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George Foreman Convertible Easy to Clean Grill $69 @ Harvey Norman


Good for those who is looking for a mess free meal.
I just bought one today and will test it out tonight.
It seems like a good price for a George Foreman grill and being dish washer safe helped with my decision to purchase one.


Cooking sumptuous meals is hassle-free with the George Foreman Convertible Easy to Clean Grill. Thanks to its 180-degree opening and convertible design, you can use the George Foreman grill as a griddle or a contact grill.

Key Features

The George Foreman Convertible Easy to Clean Grill features variable temperature control, making it suitable for various dishes such as fish burgers and beef kebabs.
Featuring a sloped construction, the convertible grill can remove up to 42% of fat (from 113g 80/20 ground chuck steak).
George Tough Pro non-stick coating prevents your food from sticking onto the George Foreman convertible grill’s surface while cooking.
The grill and griddle plates are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    • Read the last sentence above in the post from the OP.

      "The grill and griddle plates are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning."

    • The plates are removable and heating element at top and bottom.
      You can open it up and make it a double grill.

      Remove the plates and dump them in the dishwasher for cleaning.
      It comes with a drip tray so you can dump it in there for washing as well.

      LOL read the full description and use common sense. :P

  • I bought a couple of theses for $54 on sale at target about 12 months ago.

    Really happy with them and for under $100 worth it. The best part is the plates pop out and go in the dishwasher

    Meat can be a bit dry after having all the fat drained out but perfect for me

  • my 10+ year old george foreman is pretty much f%#@ed, i've just been waiting for this one to come on sale to finally dump it in the bin, thanks for the heads up.

    as for the meat coming out too dry, foil is your best friend.


    Either I was doing it wrong, or you all enjoy eating cardboard.
    I threw mine out.

  • quick review.

    I've had mine for about a year, and use it fairly regularly.
    It's a easy clean with the removable plates. it's an ok cooking utensil if you don't overcook things, there is a temp adjustment although the heat on the grill is a little spotty(in the middle is hotter), the lid pulls up and flips out so you can grill on both sides(i cook eggs on the flat grill and bacon on the ribbed grill for instance), so that can be handy. it's size is a bit weird, it does/doesn't(depending on bread size) quite fit 3 slices of bread abreast. The non stick isn't the best quality, it's a bit more durable than you usual non stick but it's not high quality. It's not going to be as good as a bbq for cooking but it has more functionality than a normal sandwich press.

    • Excellent assessment!!

      Just cooked my first steak with this tonight.
      It did the job flawlessly and trouble free.

      Nope, very juicy steak and it's all about the timing. :D

      You're not going to open up a restaurant with this, but it's good for a quick and easy meal.
      I'm going to try out some recipes and see what this thing can do.
      $69 well spent IMO.

  • I've got one and I love it. Couple of caveats though. Preheating is important, you need about 5 mins preheating for it to do it's best. I don't close the top lid fully when cooking any meat, i just stick a wooden rolling pin end in to keep the top lid open about an inch, meat is much more tender like this. Cleaning is really easy, take your meat off to rest and then immediately take the plates out and run under hot water and brush with a stiff brush. No need to put in the dishwasher and no need for detergent - wash in under a minute and then straight back in. The heat still in the elements will dry them in a couple of mins.