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BioWare Points - 1200 for $14.00 AUD (800 points is $16.00 AUD on Origin)


I was looking at the price of BioWare Points in the Origin Store yesterday, and even with the 30-37% discount, I don't ever remember paying that much for them 4+ years ago. I decided to check the way I used to buy them before and surprisingly it still works.

Following the steps below, you'll be able to buy 400/560/800/1200/1600 BioWare Points for $5.00/$7.00/$10.00/$14.00/$20.00. This is much, MUCH cheaper than paying the $16.00/$32.00 you would on the Origin Store for 800/1600 points.

  1. Login to the BioWare Social Network with your EA/Origin account.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on 'Official DLC' under Mass Effect 2* (Dragon Age II if you only need 560 points, it's only $7 here).

  3. Now click on 'Buy Now', then 'PC' under the Cerberus Network add-on** (The Black Emporium or the next cheapest add-on you don't already own for DA2).

  4. 'Add BioWare Points' at the top of the screen, and choose the amount you wish to buy (1200 is the best value).

  5. 'Continue to Payment Options', checkout and you're done! You can continue buy more points by clicking on 'Official DLC' (under the orange 'Games' drop-down menu) and going through the same steps again.

*Mass Effect 3 should work here as well, but Step 4 differs slightly. Click 'Manage Accounts', then you can 'Add Points'.

**You can choose any add-on here, except for ones you already own for Dragon Age II. Cheaper ones just give you more amounts to choose from.

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