5 and there's a wide range of processors within each generation that would also so that's a pretty hard question to answer. And that's assuming we're talking about desktop chips, if you add in notebook ones it gets even harder to answer.

      On 720p I'd expect any 6th or 7th gen i5 to be fine with XCOM2.

      4th or 5th would be questionable. It might be good, it might not. I'd be fairly certain it'd be playable with a > 20fps framerate though.

      With 1st-3rd gen it'd probably be playable but it wouldn't look good (obvious framerate issues). But since it's a turn based game that might be OK.

      • Mine is i5 4460 desktop processor. which means it should be the 4th gen i5
        This is very tempting to give this a test actually…

        • +1 vote

          I'd guess at 720p + low settings it'd be OK.

          This is with the same integrated graphics but a better CPU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWxrCoyxjWo

          So I was a bit off with > 20FPS, more like > 15fps.

        • @tantryl:
          apart from audio/picture sync issues, that's actually not that bad for integrated graphics

        • @hendyb: might be time to spend some money on a new GPU though.. you'll enjoy the faster framerates and more detailed graphics.

        • @gizmomelb: yeah i thought of that, but since I don't play pc games that often, hence I haven't done it.
          What kind of middle level GPU would you suggest for this game though?

        • @hendyb: comes down to how much do you want to spend? You should be able to pick up a second hand ATI HD7870 or similar from gumtree etc. for about $100. That being said I upgraded FROM an ATI HD 7870 to an nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (about $360) - as it had been three years since I'd previously upgraded my GPU and for the games I play (Fallout 4, World of Tanks etc.etc.) it was at minimum literally double the framerate for me at 1920x1080 resolution with in-game detail settings at maximum.

        • @tantryl: actually i've just tried this, it works fine at 720p with the integrated graphics.
          my processor is (i think) a 4th gen i5.
          but this is great. a lot better than I initially thought when using the lowest graphic settings!


          @hendyb: Beauty. Enjoy the game. I still sometimes play the '94 original. Love the entire series (barring Interceptor and Enforcer).

  • Does it activate on steam?

  • Do you get separate codes for games? E.g. if I already had a game in the bundle, I can save the code

    • Yep.. individual keys, mostly..

      That said, there has been a couple of games that were DRM free downloads and not steam codes. ie, Hotline Miami 2

      • Hotline Miami 2 was because the game is banned in Australia

        • I realise this. But I paid for a key which I didn't receive. I could have used it to trade for another game, or gift it to someone else.

        • @Vladdo: I understand as I was not happy about it either just pointing that is the reason why you didn't get a steam key for that game.

        • @aacheney: I know the reason why.. I've also got some games in my steam library that were an uncensored version, and I played them as an uncensored version, but somewhere along the line, steam converted them to the AU version.

  • Anywhere to get the dlc for cheap? Seems to add new units and such.

  • I suspect a GOTY edition will be released shortly, that or a new DLC will be announced.

    Held off from Xcom 2 for ages; as by now its predecessor dropped far quicker in price (even free I recall at one stage).

  • Thanks! Been after this for a while.

  • Maybe time should be spent more productively… but good sale!

  • December's bundle was a lot smaller than previous months. Not complaining though.

  • Wonder if No Man's Sky will make an appearance on humble bundle. Probably the only way they're going to get people to buy it from now on after all the crap it has copped.

    I'll offer 1c rounded down for it then never play it.

    I loved xcom:EU. Awesomely fun game. Have been hesitant about x2 as I've heard about dodgy bugs and ridiculous Ai and the hit %S being screwy too. Might give it a shot now that it's $12 dollarydoos

    • consitent patching has made the game more enjoyable and there are rumours of a proper multiplayer patch on the horizon.

  • Standard edition or deluxe edition?

  • I bought this while overseas in Indonesia (Bali) and can't redeem my Xcom 2 key now that I'm back in Australia due to region lock. Hopefully Humble Bundle support can fix this.

  • When do we find out the rest of the games in the bundle?

  • Sign up today (17th) on monthly plan, so I would need to cancel on the 16th Feb?
    Or is it auto billed at the start of the month?

    • If you signed up today, your next billing date would be 28th Feb.

      So you bought Januarys bundle on the 17th Jan. That means You get X-Com 2 now, and the remainder of this months bundle will come out around the 5th February.

      If next month, February, the headline game is something you want straight away, you have the option of paying early.

      Otherwise, you will be billed $12USD on around 28th February, with the bundle being released around the 5th March.

      My theory is that once billing is done for the month, and they work out how much left over lolly they have from the headline game, they either a) have a shortlist of games available for bulk purchase or b) contact a publisher and say, hey we have $xxxx, can we buy a bulk lot of copies. I don't understand why it takes them 5-7 days to announce the rest of the deal otherwise.

      Not that I'm complaining.. it's been a pretty good selection thus far, except for the ad that was Black Ops 3 starter edition. I don't really buy the bundles anymore but the monthly bundles seem worth it as you get a really good game and half a dozen indie titles for ~$16..