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[SYD] $1 for a Medium Pizza @ Elvis Pizza (Scoopon)


$1 Pizza or Calzone at Elvis Pizza, normally $14!

The Fine Print

  • Valid from 21 July 2010 until 21 October 2010
  • Maximum purchase 1 Scoopon per member
  • Redeemable for any medium-sized Pizza to the value of $14
  • OR redeemable for any medium Calzone with 3 toppings
  • Chicken, seafood and extra toppings incur extra charges
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

Read the FAQ for the basics.

  • $1 delicious Pizza or Calzone!!
  • Tell all your mates - we need to sell 100 of these before you can enjoy your pizza or calzone!
  • Heaps of toppings to choose from
  • Rushcutters Bay landmark, serving pizzas for the last 30 years

Elvis Pizza 129 Bayswater Rd
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

(02) 9361 6574

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closed Comments

  • +1

    Deal's not live yet!?

  • Deal not active. I seriously think those people who post these kind of deal should be warned and banned if keep posting.
    It will be a shame if OZbargain, the only website which I really prized and many people find very useful, becomes a medium to do a viral marketing.

    • No I disagree. I doubt there is any malice on the part of most non-rep posters who put up deals that are not live, simply ignorance on the rule.

      Here is the section of the rules regarding these type of deals btw:


      • +1

        While its against the rules, I wouldnt be surprised if its active soon anyway considering its $1 pizza. If anything, publishing the deal would cause it to be active even sooner?!

        edit: 42 purchases out of the 100 required in 40 minutes.

        • "If anything, publishing the deal would cause it to be active even sooner?!"

          Yes, but ozbargain is a site for bargains, not for advertisement.

          • +1

            @quickling: i'd say its a site for advertising bargains.

            • @quackster: Like you said it yourself, it is a site for advertising bargains.
              Since the deals is not active yet, there is no bargain whatsoever.

              no bargain = no post

              • +1

                @vwh: i'm not debating whether its for or against the rules, but this "no bargain whatsoever" has increased from 42 non-activated purchases to 72 in 9 minutes. only 28 to go. and no i didn't take this offer.

                • @quackster: i think only offers are active or to be actived on a specific date should be posted here.

                  well, i am saying this offer has something wrong. it looks like it will be active soon tho.

        • +2

          Let's over-debate a simple problem. Derp Deh Derp!

      • Hence I think only repeated offenders that should be banned, as this proves -to some extent- that s/he post the non-active deal on purpose (i.e. to attract interests).
        First (and perhaps second) time offender should only be warned, as there is a possibility that it is simply due to ignorance, as per what you said.

      • hmmm obviously I did'nt read that… thx…

        will try to be compliant next time… like my 2nd attempt at posting so pls be nice!

        Mods: can delete or suspend until active. =)

        • +2

          personally, i like seeing these type of deals. deals like these are bound to be published sooner or later, so why postpone the inevitable?

          why are so many of you trying to act like mods when you aren't? let the mods decide.

  • I'm not sure if this is something to NEG; I mean, it's not like there isn't going to be 100 takers for this deal and everyone gets a $1; if it doesn't go live, no-one loses money except the store for advertising…?

    • +1

      Think what would inevitably happen if all the non-active deals are posted. I am sure you'll understand why only active deal (i.e. it has become a bargain) can be posted. Nothing to do with anyone losing money, just the sheer amount of non-active deal posts that will swarm OzBargain.

      • What if the deal is limited to 100 and only becomes active when it reaches 100?

        Then users here would not really know the deal until it's sold out.

  • Read the rules or GTFO.

  • agree with everyone above.

  • Question: are you guys negging the deal or the poster? IMO its not fair that the deal gets so heavily negged, its not like it was Scoopon's fault or anything that tortoise (on green P's) posted it early without being aware of the rule.

    • Negging the 'deal' of course. Oh, and by the way, there is NO deal here, as it is not active.
      So, we are negging the whole post.
      I can see that the poster is simply ignorant, being a relatively new member. So, I am not negging 'tortoise' (this time).

      • ok, so, no theres no point anyone "buying" the deal as it needs 100 people to make it active. don't buy it, don't make it active, it'll never be a deal, no $1 pizza for anyone. i give up!

        • It should be posted WHEN it is active ..
          the rules clearly outline this.

          As its not active yet, it should not be posted - thus the negatives.

    • I negged the deal due to its nonactive state when the deal was posted.

      If it was active I would agree it is a good deal, albeit a bit out of the way location wise.

  • Actually I think if the deal is extremely good (for example $1 pizza), it should be ok to advertise here everthough the deal is not live yet. Same goes for the $1 yogurt. It's getting the community to push something excellent through. How can you pass for a $1 pizza which is not from Dominos or Pizza hut.

    I'm definitely buying it.

    • you have to get to rushcutter's bay though for the pizza :P

  • +1

    Deal is alive as of 12:55p….

    edit….ooops, no it's not.

  • I'm also not saying it's ok to post ALL not active deals. Only the extremely good ones (like this $1 pizza). Feel free to negative all the moderate deals that are not live. Hehe.

    • It's against the rules of this site to post any NON-active deals.

      On the other hand everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding this rule.

    • agreed. if a deal is not active there should be some thought put into it. i.e. is it good enough value to 'tip' the deal into becoming active. If its a good enough deal which in all likelihood would be tipped, why not? obviously if there was a minimum of 10,000 to activate the deal then it would not be a bargain as it probably wouldn't be tipped.

      • imho … if it is a good enough deal, then the poster should wait until it is active, then post .

      • If it's a great deal (and the consensus thinks so) and it's not tipped, then that would be great. The problem is that it needs to be something we can apply to all deals and would open up submissions of things that have no chance of going active(as what happened before the rule).

        One solution going forward that was mentioned in Scott's big to-do list was putting per site messages. So, if anyone submits a link to Scoopon, a specific message would say please make sure deal is active, etc. Or for other retailers, perhaps some other information that can be useful.

        As for this deal, it is now active, so we will leave it be and remove negative votes that refer to non-active status.

        • I personally think if a deal reached 50% of its progress to be active in the first hour (or something similar), it should be allowed.

          Another option would be let user make the choice.

          Display not-yet-active deals (default: false)

          • @TtiGeR: Not a bad idea Ttiger, it may be worth trialing that. The skeptic in me worries that shops could artificially inflate their sales to 50% to make it look like they've sold more than they actually have. Although on the other hand if it's quickly becoming close to active then may as well wait the x minutes before it goes active then submit the deal. I can forsee say an example where it needs 12 to be active and 5 have bought, a deal is submitted, and people neg or complain that it's not 50%. OP says close enough.

            I'll put it up for discussion with the mods.

        • -1

          No one's going to follow the rules if you don't enforce them mods. Should have been deleted straight away, then resubmitted once active. Get your act together community and mods.

          • @PainToad: Paintoad, None of the mods saw this until after it was active otherwise it would have removed. As much as it may shock, the mods do have lives and have to work during the day.

  • +1

    im giving out positive because i just wanted too.
    but the pizza itself is not a good deal. so many bad review on elvis pizza out there…

    • it must be better than dominoes right? :x

      • i dont think so.. most of the reviewer saying it taste like a cardboard the base and they pay full price for that cardboard :)

        • +3

          Do you have something against cardboard ???

  • +2

    I wish Brisbane got better Scoopon deals. We never get cool deals like this.

  • I snapped this one up and hope it's valid (not entirely sure how it works, 100 people need to snap it up right???) but I love pizza :)

    • +1

      Kranbone, Group buy sites work on a minimum quantity to sell. For this deal it was 100. Right now, it's well over 500 so you will receive your vouchers (if you haven't already).

      If 100 was not reached and you bought one, your transaction would not go through, you would not be charged, and of course you would not receive your voucher.

      • That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming that Neil :D

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